Summit Plummet looks pretty epic!                     Photo courtesy of TravelingDad Tim Jones

It’s almost summer!  Well…it’s almost summer when this article was first published, and in Florida, it’s a bit summery all year long, so let’s not quibble over small details.  What does this podcast have to offer you?  Thrilling stories of near-death experiences by not one, but BOTH podcast hosts.  And, it was the same would-be murderous Blizzard Beach waterslide for each host.  The story is a harrowing tale of wedgies, bruised egos, and recovery time spent in Cross Country Creek.  It’s a Disney tale as old as time, and it’s time to get on with this blog post, so click that play button at the top, or use the timeline below to browse for specifically what you need.  Just know, that when you don’t listen to the entire podcast, 1 less pet is adopted from an SPCA near you.

Disney Podcast Timeline

0:22 This podcast is dedicated to Life Insurance.  It’s important to have your life insurance policy in check before you head to Disney’s Blizzard Beach.

1:39  Kevin gives a break-down on Blizzard Beach and it’s history

3:22 The lazy river at Blizzard Beach in Orlando, Florida goes around the entire 64 acre park, and has some great features, including a well loved one by Kevin’s daughter, which we talk about here.

Blizzard Beach Waterslides

5:10 Slush Gusher tried to kill Vader and Mufasa on separate visits.  The story is worth listening too.  Mufasa still has a dent in his rear end from landing on the slide.

7:37 Summit Plummet was a much more fun experience for John.  Kevin avoided this ride like the plague, but his wife did ride it, and really enjoyed it.  John shares his story, and something he enjoyed even more than the drop itself.

10:55 There’s an order to things at a waterpark that we think makes for a much more enjoyable day for everyone.

11:52 Blizzard Beach has the world’s longest family white water rafting waterslide?!  

13:22 Do you have a competitive streak and enjoy water parks?  Blizzard Beach has exactly what you need.  Listen here to find out about the slide that may fulfill all of your competitive water-sliding dreams.


See if you can find this cutout of Blizzard Beach’s mascot, Ice Gator!               Photo Courtesy of TravelingDad Tim Jones

Blizzard Beach Food Finds

14:55 We’ve never thought about wanting a Turkey Leg while at a waterpark, but if we ever got that itch, Blizzard Beach is ready to scratch that itch by serving them up at Avalunch.

16:08 There’s an Orange Dole Whip, and it sounds like heaven.  Kevin needs to compare it to a Chick-Fil-A offering that sounds similar

17:27 Have you heard about the mini donuts?  These legendary treats can only be gotten at one location in Blizzard Beach, and they come with dippin’ sauces!

18:00  There’s a speciality hot dog stand in the park at Avalunch, and they serve a pretzel cheese dog….pretzel bun + hot dog + cheese = YES PLEASE

18:45  The last food find, but certainly not the least, is called the Sand Pail.  It comes with a forklift operator to take you away when you’re finished eating it.  

Blizzard Beach Wave Pool

19:53 It’s not a waterpark without a wave pool.  Endless hours of fun can be had here. 

20:30 The nearby miniature golf course is definitely worth a visit if you enjoy that sort of thing.  Called Disney’s Winter Summerland.  36 holes of mini golf fun awaits!

21:34 Mufasa’s kids, 12 and 11, give their personal wish lists for this park, on what they can’t wait to enjoy.

22:55 Are you concerned about going to Blizzard Beach in the winter?  You shouldn’t be, because the water is heated!  


This multi-part stump the host focuses on Disney’s FIRST EVER water park.  Three opportunities for Mufasa to crush Vader’s hopes and dreams.


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