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I’ve attended exactly one Free Comic Book Day in my life.

This was a few years back, during the heyday of Art Baltazar’s Tiny Titans comics which was the slow birth of my own daughters’ interest in anything fictionally superheroic.

I cannot recall anything we took home gratis on that day or any comics we may have purchased (and really, you should make a purchase on Free Comic Book Day). What I do remember vividly about our one and only Free Comic Book Day is the black and gold WMMR radio station banner that hung from the rectangular table at the entrance to the comic book store in the mall, and the stickers they were gladhanding to any and all as the DJs broadcasted their classic rock live from the store.

I couldn’t help but think then and still think back on it now at how freaking strange all of that was! The demographic of that Philly radio station and the parade of nerds that had traditionally been interested in comic books and superheroes simply didn’t mingle, never the twain shall meet, back in my day.

And yet here they were, and here I was with my daughters, in lockstep about the coolness of Iron Man, the awesomeness of Captain America, and the badass-ery of Black Widow. People may even have been keen to see what D.C. comic book characters were up to. (that’s a joke that makes sense, even if I don’t fully understand why).

The expansive Marvel Universe has, over the decades, brought together all kinds of people who previously would have zilch in common. The appeal of the Marvel Universe spreads so far as to reach into toddler ballet classes too.

Marvel Universe Live Age of Heroes

While in Florida earlier this summer to learn about and watch the new Marvel Universe Live! stage show, I met most of the performers and so many of them came from the ballet and dance world to play Black Widow, Black Panther, Rocket Racoon (the best character from Age of Heroes!), and other Marvel characters near and dear to us.

This is an awesome thing because it means that there’s a new straight line that can be drawn between our little girls practicing their plies and young ladies putting in extra time in the gym to perfect their dismounts, and the badass superheroes our bold, brave and strong daughters admire.

Think and talk about this when you and your kids settle into your seats for Marvel Universe Live Age of Heroes. Watch your daughters’ eyes get wide imagining herself as Black Widow someday, on stage in front of thousands every single night. It’s possible. It’s happening right now.

Marvel Universe Live Age of Heroes Star Lord

Call me Star Lord!

Marvel Universe Live Age of Heroes is out on the road and before long it will arrive in or near your hometown. This show, like the Marvel Universe itself, is built for ALL which is wonderful because few things in 2017 America have universal appeal, not even, ahem, the health of our fellow citizens.

Marvel Universe Live Age of Heroes

The young woman on the right plays Rocket in Age of Heroes…and she’s hilarious!!

This new Marvel Age of Heroes superhero arena show, with it’s humor, stunts, explosions, brand new storyline blending classic Marvel with the popular Guardians of the Galaxy world, and awe-inspiring acrobatics, is truly for everyone; the jocks (I watched the Age of Heroes alongside Tampa Buccaneers Defensive Tackle Gerald McCoy and his family), the ballerinas, the classic rockers, the geeks…

…and even me!

Find out when Age of Heroes will come to defeat evil in your part of the country and get tickets for your entire family.

And who knows, we may even find ourselves in a comic book store again someday.

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*Feld Entertainment brought me down to Florida to preview the Age of Heroes show to facilitate this story. They provided all travel and expenses to facilitate this story. All opinions are my own.

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