Kids rock climbing is becoming more prevalent, in part, due to retail stores installing them trying to lure back customers. In southwest Florida, the Miromar Outlets installed a rock climbing wall from Fun Walls. The walls kept our fearless – for the most part – kids entertained for almost an hour, which is the minimum time you can purchase. We paid $10 per hour for each kid. You really want to make sure that you kid is ready for it because if they get scared or bored after a few minutes, you’re out of 10 bucks!

Kids Rock Climbing is taking the nation by storm | Pic: R. Ocampo

Kids Rock Climbing is taking the nation by storm | Pic: R. Ocampo

Our preschoolers are 5 year old twins and we weren’t sure if they would like the experience. Reluctant to shell out $20 for the two of them, we armed them with a little pep talk and pointed out the other kid doing it as an example. They agreed to try it and then came the ominous waiver form. Reading that document was the scariest part of the entire experience, for me at least, because it highlighted all the possible injuries that could occur, including death. Gee – give me a heart attack why not!

Rock Climbing Safety Precaution

The boys got strapped in the safety harness and readied for battle with helmets strapped to their noggin. With some guidance with the employee, we went to the easiest wall in terms of climbing difficulty. Off they were to the races! They didn’t really start with too much confidence but after a few climbs 1/4 of the way up, and realizing that they wouldn’t fall, they started to go higher. And higher. At one point, one of the boys was almost at the very top for some reason stopped short of hitting the top-most “Finish” square and dropped down safely. A safety line hangs down and counterbalances the climber preventing them from falling. If they want to drop down, they simply grab the line that’s attached to their harness and they descend slowly to the ground, as seen in the video below.

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