Have you ever dreamed of seeing the Happily Ever After fireworks from the Grand 1 yacht?

Grand 1 Yacht Fireworks

During the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, I had the opportunity to ride aboard the Grand 1 to watch the Happily Ever After fireworks.

This was something we’ve always dreamed of doing, as a family. It was amazing!

I will definitely be taking the family back for a ride aboard the Grand 1 yacht.

Grand 1 Yacht

The Grand 1 is a  52-foot Sea Ray® Sedan Bridge Yacht. With 3 bedrooms, a head (bathroom for you land lubbers), a small kitchen, and plenty of seating for the whole family.

The Grand 1 accommodates up to 18 guests (17 if you choose the butler service) and includes assorted snacks and soft drinks as part of the rental. The butler, private dining, and other “enhancements” may be added, for an additional charge, of course.

What are those charges? Well, renting the yacht starts at $399 per hour, plus tax—pricing may vary based on time of day and is subject to change.

Our cruise lasted about an hour. Just enough time to take in the Happily Ever After fireworks show from the Seven Seas Lagoon.

Happily Ever After Fireworks from the Grand 1 Yacht

Happily Ever After Fireworks from the Grand 1 Yacht

We enjoyed the Happily Ever After fireworks during our cruise aboard the Grand 1. You don’t have to watch the fireworks. You could go out for a sunset cruise or just a dining cruise.

During the Happily Ever After fireworks show, the narration and music from the show streams through the speakers of the Grand 1 yacht.

We sat on the back deck of the yacht, but you could also watch from the upper deck of the boat.

Grand 1 Yacht

I would say this was the one down side to watching the fireworks from the Grand 1. It’s a little cramped for bigger groups. You may prefer a pontoon boat for a more open air experience (and a much lower price tag).

Grand 1 Yacht Review

If you’re looking for a luxury experience at Walt Disney World, the Grand 1 Yacht may be the ticket for you. With butler service, private dining experiences, and amazing views of the fireworks, the Grand 1 Yacht offers guests a unique, luxurious experience.

If you’re just wanting a Seven Seas Lagoon view of Happily Ever After, you might consider one of the less expensive options.

It certainly was an exciting experience for me and I plan to bring the family back for a ride aboard this vessel.