What are your top travel destinations for 2018?

Top Travel Destinations for 2018

Images: JD Andrews and Growing Up Without Borders (used with permission)

For the last few years, our family creates a list for the upcoming year of destinations we hope to travel to over the next year. A few days ago, we created our top travel destinations for 2018.

Top Travel Destinations for 2018: Costa Rica

My wife and I went to Costa Rica on our honeymoon. Ever since we’ve had kids, we wanted to take them to visit this wonderfully diverse country.

Two years ago, we discovered a friend owns a rental home in Costa Rica, near the coast. We found this out in the middle of monsoon season in Latin America, so it didn’t work out, then.

The next year, we had a couple issues. Outside of monsoon season, we just could not find an open time that we could rent the house. Then, we again ran into monsoon season.

This year, whether it’s our friend’s house or another one or maybe even an Adventures by Disney trip, we’re going to Costa Rica.

Top Travel Destinations for 2018: Japan

Our kids are big gamers (players of video games for you older dads). Many of these games are developed in Japan and feature Japanese characters. They’re also fans of manga and anime (Japanese cartoons).

As a result, Japan has been on their list for quite some time. It’s an intriguing destination for mom and dad, too.

This one presents a bit more of a challenge. Expensive, long flights. No connections in country. We’d be completely winging it. Isn’t that part of the adventure, though?

Top Travel Destinations for 2018: Switzerland

I have family roots in Switzerland. In fact, as I understand it, there’s a good possibility that I could apply for dual citizenship and get a Swiss passport. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Still some investigation in that department, but we do have some good friends that live in Switzerland, too! Their pictures from their travels around Switzerland are gorgeous! You can see many of their pics at http://instagram.com/growingupwithoutborders

Top Travel Destinations for 2018: Switzerland

@GrowingUpWithoutBorders (used with permission)

Between the beauty and the family connection, Switzerland made the top destinations of 2018 list for us.

Top Travel Destinations for 2018: Tromsø, Norway

I grew up in Minnesota. There are a LOT of Norwegians that live in Minnesota. I never really understood why so many Norwegians emigrated to Minnesota. Then, I saw pictures of Norway in the winter.

Show me the picture above with no caption and I can’t tell the difference between Norway and Minnesota. You’d think they’d want to emigrate somewhere warm, like Florida after leaving that behind, but I guess home is home. 🙂

So, why Tromsø? Well, that’s all thanks to my fellow TDAD, JD Andrews. I mentioned to him, after our winter trip to Minnesota last year, that I’d really hoped to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). He said, forget Minnesota, Canada, Alaska, Iceland, and anywhere else. You need to go to Tromsø, Norway. Then, he showed me why.

Top Travel Destinations of 2018: Tromsø Norway

Aurora Borealis by JD Andrews (used with permission)

JD explained, that unlike anywhere else where you see the Northern Lights out on the horizon, in Tromsø, they go from horizon to horizon. It’s unreal! Check out Norway’s Instagram feed for more amazing pics of Tromsø and you’ll be adding it to your list of top travel destinations for 2018, too!

Those are our 4 top travel destinations for 2018. We’re still tossing a few around…..Iceland, Patagonia, Peru (only to take the kids — mom and dad have been), and a few more. We also know we’re already going to the Caribbean, the Florida Keys, and Hawaii. It should be an adventure-filled travel year for the Jones family.

What are your top travel destinations for 2018?