So you want to be a pin trader huh?  Bold move.  It’s a dangerous world out there, with pin backs ready to prick your finger when excitedly placing the 5th and final pin that you’ve waited years to find, onto your favorite lanyard!  BLOODY, is not a word associated with pin trading often, but to be the best at Disney Pin Trading, you’ve got to be willing to get your hands dirty.  What does any of this have to do with our podcast you might be asking?  Absolutely nothing, but at least I’ve got your attention.  The podcast timeline is below, so that you can skip to your favorite parts, before you leave us a well-deserved review on iTunes or Google Play 😉  Of course, we’d love you to listen to the entire Disney podcast, so that you don’t miss great one-liners, conversationally appropriate Top Gun quotes, and various other shenanigans.


Disney Pin Trading Podcast Timeline

0:28 This podcast is dedicated to the year 2039.  If you don’t know why that date is significant to Disney, then you should listen to find out more!

02:16 OK, It’s time to talk about our topic, Disney Pin Trading.

03:50 Kevin gets into the meat and potatoes of his collecting problems, and how Disney Pins fit right in.

04:50 Why do each of us trade for the pins that we do? The answer involves a personal story, as always.

Pin Trading Etiquette

06:39 There are RULES?!  Yes, there are definitely some rules to Disney Pin Trading.  We discuss everything you need to know to get started, and where to trade, like at:

  • Disney Vacation Club locations, like Aulani, Hilton Head, and Vero Beach
  • Disney Parks (Walt Disney World, Disneyland, etc…)
  • Disney Cruise Line

8:20 If you’re just getting started with your pin collection, tune in to hear the best money saving tip we’ve got to offer.  Hint:  It may have something to do with ebay…

9:56 There’s a limit to how many pins you can trade with each castmember, per day.

11:30 Vader gets into the nitty gritty of why he trades for only specific pins, and Mufasa explains to him why he’s wrong.


Just some of Vader’s Disney Pins he’s acquired over the years

12:40 His military service had quite an impact on his pin trading rules.  Tune in here to find out why, and bring a tissue, because it’s a touching story.

15:00 How on earth did we find a way to starting talking about football….?

15:50 Mufasa gives you the lowdown on his pin trading philosophy, and how it frequently ties in his childhood memories, and how trading pins with other people just like you, is truly gratifying.

Hidden Mickey Pins


Note the hidden mickey on Jack’s left sleeve. All Hidden Mickey pins have one of these on the front.

17:40 Mickey Mouse finds his way into everything, and hidden mickey pins are no different. We dig into everything you need to know, and why looking out for the mouse will give you more satisfaction than buying new pins from the disney store.  These special pins may not be limited edition, but pin collectors still clamor to find them, and you’ll never get them in a starter set.

18:45 Vader shares a story about how his favorite collections of pins aren’t obviously Disney.  Many Disney pins tell a story that’s like an “inside joke”.

21:00 There’s a certain roller coaster that Vader has never been on.  Can you guess what it is, and how it relates to pin trading?

23:00 Mufasa would prefer that Vader rides this coaster sooner than later, so that a defibrillator isn’t needed.

23:48 A green lanyard worn by a Disney castmember signifies something that you NEED to know about.  Tune in to find out why 🙂

25:30 We share an important tip to keeping your pins secure, and what special tool will ensure that your favorite pins stay on your lanyard, where they belong.



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