Don't Make Me Pull This Flying Elephant Over! - A Disney Podcast A Disney podcast dedicated to helping you get the most out of your Disney Vacation. Hosted by Traveling Dad Tue, 21 Jan 2020 22:35:23 +0000 en-US © 2017 Traveling Dad A Disney Podcast hosted by Traveling Dad Vader & Mufasa A Disney podcast dedicated to helping you get the most out of your Disney Vacation. Hosted by Traveling Dad Vader & Mufasa clean Don't Make Me Pull This Flying Elephant Over! - A Disney Podcast Vader & Mufasa A Disney podcast dedicated to helping you get the most out of your Disney Vacation. Hosted by Traveling Dad No Is Disney Hollywood Studios Broken? Sun, 15 Jul 2018 21:00:39 +0000 John Vanda & Kevin Gillooly Disney,Hollywood Studio,Orlando,Walt Disney World Picture This:  A Theme Park without a theme.  It’s sad, we know.  “Disney Hollywood Studios is BROKEN!”  claims Vader.  “I respectfully disagree, and you sir are a moron!”, retorts Mufasa.  “How Dare You!” shouts Vader as he slaps Mufasa with a white glove across his right cheek.  If you think that dialog like this is excellent, than don’t listen to the podcast, because none of that actually happened.  Kevin (Vader) does believe sincerely that Disney Hollywood Studios is currently broken.  There is hope with all of the changes and additions coming between 2018-2020.  John (Mufasa) thinks that while Vader has some good points, that he’s being too nit-picky and granular with his argument, and that there’s plenty to love about this theme park in Orlando, Florida at Walt Disney World.  Check out the timeline below to be able to skip to your favorite parts in the podcast.  Click that play button at the top of this article to listen to our points, witticisms, and stock tips guaranteed to make you millions!!! ***


***You will not make millions listening to our podcast…


Disney Podcast Timeline

0:23  This podcast is dedicated to the Golden Age of Hollywood

1:00  We’re starting a new series called John is right, and Kevin isn’t!  This is the start of John trying to convince Kevin that Disney Hollywood Studios is not a broken park

3:08  Disney Hollywood Studios is broken up into 7 areas and we’ll tell you a little bit about some of them, as Kevin continues to try and make his case for why the park isn’t working in it’s current state

5:05  When you got from one area of Disney Hollywood Studios to the next, there’s no obvious transition like there is in other parks, like Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom.  Does this matter?

6:42  We give an example of an attraction that was originally in Hollywood Studios, and was replaced with something popular, but didn’t make sense thematically in that part of the theme park.

8:20  Mufasa jumps into the argument with how the replaced attraction actually does fit, and Vader is focusing too narrowly, ruining his own experience.

10:33 Where will Disney move the Star Wars experiences once Galaxy’s Edge opens?

Is Disney Hollywood Studios Worth an Entire Day

11:25 The debate continues.  Kevin doesn’t think that DHS is worth an entire day of his time.

12:31 Mufasa lists his personal favorite attractions in Hollywood Studios, and states that these alone justify an entire day in the park.

13:32 Do you want to know what ride each host thinks is the best in DHS?  You’ll have to tune into this part of the podcast to find out

14:34 Mother Nature ruined what should have been a spectacular viewing of Fantasmic, and we reminisce

15:10 Mufasa kicked Kevin’s ass at Toy Story Mania, and rubs his nose in it…just a little

Are there Food Options at Disney Hollywood Studios Worth Your Visit

16:22 We can’t wait to try the Baseline Tap House restaurant that just opened in late 2017.  Craft Beers, and Flights of Beer, and more beer, and more words with beer…sounds good to Mufasa!

17:08 The Sci-Fi Drive-In Theater can be a little divisive on people’s meals, but you simply can’t beat the theming.  That alone makes this worth your time.

18:12 Was it Enough?  Is Kevin convinced that DHS is worth an entire day?  We didn’t even elaborate on the Brown Derby, or the 50’s Prime Time Café!

19:52  Vader tries to argue futilely against Mufasa, who is clearly right, and rebuts all of his points as completely rubbish.

21:50  How much would your teens and tweens enjoy Disney Hollywood Studios?

25:33  You won’t believe Vader’s final argument against DHS.  Seriously, if he were reaching more in this argument, I’d have to nickname him Inspector Gadget


28:45  Vader is now the one with the win streak that needs to be broken by Mufasa.  Test your knowledge about the Sorcerer’s hat that is no longer in Hollywood Studios.  

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Disney + Waterparks = Blizzard Beach Fun Sat, 23 Jun 2018 15:00:01 +0000 John Vanda & Kevin Gillooly Disney,summer,theme parks,water parks,waterpark,waterslides Blizzard-beach-summit-plummet
Summit Plummet looks pretty epic!                     Photo courtesy of TravelingDad Tim Jones

It’s almost summer!  Well…it’s almost summer when this article was first published, and in Florida, it’s a bit summery all year long, so let’s not quibble over small details.  What does this podcast have to offer you?  Thrilling stories of near-death experiences by not one, but BOTH podcast hosts.  And, it was the same would-be murderous Blizzard Beach waterslide for each host.  The story is a harrowing tale of wedgies, bruised egos, and recovery time spent in Cross Country Creek.  It’s a Disney tale as old as time, and it’s time to get on with this blog post, so click that play button at the top, or use the timeline below to browse for specifically what you need.  Just know, that when you don’t listen to the entire podcast, 1 less pet is adopted from an SPCA near you.

