Traveling, especially with kids, is hard and sometimes unpleasant. Between airline delays, overwhelming amounts of gear and entertaining little ones while on the road, travel can be daunting. However, sometimes, an app or gadget can come along and become so crucial for travel success that we can’t imagine hitting the road without them. For me, TripCase falls into this category.

What’s so great about Tripcase? It’s a traveling service and app for iOS and Android that consolidates all of your travel plans and itineraries in one single place for easy reference. That’s right – you can combine all your trip logistics including air reservations, car rental and even public transit items into one place. To add to this, TripCase alerts you, often before the airlines, when a delay occurs and offers alternative flights so you can be ahead of the curve when it comes to rescheduling.

Getting started

To begin with Tripcase, simply head over to their website and create an account. Secondly, as your travel itinerary items come to your inbox, whether it’s a confirmation from Delta Airlines or a car confirmation from Hertz – simply forward the email to Automatically, the service will examine the email and pull out all the important details such as dates and times, and place them in the app for your browsing.

Benefits beyond logistics

Alert those who matter: I travel for work quite a bit and I like keeping my loved ones in the know about my comings and goings. Tripcase enables me to give alerts and updates when I plan travel in the app. In my case, I have sharing turned on with my wife and my Mom, so that someone always knows where I am. If I’m delayed, they get an alert and if I change flights – they also get a notification without me even having to think about it.

Know your timeline: Need to know how long your layover is and how far you need to travel between gates? Tripcase is perfect for this – in fact, when I land at a connection, I religiously pull out TripCase so I know my landing gate and guestimate how much time I have to get to my next gate. This is perfect when I need a coffee or meal break in between connecting flights.

Easy integration with Concur: Does your company use Concur for corporate travel booking? My last employer did, and this made TripCase a no-brainer. All my travel arrangement automatically resided within the app without having to forward emails. It was magic. 🙂

Call yourself a ride: Lastly, through a partnership with Uber, TripCase allows you to call an Uber ride right within the TripCase app. This is really handy when you arrive at a new destination.