There’s so much to talk about in 2018 at Disney Parks!

What to Expect out of this Podcast

Excuse me while we pick up the brain matter from our heads exploding.  We’ve just finished this podcast, which you should listen to right now, and it’s all about Disney events in 2018.  We’d say there are too many to list, but that’s a lie.  We could list them all, but if we did that, you might not listen to the PODCAST.  Check out the timeline so that you can skip to the pertinent parts.  Remember though, every time you skip part of our podcast, another planet falls under Emperor Zurg’s control.

Podcast Timeline

00:25 This podcast is dedicated to narcotics…tune in to find out why

02:38 Toy Story Land opens this summer, and it’s a really BIG deal

04:02 Kevin is attending the Social Media Mom’s Celebration at Walt Disney World

06:44 What rides are coming to Toy Story Land, and is it different in Walt Disney World than in Shanghai Disney?

Vader snapped this shot while attending the Social Media Moms Convention in 2018

08:33 Shanghai Disney’s Toy Story Land gets three attractions

10:04 Tokyo Disney is celebrating their 35th Anniversary this year!

12:00 Disneyland is getting some Incredibles new attractions.

13:00 Shed a tear for Paradise Pier at Disney California Adventure

14:45 Pixar Fest kicks off their inauguration this summer at Disneyland

15:38 This is the one Announcement you don’t want to miss

16:10 Animal Kingdom is celebrating their 20th Anniversary

17:50 Hong Kong Disney is getting some Moana love in 2018


2018 gives you many new oustanding food choices at Disney Springs.  We breakdown almost all of the ones we know about, since we can’t breakdown ones we don’t know about….obviously

19:35 There’s an all new complex in Disney Springs with some steampunk vibes, live entertainment, and much more.  Welcome, to The Edison

20:35 Terralina Crafted Italian takes the place of Portabello Country Italian.  Same Head Chef, who won an award for having the best beard

21:50 Wine Bar George, not themed after George of the Jungle, opens Spring 2018

23:20 Maria & Enzos, giving you 75th Italian dining choice at Disney Springs

25:00 Mufasa shares some doubts about the design of Maria & Enzo’s

26:42 Two last restaurants round out The Edison, including a prohibition era bar, which looks stunning.  Flappers encouraged

28:10 The Jaleo chain of restaurants by José Andrés joins Disney Springs in 2018.  Should you go?

29:46 Disney Springs features more celebrity chefs than you can shake a stick at


31:20  We’re testing Vader’s Pixar knowledge in this stump the host.  SPOILER:  He needs WAY too many hints.


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