Disney Podcast Timeline

0:22 This podcast is dedicated to Life Insurance.  It’s important to have your life insurance policy in check before you head to Disney’s Blizzard Beach.

1:39  Kevin gives a break-down on Blizzard Beach and it’s history

3:22 The lazy river at Blizzard Beach in Orlando, Florida goes around the entire 64 acre park, and has some great features, including a well loved one by Kevin’s daughter, which we talk about here.

Blizzard Beach Waterslides

5:10 Slush Gusher tried to kill Vader and Mufasa on separate visits.  The story is worth listening too.  Mufasa still has a dent in his rear end from landing on the slide.

7:37 Summit Plummet was a much more fun experience for John.  Kevin avoided this ride like the plague, but his wife did ride it, and really enjoyed it.  John shares his story, and something he enjoyed even more than the drop itself.

10:55 There’s an order to things at a waterpark that we think makes for a much more enjoyable day for everyone.

11:52 Blizzard Beach has the world’s longest family white water rafting waterslide?!  

13:22 Do you have a competitive streak and enjoy water parks?  Blizzard Beach has exactly what you need.  Listen here to find out about the slide that may fulfill all of your competitive water-sliding dreams.

See if you can find this cutout of Blizzard Beach’s mascot, Ice Gator!               Photo Courtesy of TravelingDad Tim Jones

Blizzard Beach Food Finds

14:55 We’ve never thought about wanting a Turkey Leg while at a waterpark, but if we ever got that itch, Blizzard Beach is ready to scratch that itch by serving them up at Avalunch.

16:08 There’s an Orange Dole Whip, and it sounds like heaven.  Kevin needs to compare it to a Chick-Fil-A offering that sounds similar

17:27 Have you heard about the mini donuts?  These legendary treats can only be gotten at one location in Blizzard Beach, and they come with dippin’ sauces!

18:00  There’s a speciality hot dog stand in the park at Avalunch, and they serve a pretzel cheese dog….pretzel bun + hot dog + cheese = YES PLEASE

18:45  The last food find, but certainly not the least, is called the Sand Pail.  It comes with a forklift operator to take you away when you’re finished eating it.  

Blizzard Beach Wave Pool

19:53 It’s not a waterpark without a wave pool.  Endless hours of fun can be had here. 

20:30 The nearby miniature golf course is definitely worth a visit if you enjoy that sort of thing.  Called Disney’s Winter Summerland.  36 holes of mini golf fun awaits!

21:34 Mufasa’s kids, 12 and 11, give their personal wish lists for this park, on what they can’t wait to enjoy.

22:55 Are you concerned about going to Blizzard Beach in the winter?  You shouldn’t be, because the water is heated!  


This multi-part stump the host focuses on Disney’s FIRST EVER water park.  Three opportunities for Mufasa to crush Vader’s hopes and dreams.


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Disney Value Resorts Podcast Fri, 01 Jun 2018 09:40:32 +0000 John Vanda & Kevin Gillooly Disney,Disney Resorts,hotels,theme park,Value art-of-animation-crush
Tim was like “Whoaaa”                               Photo Courtesy of Traveling Dad Tim Jones

We like saving money.  You like saving money.  We like Walt Disney World.  You like Walt Disney World (why would you be reading this otherwise…?).  Now that we’ve got that out of the way, you’ve got all the reasons you need to click that play button at the top of this post, and learn all about Walt Disney World‘s value resorts.  How much value did they lose when Disney started letting non-Disney-resorts in Lake Buena Vista get extra magic hours?  We discuss this, and much more, in 31 riveting minutes of Disney podcast fun.  Use the timeline below to skip to your favorite parts, or just listen in entirety, which makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Disney Podcast Timeline

0:22 This podcast is dedicated to take-out food.  Why?  Your guess is as good as ours, but if you listen by clicking the play button at the top of this post, you’ll find out.

1:07 We’re focusing on Value Resorts at Walt Disney World in this podcast

2:40 There’s a magical dollar amount where you go from Value Resorts at Disney World to Moderate Resorts.  This helps you budget, and when you budget properly, you save money!  If you don’t want to save money, then don’t tune in here, and just book a Deluxe Resort over at Animal Kingdom Lodge.  We’re both Disney Vacation Club owners there and can give you all the details if you send us a tweet (twitter link at the bottom of this post).

3:36 When deciding how nice of a resort you’d like to stay at, it’s important to think about how many full days in the theme park you plan to spend, compared to how many nights you’ll be in your hotel.  Kevin has a great explanation of why this is so important for your Disney theme park visits, and how it can save you some hard earned cash.

5:39 Our listeners gave us some great feedback on what value resorts they’ve stayed at, including an endorsement of the family suites at one of the resorts.  Does Disney do a great job with handling food allergies, even at their value resorts?  You’ll also hear some personal stories about listeners food court experiences.

7:07  What the heck is a murphy bed, and why is Disney installing them in seemingly every refurbished standard room at their value resort hotels?

9:46 Why stay at a value resort at all, when compared to staying off-property in nearby OrlandoFlorida?

