If you love beaches, boating, nature and sea life, Exuma Bahamas has to go on your bucket list.

exuma bahamas things to do

These are the top 5 surprising things we found while visiting Exuma Bahamas last year.

After a few days at the Atlantis Bahamas Resort we took a short flight to Great Exuma, the largest of 365 islands that make up Exuma.

flights to exuma bahamas

Flights to Exuma Bahamas

Here’s what you need to know about Exuma.

Things To Do In Exuma Bahamas

If you think of the Bahamas as an exotic honeymoon destination, Exuma does not disappoint with hotels like Sandals Emerald Bay.

Ours was not that kind of trip.

With 3 little kids under the age of 6, it was definitely NOT a honeymoon.

You don’t have to be on your honeymoon to find awesome things to do in Exuma Bahamas!

We spent the day on empty, pristine beaches that went on for miles.

exuma bahamas beach

Deserted beach in Exuma

We took boats & water taxis around to see the various islands in Exuma.

exuma bahamas boat rental

Exuma Bahamas boat rentals

Yes that is a massive stingray.

We saw islands full of iguanas…

exuma bahamas iguanas

Iguana beach in Exuma Bahamas

And swimming pigs!

exuma bahamas swimming pigs

Swimming pigs of Exuma Bahamas

We even spent the day on the very same beach used for guests at the Sandals Emerald Bay (the other side is an empty, public beach).

exuma beach

Sandals Emerald Bay in the background

As long as your traveling companions love the water, there are lots of things to do in Exuma.

If you’re looking for entertainment – cafes, bars, restaurants, amusement parks, etc – you’re in the wrong place.

Here were our favorite things to do in Exuma Bahamas.

Exuma Beach

You’ll want to rent a car to see as many of Exuma’s incredible beaches as possible.

We spent an afternoon collecting sand dollars & riding the sea swings at Coco Plum Beach.

coco plum beach bahamas

You can easily rent a car when you arrive at Exuma airport.

exuma airport

Exuma Airport

You could also take taxis around, but having a car makes it easier to get to the emptier beaches.

It really depends on how much you plan to venture out from your hotel.

Where To Stay In Exuma Bahamas

You can do the Exuma Bahamas all-inclusive resorts, but we went the Airbnb route.

The danger of an Airbnb is that the pictures don’t exactly tell the true story.

This looks like a gorgeous, private beach, right?

exuma bahamas beach private

Private beach behind our Airbnb

That’s that we thought too.

But in reality, this was the back of our Airbnb.

exuma bahamas vrbo

Where’s the beach??

We didn’t mind walking a little ways to the beach… except there was no beach access at all!

exuma bahamas beach access

There was a beautiful deck in back on top of the cliff.

exuma bahamas beach vrba

But even the great view didn’t make up for the fact that there was NO BEACH ACCESS.

exuma beach hotel beach

If you decide to opt for an Airbnb or VRBO in Exuma, you’ve been warned!

Exuma Boat Rental Tips

We absolutely loved taking boats around Exuma because there are so many things to do in the sea.

exuma boat rental taxi

Exuma boat rental option

We took a Elvis’s water taxi to Chat N Chill, the most relaxed beach bar on the planet.

exuma boat rental

Elvis’s water taxi in Exuma

Yes, this is the beach bar!

On the weekends when the locals are off work, the place get much busier.

exuma bahamas beach bar

Chat N Chill Exuma

There’s an amazing Conch Bar where they cook & serve the fresh mollusk.

exuma conch bar

Chat N Chill Conch Bar

You can also rent boats for full or half day excursions.

exuma bahamas boat rental excusions

Exuma boat rentals

This is how we visited the swimming pigs & iguana island.

We even stopped along the way to see some giant starfish up close.

Exuma bahamas boat rental day trip

Exuma Bahamas boat surprise

Other Things To Do In Exuma

You’ve probably guessed by now, but Exuma is pretty deserted.

While it’s perfect for seeing pristine nature & quiet beaches, don’t expect many other things to do in Exuma.

If, like us, you do not end up in an all inclusive resort, options for dining out are limited.

There just aren’t many restaurants, cafes or bars.

Plan to hit the supermarket in your rental car & you’ll be all set.

You can find more about our trip to the Bahamas here.