If you’ve made it to this page, that means you’ve thought about Disney, and possibly kicking the bucket one day.  How these two tie together is why we made this podcast.  Life is finite, and from our podcast hosts point of view, that means that we need to maximize our Disney, while minimizing our cholesterol, so that we can have more Disney.  That brought us to today’s topic choice:  What is on each of our lists for Disney Bucket List items.  Each host was challenged to only select 5 experiences they haven’t individually done yet.  As a special treat, we even brought on an extra Disney fanatic to share his Disney Bucket List items as well.

00:22 This podcast is dedicated to Wall Street…

1:00 We’ve got our first guest on the show ever!  We welcome Traveling Dad Joe Cheung to the show, who brings with him top-notch dad knowledge, and massive Disney knowledge.

4:44  Mufasa kicks off the list with EPCOT Dive Quest’s adventure.  Tune in here to find out more about this adventure, and what you need to know before you sign up.

6:30 Joe’s confidence is SHATTERED by John’s first choice, and he shares a great story about his daughter actually having met a Dive Quest SCUBA diver at EPCOT.

7:40 It’s time for Joe’s first choice, and it actually lines up with an experience that Vader has already done!  Victoria and Albert’s might be on many of your bucket lists too.  Listen to hear Joe’s reasons for this excellent first choice.

10:57 Vader contributes his first choice, which is stays on the restaurant theme started by Joe.   This special event, Celebration at the Top, held at the California Grill, combines an extraordinary meal, and incomparable views of the nighttime fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom.  What a choice!

15:35 Mufasa opens the floodgates with an obvious choice.  It was so obvious in fact that it was also on Kev and Joe’s lists.  If you’re a Disney fanatic, you must visit every park in the world, at least once.  All three are missing Hong Kong and Shanghai, and Joe and Kevin are both missing Tokyo.  Joe’s choice actually combines his Points and Miles knowledge, and he’d like to do all the parks in a special way.  You’ve got to listen to the podcast to find out more!  Click that play button at the top of the post

18:57 You might not know this about Vader, but he’s quite a golf fan, but has never golfed at Walt Disney World (or any other Disney theme park for that matter).  He’s too busy being a great dad to ever fit it in, but it’s worth a listen if you want to hear how he’d like to fulfill this great bucket list item.

22:45 Joe has calculated how many miles you’d need to fly to every Disney park.  

24:00 Our guest is a bit of a Star Wars fan!  His third choice is excellent, and not even built yet!  Talk about a bucket list item.  Galaxy’s Edge and their hotel sound too tempting to pass up.

27:28 Who wouldn’t want their own Keys to the Kingdom?  Walt Disney World has a behind the scenes tour that Mufasa couldn’t pass up putting on his list.  


29:39 Inspired by Mufasa’s choice, Kevin switches the order of his next Disney bucket list item and tells us about his dream tour.  It only requires him becoming filthy rich.  Eazzzzzzy  Peeeeeeeazy.  In fact, he stole one of Mufasa’s choices!!!

32:08 Do you know how to spot the VIP castmember tour guides?  It’s worth knowing if you enjoy celebrity sightings.  Would you believe that Vader saw one of these A-list celebrities at his recent visit to Walt Disney World?  Listen to the podcast to find out who it is, and if he asked for an autograph.

36:45 Joe’s penultimate experience will get your heart racing.  He’s never made it to a runDisney event for a very specific reason.  Will he ever break his rule, and make this bucket list item happen?!?  What’s the rule?  Tune in here to find out what’s holding him back.

40:00 This experience surprised Mufasa a little bit.  Vader’s final Disney bucket-list choice is to stay in a park facing room at the picturesque DIsneyland Paris hotel.


The Disneyland Paris hotel is classically beautiful. It easily made Vader’s Top 5 Bucket List Disney Experiences

44:26 Mufasa’s final Disney bucket-list choice is an Adventure’s by Disney experience.  The location choices across the world are breath taking, but there’s a special one that Mufasa and his wife have always wanted to go.  Tune in here to find out where, but be warned:  You might find yourself wanting break the bank for this location too!

46:32 Joe’s final Disney bucket-list choice is very sentimental, and puts Vader and Mufasa to emotional shame.  Falling in love with Disney is easy, and seeing your kids fall in love with Disney is wonderful.  Joe wants to take all of this a step further.  Bring your tissues and listen to the podcast to reevaluate your bucket list choices.


Now that you’ve learned about our Disney Bucket List items, see what Disney savant Tim Jones has to say about the best time to visit Disney 

Don’t go to Disney without the knowledge of what time’s of year are the least crowded.  Check out this article by our guest on today’s podcast, Joe Cheung

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