Disney Value Resort Perks

10:39 Kevin breaks down the perks that you get for staying at a Walt Disney World resort, including extra magic hours, fastpass plus, and early dining reservations.

13:28 One of the biggest time savers, which leads to more time in the theme park, is revealed here.  You might not realize just how important this is.  Click the play button at the top of the post!

15:46 Free MagicBands for staying at a Disney Resort!  Vader and Mufasa argue over how much they cost.  Turns out at the 16:19 mark of the podcast, that John’s guess is only off by 4 cents.  Suck it Kevin.  They’re $12.99 on

18:23 Some of the perks we listed for staying at a Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida, are being offered to non-Disney resorts.  This devalues staying on property to be sure.  We discuss just how much this matters, and why you may consider staying off property at one of the 8 hotels currently being offered these benefits.

Ranking the 5 Disney Value Resorts

21:10 If you’re listening at this point in the podcast, you’ve decided that you want to stay at a value resort.  We break down your options, and which ones we think take the mickey shaped cake.

21:22 Disney’s Pop Century resort has gotten some great reviews from our listeners.  For what you pay, there’s tremendous value at this resort with excellent theming, with buildings focusing on an entire decade, from the 50s to the 90s.  We give way more detail if you tune in to the podcast by clicking the play button.

Photo courtesy of Traveling Dad Richard Christensen

22:49 Disney’s All Star Movies Resort used movie theming in their design choices.  Specifically, 101 Dalmatians, Toy Story, Fantasia, The Mighty Ducks, and Herbie the Love Bug inspire the landscape.

24:40 Is the Art of Animation Resort reallllllly still a value resort?  It skirts that line by having one room type that does come in under $200 a night, which is the value breakpoint we mentioned earlier in the podcast.  It is definitely worth it, but it’s a little tough to call it a value resort.

Photo Courtesy of Traveling Mom Nasreen Stump


26:39 Two of the three All-Star resorts, the All Star Sports Resort and All Star Music Resort, seem like fine hotels, but they severely lack in theming and we’d give them a pass unless we really wanted those perks, and there weren’t many options left.


with bonus coverage of the Disney World campsites, which classify as value resorts.



Want another opinion on Disney’s Value Resort offerings?  Check out Tim Jones’ review


Who doesn’t want to save money on vacations?!  Check out Rich’s tips on how to do just that!


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Top 5 Disney Bucket List Experiences Podcast Thu, 17 May 2018 14:44:59 +0000 John Vanda & Kevin Gillooly bucket list,Disney,disney experiences,podcast disney-bucket-list

If you’ve made it to this page, that means you’ve thought about Disney, and possibly kicking the bucket one day.  How these two tie together is why we made this podcast.  Life is finite, and from our podcast hosts point of view, that means that we need to maximize our Disney, while minimizing our cholesterol, so that we can have more Disney.  That brought us to today’s topic choice:  What is on each of our lists for Disney Bucket List items.  Each host was challenged to only select 5 experiences they haven’t individually done yet.  As a special treat, we even brought on an extra Disney fanatic to share his Disney Bucket List items as well.

00:22 This podcast is dedicated to Wall Street…

1:00 We’ve got our first guest on the show ever!  We welcome Traveling Dad Joe Cheung to the show, who brings with him top-notch dad knowledge, and massive Disney knowledge.

4:44  Mufasa kicks off the list with EPCOT Dive Quest’s adventure.  Tune in here to find out more about this adventure, and what you need to know before you sign up.

6:30 Joe’s confidence is SHATTERED by John’s first choice, and he shares a great story about his daughter actually having met a Dive Quest SCUBA diver at EPCOT.

7:40 It’s time for Joe’s first choice, and it actually lines up with an experience that Vader has already done!  Victoria and Albert’s might be on many of your bucket lists too.  Listen to hear Joe’s reasons for this excellent first choice.

10:57 Vader contributes his first choice, which is stays on the restaurant theme started by Joe.   This special event, Celebration at the Top, held at the California Grill, combines an extraordinary meal, and incomparable views of the nighttime fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom.  What a choice!

15:35 Mufasa opens the floodgates with an obvious choice.  It was so obvious in fact that it was also on Kev and Joe’s lists.  If you’re a Disney fanatic, you must visit every park in the world, at least once.  All three are missing Hong Kong and Shanghai, and Joe and Kevin are both missing Tokyo.  Joe’s choice actually combines his Points and Miles knowledge, and he’d like to do all the parks in a special way.  You’ve got to listen to the podcast to find out more!  Click that play button at the top of the post

18:57 You might not know this about Vader, but he’s quite a golf fan, but has never golfed at Walt Disney World (or any other Disney theme park for that matter).  He’s too busy being a great dad to ever fit it in, but it’s worth a listen if you want to hear how he’d like to fulfill this great bucket list item.

22:45 Joe has calculated how many miles you’d need to fly to every Disney park.  

24:00 Our guest is a bit of a Star Wars fan!  His third choice is excellent, and not even built yet!  Talk about a bucket list item.  Galaxy’s Edge and their hotel sound too tempting to pass up.

27:28 Who wouldn’t want their own Keys to the Kingdom?  Walt Disney World has a behind the scenes tour that Mufasa couldn’t pass up putting on his list.  


