Picture This:  A Theme Park without a theme.  It’s sad, we know.  “Disney Hollywood Studios is BROKEN!”  claims Vader.  “I respectfully disagree, and you sir are a moron!”, retorts Mufasa.  “How Dare You!” shouts Vader as he slaps Mufasa with a white glove across his right cheek.  If you think that dialog like this is excellent, than don’t listen to the podcast, because none of that actually happened.  Kevin (Vader) does believe sincerely that Disney Hollywood Studios is currently broken.  There is hope with all of the changes and additions coming between 2018-2020.  John (Mufasa) thinks that while Vader has some good points, that he’s being too nit-picky and granular with his argument, and that there’s plenty to love about this theme park in Orlando, Florida at Walt Disney World.  Check out the timeline below to be able to skip to your favorite parts in the podcast.  Click that play button at the top of this article to listen to our points, witticisms, and stock tips guaranteed to make you millions!!! ***


***You will not make millions listening to our podcast…


Disney Podcast Timeline

0:23  This podcast is dedicated to the Golden Age of Hollywood

1:00  We’re starting a new series called John is right, and Kevin isn’t!  This is the start of John trying to convince Kevin that Disney Hollywood Studios is not a broken park

3:08  Disney Hollywood Studios is broken up into 7 areas and we’ll tell you a little bit about some of them, as Kevin continues to try and make his case for why the park isn’t working in it’s current state

5:05  When you got from one area of Disney Hollywood Studios to the next, there’s no obvious transition like there is in other parks, like Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom.  Does this matter?

6:42  We give an example of an attraction that was originally in Hollywood Studios, and was replaced with something popular, but didn’t make sense thematically in that part of the theme park.

8:20  Mufasa jumps into the argument with how the replaced attraction actually does fit, and Vader is focusing too narrowly, ruining his own experience.

10:33 Where will Disney move the Star Wars experiences once Galaxy’s Edge opens?

Is Disney Hollywood Studios Worth an Entire Day

11:25 The debate continues.  Kevin doesn’t think that DHS is worth an entire day of his time.

12:31 Mufasa lists his personal favorite attractions in Hollywood Studios, and states that these alone justify an entire day in the park.

13:32 Do you want to know what ride each host thinks is the best in DHS?  You’ll have to tune into this part of the podcast to find out

14:34 Mother Nature ruined what should have been a spectacular viewing of Fantasmic, and we reminisce

15:10 Mufasa kicked Kevin’s ass at Toy Story Mania, and rubs his nose in it…just a little

Are there Food Options at Disney Hollywood Studios Worth Your Visit

16:22 We can’t wait to try the Baseline Tap House restaurant that just opened in late 2017.  Craft Beers, and Flights of Beer, and more beer, and more words with beer…sounds good to Mufasa!

17:08 The Sci-Fi Drive-In Theater can be a little divisive on people’s meals, but you simply can’t beat the theming.  That alone makes this worth your time.

18:12 Was it Enough?  Is Kevin convinced that DHS is worth an entire day?  We didn’t even elaborate on the Brown Derby, or the 50’s Prime Time Café!

19:52  Vader tries to argue futilely against Mufasa, who is clearly right, and rebuts all of his points as completely rubbish.

21:50  How much would your teens and tweens enjoy Disney Hollywood Studios?

25:33  You won’t believe Vader’s final argument against DHS.  Seriously, if he were reaching more in this argument, I’d have to nickname him Inspector Gadget


28:45  Vader is now the one with the win streak that needs to be broken by Mufasa.  Test your knowledge about the Sorcerer’s hat that is no longer in Hollywood Studios.  

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