Mufasa shoplifts, Vader needs to join AA, and one of the Disney castmembers in Pandora may have been on recreational drugs!  It’s time for another jam-packed podcast filled with all the details from our recent trip to Walt Disney World to experience the dedication of Pandora – The World of Avatar.  Or, as I like to call it, Pandora – Can You Tell Which Plants are the Fake Ones?  You’re getting a full hour this episode, at least 12 minutes of it containing useful information!  Lucky You!  Check out the timeline below for all of the highlights and enjoy the podcast!

Mufasa shoplifts, Vader needs to join AA, and one of the Disney castmembers in Pandora may have been on recreational drugs! Check out the podcast for more!


The Timeline You’ve Been Waiting For

2:30 Copper Creek Sneak Peek!! – What is a hardhat tour?

6:03 Mufasa signs over his third born child? Worth it!

9:30 Pandora –  The World of Avatar!

10:50 Does Mufasa have a shoplifting issue? Vader thinks so…

14:08 Shout Out to Danielle, Tom, Adrienne, and Jackie, our hosts

16:43 Pandora – The World of Avatar.  I promise, we’ll actually start talking about Pandora now…

18:45 Vader met imagineer Joe Rohde, and fanboyed out, but only a little

22:11 An intervention for Vader.  Does he need to join AA?  Aloha shirt fans want to know!

24:04 Back on Topic. Pandora – The World of Avatar! For real this time…

27:32 Vader adopts a banshee, and names it…?

30:25 Mufasa travels to another planet.  Pandora at Night blew him away

31:17 Merchandising at Pandora?  Who’d have thought?  Should you check out the shop?

34:41 Adopting a banshee.  Will you need your social security card or Passport to adopt?

37:28 Food and Beverage review time! Pongu Pongu and Satu’li Canteen provide unique food options.

40:57 Na’vi River Journey review.  Is this attraction worth the wait, or just a nice place to catch some air conditioning?

46:00 Flight of Passage:  Could this really be the best ride you’ve ever been on in your life?  REALLY!?!

48:31 Is Flight of Passage Safe for Kids?  It’s THAT immersive.

52:00 Can all adults “fit” on the Flight of Passage?  Nope, and that’s unfortunate

57:45 Is Flight of Passage actually worth the 4.5 hour wait?


1:04:01 Enjoy some insight into the mind of Vader.  How does Kevin’s brain work?!?  Even Mufasa doesn’t know.  Tim Jones, a fellow TDAD knows now! You don’t know the power of the darkside.

As promised in the show, for a more visual look at the food of Pandora, check out fellow TDAD Daym Drops review.  Bring a damp cloth, because you’ll want to lick your screen after watching this video.


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