29:39 Inspired by Mufasa’s choice, Kevin switches the order of his next Disney bucket list item and tells us about his dream tour.  It only requires him becoming filthy rich.  Eazzzzzzy  Peeeeeeeazy.  In fact, he stole one of Mufasa’s choices!!!

32:08 Do you know how to spot the VIP castmember tour guides?  It’s worth knowing if you enjoy celebrity sightings.  Would you believe that Vader saw one of these A-list celebrities at his recent visit to Walt Disney World?  Listen to the podcast to find out who it is, and if he asked for an autograph.

36:45 Joe’s penultimate experience will get your heart racing.  He’s never made it to a runDisney event for a very specific reason.  Will he ever break his rule, and make this bucket list item happen?!?  What’s the rule?  Tune in here to find out what’s holding him back.

40:00 This experience surprised Mufasa a little bit.  Vader’s final Disney bucket-list choice is to stay in a park facing room at the picturesque DIsneyland Paris hotel.

The Disneyland Paris hotel is classically beautiful. It easily made Vader’s Top 5 Bucket List Disney Experiences

44:26 Mufasa’s final Disney bucket-list choice is an Adventure’s by Disney experience.  The location choices across the world are breath taking, but there’s a special one that Mufasa and his wife have always wanted to go.  Tune in here to find out where, but be warned:  You might find yourself wanting break the bank for this location too!

46:32 Joe’s final Disney bucket-list choice is very sentimental, and puts Vader and Mufasa to emotional shame.  Falling in love with Disney is easy, and seeing your kids fall in love with Disney is wonderful.  Joe wants to take all of this a step further.  Bring your tissues and listen to the podcast to reevaluate your bucket list choices.


Now that you’ve learned about our Disney Bucket List items, see what Disney savant Tim Jones has to say about the best time to visit Disney 

Don’t go to Disney without the knowledge of what time’s of year are the least crowded.  Check out this article by our guest on today’s podcast, Joe Cheung

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Disney Podcast – Top 9 Favorite Restaurant Experiences at Disney Theme Parks Mon, 30 Apr 2018 18:30:58 +0000 John Vanda & Kevin Gillooly dining,Disney,podcast,restaurants
The Scallop Forest at Raglan Road was one of the food highlights of Mufasa’s Pandora trip

In this week’s episode, we’re each retelling our top 5 favorite Disney theme park restaurant experiences.  Hear stories like you’ve never heard before, such as a chicken breast theft at Animal Kingdom, and how Disney managed to turn seafood into a forest.  If that makes no sense to you, then click the play button at the top of this post to listen to the best Disney podcast that we’ve produced since our last Disney podcast!  Alternatively, you can use the timeline below and skip to your favorite parts.  If you do skip parts of the podcast though, Pinocchio turns back into a wooden puppet.  Could you really live with yourself knowing that happened?

Disney Podcast Timeline

0:22s It finally happened!  Vader cheated on Mufasa with other podcasters.  Is Enchanted Tiki Talk trying to steal Vader?!

2:25 We’re talking about food, restaurants, favorite meals, and favorite restaurants.  Walt Disney World gets quite a few nods, and Disneyland Paris actually gets two restaurant selections!

4:32 Signature Dining at Walt Disney theme parks will definitely cut into your budget.  Many of Kevin’s restaurant selections are fine dining and we talk a little about this.

Flame Tree BBQ at Animal Kingdom

6:00 Mufasa shares his first memory from Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World, where I warn you to guard your food, because a bird just might swoop in and steal if right off your plate.  You’ve got to listen to this hilarious story from Mufasa, which may or may not make you visit this great restaurant.

Morimoto Asia in Disney Springs

9:30 Vader’s first pick is tough to top.  The Iron Chef staple Morimoto’s restaurant at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World does not disappoint.  If the edamame and california roll starters impress you, then you know they’re doing something right.  Even Vader’s kids gushed about this restaurant.  Tune in to this section to hear about the mouth watering entrees.  Be prepared to open your wallet for this restaurant though.

Raglan Road at Disney Springs

15:50 Mufasa sticks with the Disney Springs trend and chooses his Irish favorite.  When you combine fantastic theming with a Scallop Forest, you know you’re in for a treat.  Top it all off with live bands, and authentic Irish touches, and you’ll leave with a booking for your next visit.  

Victoria & Alberts

18:30 Kevin gets into two of his signature dining selections, one of which is the BEST meal he’s ever eaten in his entire life.  Victoria and Alberts not only didn’t disappoint, it actually exceeded all of his expectations.  If you can fit this into your budget just once in your life, you will not be disappointed.  You’ve got to tune into the podcast to hear the adoration in Vader’s voice, as he retells briefly his outstanding experience at this Walt Disney World dining fixture.

Walt’s at Disneyland Paris

20:46 Second in castmember service only to Victoria and Alberts, this is a can’t miss restaurant at Disneyland Paris.  From the views and ambiance, to the snow that happened during his visit, listen here for Kevin’s retelling of his magical experience.  He describes it as an elegant “Disney Nerd’s Dream House”.  

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show at Disneyland Paris

22:55 Mufasa was pretty surprised how much he enjoyed the food at the Wild West Show.  The portion sizes were American, to say the least, and it was a welcome change.  John could not get enough of the ribs on the Texan Skillet.  The show was great, but the food was even better.

