Don’t ever take a 3 night Disney Cruise!

never take a 3 night disney cruise

Now, we’ve taken our fair share of 3 night Disney Cruises. During the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration in February, we took our 22nd Disney Cruise, including many 3 night cruises.

I was reminded on this latest Disney Cruise that 3 night cruises end way too fast!

Never Take a 3 Night Disney Cruise

You board the ship on day 1, have Nassau on day 2, Castaway Cay on day 3, packing to go home that night, and getting off the ship on day 4. It’s a whirlwind!

Typically, we stay on the ship in Nassau. This gives us a day aboard with smaller crowds and more relaxation time. We call Nassau the “Tijuana of the Bahamas.” It’s a touristy stop for all the cruise ships. Once upon a time, Nassau offered great shopping and haggling with local craftspeople. Nowadays, it’s the same stuff you can buy, online or at home.

Castaway Cay usually results in a full day off the ship. From the 5K first thing, to lounging on the beach, lunch at Cookie’s BBQ, followed by more lounging or snorkeling or water slides. Regardless of the agenda, you’re zonked by the time you get back to the ship.

Disney Cruise Castaway Cay

Then, you have to get everything packed! That’s right, it’s already time to get off the ship!

Disney Cruise Agenda

I only mentioned the ports and adventures during those days. I didn’t even include all the stuff to do on the ship.

Character meet & greets, Broadway-style shows, dinners, games, Oceaneer’s Lab, Club, Edge, Vibe, Palo, and on and on. The activity list never seems to end!

Beauty and the Beast on Disney Cruise

Speaking of Palo, their brunch is one of my favorite dining experiences on the Disney Cruise ships. Unfortunately, you can’t get Palo brunch on a 3 night cruise.

Palo Brunch on Disney Cruise

Want to learn more about the Disney Cruise ships and their theming? Cool! Take the “Art of the Theme Show” tour. Oh, wait. It’s not available on the 3 night cruises.

On Pirate Night, you get a special dinner menu, catered to the scallawags in your party. AAARRRRR! Yeah, that one’s not on the 3 nighters, either.

Pirate Night Disney Cruise

What??!! No pirate dinner menu??!!

Disney Cruise for More Nights!

Instead of a 3 night Disney Cruise, take a 4, 5, 7, or heck even a 14 night cruise. My favorite Disney Cruises have been aboard 5 and 7 night cruises. I think 5 is the perfect number.

This gives you plenty of time to hit all 3 rotational dining restaurants and throw in a Palo dinner or brunch. Maybe even a date night at Remy.

Remy on Disney Cruise

Days at sea offer classes, tastings, and tea with the princesses.

Kids enjoy more characters, make better friends in Edge and Vibe, and create longer lasting memories aboard longer Disney Cruises.

Unless you have real issues with sea sickness or hate being on a Disney Cruise ship, extend that cruise! It’s not much of a cost difference to a 4 night and at least then you get a day at sea to relax. Or, maybe you’ll splurge a bit for that 7 nighter or a 14 night Transatlantic cruise.