The Scallop Forest at Raglan Road was one of the food highlights of Mufasa’s Pandora trip

In this week’s episode, we’re each retelling our top 5 favorite Disney theme park restaurant experiences.  Hear stories like you’ve never heard before, such as a chicken breast theft at Animal Kingdom, and how Disney managed to turn seafood into a forest.  If that makes no sense to you, then click the play button at the top of this post to listen to the best Disney podcast that we’ve produced since our last Disney podcast!  Alternatively, you can use the timeline below and skip to your favorite parts.  If you do skip parts of the podcast though, Pinocchio turns back into a wooden puppet.  Could you really live with yourself knowing that happened?

Disney Podcast Timeline

0:22s It finally happened!  Vader cheated on Mufasa with other podcasters.  Is Enchanted Tiki Talk trying to steal Vader?!

2:25 We’re talking about food, restaurants, favorite meals, and favorite restaurants.  Walt Disney World gets quite a few nods, and Disneyland Paris actually gets two restaurant selections!

4:32 Signature Dining at Walt Disney theme parks will definitely cut into your budget.  Many of Kevin’s restaurant selections are fine dining and we talk a little about this.

Flame Tree BBQ at Animal Kingdom

6:00 Mufasa shares his first memory from Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World, where I warn you to guard your food, because a bird just might swoop in and steal if right off your plate.  You’ve got to listen to this hilarious story from Mufasa, which may or may not make you visit this great restaurant.

Morimoto Asia in Disney Springs

9:30 Vader’s first pick is tough to top.  The Iron Chef staple Morimoto’s restaurant at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World does not disappoint.  If the edamame and california roll starters impress you, then you know they’re doing something right.  Even Vader’s kids gushed about this restaurant.  Tune in to this section to hear about the mouth watering entrees.  Be prepared to open your wallet for this restaurant though.

Raglan Road at Disney Springs

15:50 Mufasa sticks with the Disney Springs trend and chooses his Irish favorite.  When you combine fantastic theming with a Scallop Forest, you know you’re in for a treat.  Top it all off with live bands, and authentic Irish touches, and you’ll leave with a booking for your next visit.  

Victoria & Alberts

18:30 Kevin gets into two of his signature dining selections, one of which is the BEST meal he’s ever eaten in his entire life.  Victoria and Alberts not only didn’t disappoint, it actually exceeded all of his expectations.  If you can fit this into your budget just once in your life, you will not be disappointed.  You’ve got to tune into the podcast to hear the adoration in Vader’s voice, as he retells briefly his outstanding experience at this Walt Disney World dining fixture.

Walt’s at Disneyland Paris

20:46 Second in castmember service only to Victoria and Alberts, this is a can’t miss restaurant at Disneyland Paris.  From the views and ambiance, to the snow that happened during his visit, listen here for Kevin’s retelling of his magical experience.  He describes it as an elegant “Disney Nerd’s Dream House”.  

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show at Disneyland Paris

22:55 Mufasa was pretty surprised how much he enjoyed the food at the Wild West Show.  The portion sizes were American, to say the least, and it was a welcome change.  John could not get enough of the ribs on the Texan Skillet.  The show was great, but the food was even better.


Believe it or not, the food was excellent and plentiful at this show. Listen to the podcast for the full rundown.

Rainforest Cafe at Disneyland Paris

26:42 We know, we know!  It’s a chain.  I DON’T CARE.  My kids loved this restaurant, and that’s really why it made the list.  The animal theming at the Disneyland Paris theme park was top notch.  The activity page that they give the kids gave really heightened their fun. Even though the food wasn’t memorable per se, it still makes Mufasa’s list because of how vividly he remembers his kids having a great experience

Sci-Fi Drive-In Theatre at Walt Disney World

28:15 This restaurant that Kevin experienced is very tough to top in terms of theming.  What’s great about this restaurant is that they are few and far between outside of Disney.  Drive-In theater’s are from a bygone era of movie watching, and it’s wonderful to see Disney do such an exquisite job in keeping it alive at their Orlando, Florida theme park.  You can hear the smile in Vader’s voice as he talks about his experience at this one of a kind Disney treat.

Palo on Disney Cruise Line

30:50 An entire article could be dedicated to this restaurant, and I’m sure the Internet is rife with just that.  That being said, it still deserves to be on BOTH Vader and Mufasa’s top 5 restaurant experiences.  Only Vader can find a way to tie in an experience with Cheesecake Factory, into a Disney dining experience.  Each time we’ve gone here, we’ve left happy about the extra charge for this restaurant on Disney Cruise Line


Vader and Mufasa and their wives Jen and Jessica enjoy Palo on every Disney Cruise


36:33 The streak is at two-in-a-row for Mufasa this week as he goes for an UNPRECEDENTED THREE in a row.  Mufasa even puts it in Vader’s wheelhouse and this restaurant themed question features EPCOT!  Tune in to see if the streak is extended, or broken!

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