Believe it or not, the food was excellent and plentiful at this show. Listen to the podcast for the full rundown.

Rainforest Cafe at Disneyland Paris

26:42 We know, we know!  It’s a chain.  I DON’T CARE.  My kids loved this restaurant, and that’s really why it made the list.  The animal theming at the Disneyland Paris theme park was top notch.  The activity page that they give the kids gave really heightened their fun. Even though the food wasn’t memorable per se, it still makes Mufasa’s list because of how vividly he remembers his kids having a great experience

Sci-Fi Drive-In Theatre at Walt Disney World

28:15 This restaurant that Kevin experienced is very tough to top in terms of theming.  What’s great about this restaurant is that they are few and far between outside of Disney.  Drive-In theater’s are from a bygone era of movie watching, and it’s wonderful to see Disney do such an exquisite job in keeping it alive at their Orlando, Florida theme park.  You can hear the smile in Vader’s voice as he talks about his experience at this one of a kind Disney treat.

Palo on Disney Cruise Line

30:50 An entire article could be dedicated to this restaurant, and I’m sure the Internet is rife with just that.  That being said, it still deserves to be on BOTH Vader and Mufasa’s top 5 restaurant experiences.  Only Vader can find a way to tie in an experience with Cheesecake Factory, into a Disney dining experience.  Each time we’ve gone here, we’ve left happy about the extra charge for this restaurant on Disney Cruise Line

Vader and Mufasa and their wives Jen and Jessica enjoy Palo on every Disney Cruise


36:33 The streak is at two-in-a-row for Mufasa this week as he goes for an UNPRECEDENTED THREE in a row.  Mufasa even puts it in Vader’s wheelhouse and this restaurant themed question features EPCOT!  Tune in to see if the streak is extended, or broken!

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park: Hidden Secrets Wed, 11 Apr 2018 10:13:28 +0000 John Vanda & Kevin Gillooly dining,Disney,podcast,restaurants animal-kingdom-safari-lion
Are you too tired to find the Hidden Gems in Animal Kingdom? Lucky for you, we weren’t.

What do you do when your newest Disney Files magazine comes in the mail?  Grab your favorite Stitch mug, sit back, and enjoy the read, I’m sure.  Well, we here at Don’t Make Me Pull This Flying Elephant Over podcast studio and shawarma factory (patent pending) do things a little differently.  Where you saw a leisurely read, we envisioned a whole new podcast series.  A series-within-our-series if you will.  Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park in Walt Disney World offers many well known adventures, but there are so many details within and throughout the park that you may be missing.   There’s more than the famous Tree of Life in this Orlando, Florida Disney park.   Click that play button at the top, and let the enlightenment begin.  Everything you didn’t know that you wanted to know, but need to know, might be discussed during this slightly-over-30-minute podcast.  What are you waiting for?  Click play!

Disney Podcast Timeline

0:20 This podcast is dedicated to Emoji Blitz, and Mufasa catching up to Vader’s level.  

1:55 What was the impetus for starting with Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park for the hidden gem series?  How kind of you to ask.  Listen to the podcast and we’ll tell you all about it.

3:30 Disney sends their imagineers on research trips to exotic locations, just to make sure they can make their parks as authentic as possible

4:35 Vader mentions head-imagineer Joe Rohde, for the first time in this podcast.  We shall call him Vader’s Joe-mance.  Keep reading to see just how often Vader invokes his name

Discovery Island and Africa in Animal Kingdom

6:00 Tiffin’s, a signature dining restaurant in Disney’s Animal Kingdom has some beautiful animal carvings.  What’s the hidden gem?  It has to do with the specific animals chosen, and how they relate to the restaurant’s name.

8:32 Animal Kingdom’s Discovery Island has some unique features, including wagon wheel hubs used in various decorative ways.  These were chosen specifically and purposefully.  Tune in to find out why and what they have to do with the animals.

10:55 The landscape throughout Animal Kingdom’s Africa section changes to match over 500 miles of actual African territory.  From Harambe to Kilimanjaro Safaris, we’ve got you covered.  How do these details matter to your experience in the park?  Listen up and give us some feedback.  

12:08 Mufasa goes into details on exactly why he feels that Disney’s immense attention to detail is what separates them from all the other theme parks.

There’s a Hidden Gem in this photo. Can you spot it? Email us if you found it and we’ll give you a shout-out on Twitter!

Disney’s Pandora in Animal Kingdom

13:44 Pandora, Disney’s newest section within Animal Kingdom, exemplifies their attention to detail.   We look beyond the Na’vi River Journey and the Avatar Flight of Passage adventure to reveal what you’ve been missing.

15:15 Vader mentions his Joe-mance, head-imagineer Joe Rohde.  This is time number 2…

16:41 The Truman Show, a Jim Carrey film, is compared to Disney’s concept of immersion.  The 

19:15 Vader mentions his Joe-mance….That’s THREE!

19:46 Even the manhole covers in Disney’s Pandora are disguised to keep you invested in the story of the park.

21:40 Vader mentions his Joe-mance…That’s FOUR!

21:41 There’s a great story in the podcast here where Joe Rohde talks about the design decision to remove weld-marks from an amp suit inside Pandora.  It ties into his childhood memories of bore-guns on Waikiki beach, and how they were welded so that they could never be used for violence again.  

