We all have one.  Sometimes you have more than one. A destination you love. To you, it is more than just a vacation. It quickly became your obsession. Every time you stepped foot out the door you headed there. Whether it was to the lake, a city, a region, or a country.  It is just the one place that you want to visit over and over.You know all of the ins and outs of that particular place. You have your favorite restaurants. The staff probably knows you by name even though you visit there but once a year. You know which pier to sit on in the morning to get the best view of the sunrise. You know which highway to take to get you to the top of the mountain to watch the sunset. You know it all.
Colorado State Capital in Denver, Colorado

Colorado State Capital in Denver, Colorado

While you are there, you forget about all of your other worries in the world. Email from work can wait as you walk down the street soaking in all of your favorite destinations sites. You feel like a local when you walk into that small coffee shop on the corner.

As the days go by you know that your time with your destination is limited. You start to feel an emptiness in your heart as you prepare to leave.

When you come back into your door, you long to go back. As you look back through your pictures and your memories of your trip, emotions rush over you. You miss everything, that coffee shop, your favorite restaurant, the sunrise at the pier.  You want to be able to do that everyday.

It seems the moment you start to unpack you are immediately planning your trip back. You forget that there are other places that you want to go because you enjoy that destination THAT much.  It is a place that sticks in your head that much.


Coors Field in Denver, Colorado

We all have a place like this. My destination I love is Denver. I can’t explain what it is but I have a stupid obsession with Denver.
Walking in the door as we came home from a recent trip the city, tears started to make their way down my cheeks. I missed Denver that much. It felt like I had just said good-bye to a long-distance girlfriend that I will not see for an extended period of time. As excited as I am to go back, I know that by keeping tunnel vision on visiting Denver all of the time I am also missing out on many other great destinations. Destinations that I could quickly fall in love with more than Denver. Destinations that I might want to visit more than my current favorite vacation spot, Denver.

What is your favorite destination and why? Let us know in the comments…