daym-top3YouTube Food Titan and Traveling Dad Daym Drops doesn’t just stare at his fingernails while waiting for his plane to pull into the gate. He charges his gadgets (notice in the photo above that he’s not hogging the entire outlet, thank you very much) *and* he takes the time to file a post: “I figured I would submit a piece since I’m sitting here at the airport getting ready to fly out to L.A.,” he wrote.  So here now, the top three things Daym says a Traveling Dad should ALWAYS have on him.

1. Fast Charger. All of us need that FAST RECHARGE and a basic charger will not do in 2016. Our phones are often our business and we must always stay connected. If you purchase an adaptive lightning charger, within a half hour you can go from  a 0% to 100% change and continue on with all of your business and  social media needs.

2. Cargo Pants or Shorts. A strong necessity when flying! Carry your wallet, keys, phone(s) and chargers with QUICK ACCESS to any of them at ANY given time from the moment you check in, to your gate and beyond. Less stress and you won’t need to worry nearly as much about missing something important or fumbling for something later.

3. WhatsApp. The BEST for communication on the go! Being that I always fly Delta, I use Gogo for a full day pass ($16.00) and Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp to keep the lines of communication open in flight and remain in touch with family and friends when all other services are NULL and VOID.

What gadgets, items, or services are in your top three when you travel? Let Daym know in the comments.