23:45 Do you care that Disney’s imagineers chose to remove weld-marks from an amp suit?  You should, and I’ll tell you exactly why at this part of the podcast.

This beer is a Hidden Gem that Mufasa enjoyed during this last visit to Animal Kingdom

Asia in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

25:12 Serka Zong is the name for the town at the base of Expedition Everest, an amazing roller coaster.  We delve into the meaning of this town name, and why it’s important.

27:25 There ARE TIMES, that we do feel that Disney miiiiiiiight spend a little too much time paying attention to details…Like the shape of a shrine in the Asia section of the theme park.  

29:21 There’s a Yeti in the bathroom.  Well, not really, but you might be made to believe this based on some recordings that Disney plays over the audio near one of the restrooms in Asia.

30:25 Disney’s attention to the story, while you wait in the ride queues, is well known.  Kevin gives you a little more detail on Expedition Everest’s roller coaster queue, and it’s interesting story.


35:02  Mufasa tries to make it TWO IN A ROW!!!!  Can he stump Vader?!?!  You have to tune in to find out…


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Traveling Dad loves Animal Kingdom.  Check out all of our Animal Kingdom stories.

Vader and Mufasa were at the Grand Opening of Pandora.  Yes, there’s a podcast about it 🙂

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Disney Pin Trading – Podcast Tips From the Pros Wed, 21 Mar 2018 16:29:02 +0000 John Vanda & Kevin Gillooly Disney,pin traders,pin trading,tips disney-pins-featured-image

So you want to be a pin trader huh?  Bold move.  It’s a dangerous world out there, with pin backs ready to prick your finger when excitedly placing the 5th and final pin that you’ve waited years to find, onto your favorite lanyard!  BLOODY, is not a word associated with pin trading often, but to be the best at Disney Pin Trading, you’ve got to be willing to get your hands dirty.  What does any of this have to do with our podcast you might be asking?  Absolutely nothing, but at least I’ve got your attention.  The podcast timeline is below, so that you can skip to your favorite parts, before you leave us a well-deserved review on iTunes or Google Play 😉  Of course, we’d love you to listen to the entire Disney podcast, so that you don’t miss great one-liners, conversationally appropriate Top Gun quotes, and various other shenanigans.


Disney Pin Trading Podcast Timeline

0:28 This podcast is dedicated to the year 2039.  If you don’t know why that date is significant to Disney, then you should listen to find out more!

02:16 OK, It’s time to talk about our topic, Disney Pin Trading.

03:50 Kevin gets into the meat and potatoes of his collecting problems, and how Disney Pins fit right in.

04:50 Why do each of us trade for the pins that we do? The answer involves a personal story, as always.

Pin Trading Etiquette

06:39 There are RULES?!  Yes, there are definitely some rules to Disney Pin Trading.  We discuss everything you need to know to get started, and where to trade, like at:

  • Disney Vacation Club locations, like Aulani, Hilton Head, and Vero Beach
  • Disney Parks (Walt Disney World, Disneyland, etc…)
  • Disney Cruise Line

8:20 If you’re just getting started with your pin collection, tune in to hear the best money saving tip we’ve got to offer.  Hint:  It may have something to do with ebay…

9:56 There’s a limit to how many pins you can trade with each castmember, per day.

11:30 Vader gets into the nitty gritty of why he trades for only specific pins, and Mufasa explains to him why he’s wrong.

Just some of Vader’s Disney Pins he’s acquired over the years

12:40 His military service had quite an impact on his pin trading rules.  Tune in here to find out why, and bring a tissue, because it’s a touching story.

15:00 How on earth did we find a way to starting talking about football….?

15:50 Mufasa gives you the lowdown on his pin trading philosophy, and how it frequently ties in his childhood memories, and how trading pins with other people just like you, is truly gratifying.

Hidden Mickey Pins

Note the hidden mickey on Jack’s left sleeve. All Hidden Mickey pins have one of these on the front.

17:40 Mickey Mouse finds his way into everything, and hidden mickey pins are no different. We dig into everything you need to know, and why looking out for the mouse will give you more satisfaction than buying new pins from the disney store.  These special pins may not be limited edition, but pin collectors still clamor to find them, and you’ll never get them in a starter set.

18:45 Vader shares a story about how his favorite collections of pins aren’t obviously Disney.  Many Disney pins tell a story that’s like an “inside joke”.

21:00 There’s a certain roller coaster that Vader has never been on.  Can you guess what it is, and how it relates to pin trading?

23:00 Mufasa would prefer that Vader rides this coaster sooner than later, so that a defibrillator isn’t needed.

23:48 A green lanyard worn by a Disney castmember signifies something that you NEED to know about.  Tune in to find out why 🙂

25:30 We share an important tip to keeping your pins secure, and what special tool will ensure that your favorite pins stay on your lanyard, where they belong.



