Looking for a perfect weekend getaway on the Oregon coast? If you desire to stay in a more camping-style accommodation rather than a hotel, you should check out a yurt – our family’s favorite yurt destination is at Beverly Beach State Park, on Oregon’s central coast.

Beverly Beach Bridge

About Beverly Beach State Park

Beverly Beach is located just 5 miles north of Newport, Oregon and has a beautiful 3-mile wide beach to enjoy, ample forested hiking opportunities, amazing trees and mountain scenery and even a fun playground if your kids desire to use it. Being a larger state park, Beverly Beach has a great welcome center that has historical information about the park’s heritage, whale watching information and a fantastic program called Oregon State Parks Jr. Ranger. This program challenges your kiddos to explore the park and earn a badge and prizes for each level the finish. It’s a ton of fun for kids aged 6-12.

The park has very clean bathroom facilities and includes tent camping spots, yurts and RV spots as well. For those with pets like us, 10 of the 21 yurts are pet-friendly.

The tent spots and yurts mentioned above fill up fast, because of the park’s popularity – but you can make reservations for travel up to 6 months in advance.

About Yurt Camping

My family and I love nature, but tent camping is something we haven’t done yet. Also, the Oregon coast can be chilly year round, so a yurt is perfect for us. What’s a yurt you say? It’s a cabin-like round structure that is composed of tent materials, so it’s a great mix of camping but with a physical structure to stay in.

Photo credit: Masako Metz on Flickr

The Beverly Beach yurts feature two full-size beds (one is a futon that folds down) in addition to a twin that’s a bunk bed. So, our family of five squeezes into the three beds. Inside there’s a heater, a table with two chairs and power outlets. Outside, your camping spot has a fireplace, picnic bench, and space to roam around and spread out your gear.

The yurts provide ample space and a locking door, which is nice for leaving your gear inside when you roam around the state park or go grab a bit to eat. They’re comfortable for a family of four or five and have ample light inside through the skylight and windows.

Photo courtesy: https://www.outdoorproject.com

All you need to bring for yurt camping is your bedding and food/camp cooking supplies. You can skip needing to pack in a tent and do all that associated setup. The overnight cost of yurt camping at Beverly Beach is reasonable at $42/night.

Yurts are fun because they’re out of the weather – meaning even in the winter months, yurt camping has its advantages – for storm watchers or those who enjoy less crowded off-season months.

Camping culture

One of the fun things about being at the state park overnight is talking to and getting to know other campers! The yurts are right near the tent spots and people are always walking around, riding bikes, etc. It’s fun to talk to others to find out where the out-of-staters are from, hear about their dogs and adventures. There’s a fun sense of camaraderie amongst the campers, whether you’re in your own RV, pitching a tent or in a yurt. We’ve stayed overnight at Beverly Beach and have never had issues with loud/rude camping neighbors.

So, if you decide to go, I’d encourage you to strike up conversations with other campers, pet their dogs and ask them where they’re from.