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What to Pack for Disney With A Baby or Toddler

The most magical place on earth- that’s the Disney promise. You know what spoils the magic really fast? An angry baby. If you’re planning to head to Disney with a baby check out this packing list and go into the trip prepared. So you have decided to venture into the world’s most visited theme park with the baby, by yourself.  Knowing that you just committed yourself to a full day of a 1:1 adult/baby ratio in the most stimulating environment imaginable, you think to yourself “Hmmm…  I may need to plan for this.”  And you are right.  You do...

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the Perfect Park for Preschoolers

When planning a Disney World vacation, parents often focus solely on the Magic Kingdom for entertaining their preschoolers. It’s the obvious choice; Cinderella Castle greeting you from afar and plenty of recognizable characters and rides aimed squarely at their youthful audience. Epcot and Hollywood Studios fill in the extra days. Lost in the shuffle is Animal Kingdom. With only three rides for little tykes, parents overlook all the amazing shows and adventure and animals. “Isn’t it just a zoo?” Over the years I’ve come to enjoy Animal Kingdom from my daughter’s perspective. First as a toddler and now moving...

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5 Best Things to Do While Solo At Walt Disney World

Every so often a person gets the chance to travel alone. Most recently I traveled to Walt Disney World for a preview of Pandora: World of Avatar.  You can read all about the Traveling Dad experience, THE TRAVELING DAD GUIDE TO PANDORA: THE WORLD OF AVATAR. While I was there enjoying Pandora, I had a few hours to myself and was able to see Disney from a whole different perspective. 5 Best Things to Do While Solo At Walt Disney World Enjoy the parks leisurely – there is something to be said about not having to stick to a nap...

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Disney’s Pandora – Flying, Gawking, Eating, Banshees, and more! file | Play in new window | Duration: 1:08:05Mufasa shoplifts, Vader needs to join AA, and one of the Disney castmembers in Pandora may have been on recreational drugs!  It’s time for another jam-packed podcast filled with all the details from our recent trip to Walt Disney World to experience the dedication of Pandora – The World of Avatar.  Or, as I like to call it, Pandora – Can You Tell Which Plants are the Fake Ones?  You’re getting a full hour this episode, at least 12 minutes of it containing useful information!  Lucky You!  Check out the...

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Complete Guide to Drinking at Walt Disney World

Who says visiting theme parks is only fun for the kids? Drinking at Walt Disney World might help relax you after shepherding the kids around the parks all day. Let’s journey through the parks and resorts to find the tastiest cocktails found at some of the best watering holes. Drinking at Walt Disney World: Resorts Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto is perhaps one of the best bars in all of Disney. It’s a tiki bar located at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. You will find some of the most creative cocktails, perhaps ever! The bar is dark, and cool, which makes it a viable...

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Caring for Giants at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

What does it take to take care of giant African elephants at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? The Walt Disney Resort is introducing a new tour, Caring for Giants, with a behind-the-scenes experience that answers just that. The new elephant excursion begins March 12, 2017 and is now open for reservations. Caring for Giants, Up Close with Elephants The new experience is family-friendly and open to anyone over the age of 4. I went on one of the tours recently during the recent Disney Social Media Mom Celebration, as part of a preview. There were at least 5 elephants no more than 100...

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Man Snacks at Walt Disney World

This will blow your mind. In the phrase “Man Snacks at Walt Disney World,” snacks serves as both a noun and a verb. Meaning that within this post you’ll not only see a sampling of Walt Disney World Resort food and beverages that a man might like, but you’ll also see a man (me) enjoying those snacks. Okay, so maybe that’s not mind blowing, but it’s not extremely dull, either. I mean, we aim to please over here at Traveling Dad. To that end, here’s a photographic sampling of my April fact-finding mission at Walt Disney World, research that was elevated and facilitated...

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Why You Need to See the Tree of Life for Yourself

Take a moment and look at this tree. The photos clue you in to the beauty and intricacy of the Tree of Life. As for its majesty, you kind of have to be there, as I was in April with a contingent of Traveling Moms to size up what was new and noteworthy at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. The tree, of course, is not new, though Disney regularly revises it, extending the roots to add to the more than 300 carvings. Some new ones will be unveiled when Animal Kingdom debuts its AVATAR Pandora attraction in 2017. But...

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My Ideal WDW Trip (Part 1)

Growing up in Southern California, going to Disneyland was an annual event for my family. My father received discount tickets for the whole family so we could go the last weekend of every January. Since about the time I became somewhat aware of the world around me, I was fully convinced that going to Disneyland at the same time as my birthday meant that the Park and I had a special connection. I became a fan of the Walt Disney Company from a very early age. Just after turning 22, I went to work at Disneyland, where I stayed for just over a...

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