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Are Disney Theme Parks Still a Great Choice for Tweens and Teens? Fri, 09 Mar 2018 12:37:18 +0000 John Vanda & Kevin Gillooly Disney,podcast,teens,tweens The Disney podcast about teens and tweens that you didn't know you needed. Listen to two traveling dads highlight their kids personal Disney stories

Podcast Synopsis and Timeline

We woke up yesterday, it seems, and our four collective older kids were all tweens and teens.  Mild panic set in, followed by some hyper-ventilating.  We had so many questions that we were unprepared to answer about our kids at this age.  This podcast topic was going to have such a huge impact on their life (that may be hyperbole).  We here at the Don’t Make Me Pull This Flying Elephant Over podcast, ask only the toughest questions.  We started with the toughest of all:  Will our kids still like Disney parks, now that they’re older?  Followed closely by:  If my kids stop liking the Disney sweets that they did when they were young children, who will we mooch off of when we finish ours too quickly?  SERIOUS QUESTIONS PEOPLE!  Are thrill rides all they crave now?  Did Mufasa’s kids suddenly start liking the Tower of Terror, or are they still haunted by past experiences? Should you book a Disney World vacation if you’ve got older kids? Check out the timeline, and click that play button at the top of the post, or listen to us in your favorite podcast app.  The links are at the bottom for podcast apps.

0:25 This Podcast is dedicated to explosives…Why you might ask?  You’ve gotta listen to find out

1:47 Vader thanks too many people to list for his fantastic Social Media Moms Convention trip to Florida

2:47 The Social Media Mom’s Convention was anything BUT free.

4:20 Mufasa invents a new advertising slogan for WDW.  You’re welcome Disney

How our tweens and teens have changed at  Disney Parks

6:00 OK, we’ll finally get on topic!  Stop YELLING AT US!

6:01 Mufasa shares a story about his 11 year old’s most recent Disney family vacation, the Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain roller coasters, and how it compared to roller coasters in years before

8:47 Vader shares a similar story about his youngest daughter, because he likes to copy Mufasa

10:35 WDW’s Flight of Passage at Disney’s Animal Kingdom provided a great experience for Vader’s youngest daughter

Disney Castmember Saves the Day!

13:09 A castmember whispers to Vader’s panicking young daughter at Walt Disney World, and Disney Magic happens.  No, she didn’t give her an unlimited fastpass (if only!).  You need to listen to this part of the podcast, unless you’re heartless…

The Disney podcast about teens and tweens that you didn't know you needed. Listen to two traveling dads highlight their kids personal Disney stories
Katie enjoyed the Pandora rookery after the Disney castmember saved the day

15:04 Castmember compliments can provide both you, and the castmember, a wonderful memory.  The lengths that Disney went to in this story will impress even the most skeptical of you

Teens and Tweens on Disney Cruise Line

18:33 Vader’s Social Media Mom’s Convention left Orlando, and continued on the Disney Dream.  Did his tween and teen daughters enjoy it as much, now that they’re older?

19:25 Which Disney Cruise Line club did Vader’s daughter go with?  The tween club Edge was expected, but thanks to a waiver, Vader’s 13 year old chose the teen club Vibe instead.  Good decision?

21:44  RULE NUMBER ONE:  If you set a time to meet your parents, MEET YOUR PARENTS.  Don’t make us come to get you! We don’t know if you’re overboard!

23:00 Vader was not pleased to walk halfway across Disney’s largest cruise ship (at present) to make sure his daughter was alive.  But, it’s because she was having such a good time, so there’s that…

27:00 You’re never too old for Mickey Mouse ears

Are tweens too old for Disney Magic?

27:45 Mufasa asks his daughter point-blank, are you getting too old for Disney?  The answer might surprise you

29:50 Disney Park burnout is a real thing, and teens and tweens are not immune

The Disney podcast about teens and tweens that you didn't know you needed. Listen to two traveling dads highlight their kids personal Disney stories
No, our teens and tweens are not too-old for character photos!


30:50 Mufasa tries yet again, to stump Vader.  Shortly after he tries…he wonders why he bothers trying

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Disney in 2018: What’s New?!?! Fri, 23 Feb 2018 16:15:21 +0000 John Vanda & Kevin Gillooly Disney,podcast,teens,tweens
There’s so much to talk about in 2018 at Disney Parks!

What to Expect out of this Podcast

Excuse me while we pick up the brain matter from our heads exploding.  We’ve just finished this podcast, which you should listen to right now, and it’s all about Disney events in 2018.  We’d say there are too many to list, but that’s a lie.  We could list them all, but if we did that, you might not listen to the PODCAST.  Check out the timeline so that you can skip to the pertinent parts.  Remember though, every time you skip part of our podcast, another planet falls under Emperor Zurg’s control.

Podcast Timeline

00:25 This podcast is dedicated to narcotics…tune in to find out why

02:38 Toy Story Land opens this summer, and it’s a really BIG deal

04:02 Kevin is attending the Social Media Mom’s Celebration at Walt Disney World

06:44 What rides are coming to Toy Story Land, and is it different in Walt Disney World than in Shanghai Disney?

Vader snapped this shot while attending the Social Media Moms Convention in 2018

08:33 Shanghai Disney’s Toy Story Land gets three attractions

10:04 Tokyo Disney is celebrating their 35th Anniversary this year!

12:00 Disneyland is getting some Incredibles new attractions.

