When you hear “spring break” do you think, oxymoron? I do.

Historically this period in April when our kids are off school either takes so much planning that my wife and I are completely strung out by the time this “break” rolls around and it’s really not much of a break at all (at least for us) or we do too little planning and our brood ends up muddling through what feels like the World’s Longest Staycation.

Part of my problem with spring break and almost every school break, really, is that they’re times when a lot of other families are off school, too, and hence, if we want to go to a popular destination we’re competing for the best flights and hotel space when we book and likewise are competing for the best this or that once we reach our destination.

Spring Break Planning Challenges

There’s certainly nothing wrong with vacationing in a popular place at a popular time. But that’s not necessarily my style. I prefer to plan trips on a long weekend of my choosing or during the early part of the summer versus being railroaded into vacationing the same week as many other families.

Perhaps I’m being a bit dramatic (it wouldn’t be the first time) but every family does have a slightly different vacation planning style, and because at Traveling Dad we enjoy feedback and we’re nosy, we’ve teamed up with TravelingMom and Vacatia to present the survey you’ll find below.

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