13:00 Shed a tear for Paradise Pier at Disney California Adventure

14:45 Pixar Fest kicks off their inauguration this summer at Disneyland

15:38 This is the one Announcement you don’t want to miss

16:10 Animal Kingdom is celebrating their 20th Anniversary

17:50 Hong Kong Disney is getting some Moana love in 2018


2018 gives you many new oustanding food choices at Disney Springs.  We breakdown almost all of the ones we know about, since we can’t breakdown ones we don’t know about….obviously

19:35 There’s an all new complex in Disney Springs with some steampunk vibes, live entertainment, and much more.  Welcome, to The Edison

20:35 Terralina Crafted Italian takes the place of Portabello Country Italian.  Same Head Chef, who won an award for having the best beard

21:50 Wine Bar George, not themed after George of the Jungle, opens Spring 2018

23:20 Maria & Enzos, giving you 75th Italian dining choice at Disney Springs

25:00 Mufasa shares some doubts about the design of Maria & Enzo’s

26:42 Two last restaurants round out The Edison, including a prohibition era bar, which looks stunning.  Flappers encouraged

28:10 The Jaleo chain of restaurants by José Andrés joins Disney Springs in 2018.  Should you go?

29:46 Disney Springs features more celebrity chefs than you can shake a stick at


31:20  We’re testing Vader’s Pixar knowledge in this stump the host.  SPOILER:  He needs WAY too many hints.


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Should you run to a runDisney event? Wed, 31 Jan 2018 14:12:27 +0000 John Vanda & Kevin Gillooly Disney,podcast,teens,tweens Vader & Mufasa discuss runDisney, all of their events, challenges, and surprises on their runs in this podcast episode. We'll tell you why it's worth it!
Vader gets a special greeting from Captain Jack Sparrow

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I think I’ll go for a run where I’ll encounter costumed people with enormous heads?”  Us too!  That’s why Vader registered for a runDisney event at Walt Disney World in 2009, and also why Mufasa and family registered for a family 5K in 2017.  We’ll tell you all about it in this week’s episode of the Don’t Make Me Pull This Flying Elephant Over podcast.  Check out the timeline below if you want a sneak peek at what’s to come. Or,  just sit back and click the play button at the top of the page and listen to all 35 glorious minutes of two out of shape Disney nerds talking about running.

Podcast Timeline

00:23 Longest Podcast Dedication Ever?

01:40 Time to talk runDisney!  What is runDisney you may ask?  Have you been living in a cave!?!

02:49 If you want to find out all of the events at your disposal, then this is where to head in the podcast

03:30 Vader shares his almost-marathon experience from Walt Disney World back in 2009

04:04 This tip is really critical to you enjoying Disney before or after your runDisney event

09:00 It’s at this moment in the podcast where you discover the moment that Vader’s marathon ended (spoiler, it wasn’t at mile 26…)

09:16 Did we just tell you to wear a fanny pack during your run?  Yes, yes we did

11:24 If there’s one takeaway to Vader’s runDisney marathon, it’s…

12:30 Mufasa gives his impressions on his family’s runDisney event in Disneyland Paris

13:30 There are some very special character greetings during runDisney, and we share a few of our favorites

Vader & Mufasa discuss runDisney, all of their events, challenges, and surprises on their runs in this podcast episode. We'll tell you why it's worth it!
Mufasa and his family stopped during their run because who could pass up a picture with Quasimodo and Frollo?!

15:37 runDisney events take you to special parts of the park, frequently off-limits to guests, does this alone make it worth it?

19:00 Vader shares one of his favorite moments where some characters gave him a personal shout-out!

21:00 Mufasa BREAKS INTO SONG!  You gotta listen to find out why.

21:40 Challenges add an extra dimension of fun and challenge to any event.  Are they worth it?

24:45 If you find yourself in Disneyland Paris, which I’m sure happens often, there’s a special challenge that you can only complete part of while here

26:33 Mufasa is here to tell you all about the virtual half-marathon that runDisney has started, and why you should run…for the hills, and not for Disney

27:54 Sometimes, unplanned moments create the best memories.  Mufasa’s daughter showed him that while his wife was on her half-marathon

29:40 There’s a really big different when registering for a runDisney event at Walt Disney World compared to Disneyland Paris, and it’s a huge hit to your wallet



Stay in Touch with Vader & Mufasa

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Disneyland Paris and Europe with Kids Thu, 16 Nov 2017 23:48:27 +0000 John Vanda & Kevin Gillooly Disney,podcast,teens,tweens Traveling to Europe with kids is a big deal. Disney podcast hosts Vader and Mufasa talk about Disneyland Paris, and what you need to know in this episode.

1:13  So why are these posh podcast hosts talking about Disneyland Paris anyway?  Who has that kinda money!?

Spoiler Alert:  Both reasons for our separate trips had to do with the US Military….

3:59  Vader’s children had never been to another country besides Canada, which for an American, absolutely does not count as leaving the country.

What do you need to prepare for when traveling to Europe?

6:01  Mufasa talks about the stress, or lack thereof in his case, for traveling overseas, and how complacency can get you in trouble.  Don’t forget your….(tune in for the answer.  You won’t BELIEVE the response).

8:46   Foreign currency is the topic at hand.  We’re talking about what you need think about with your existing credit card.  Foreign transaction fees are a huge gotcha and can cause you a financial headache if you’re not prepared.

10:53  Vader gives his thoughts on the Disney rewards card that he uses, and how well it worked out for him at Disneyland Paris (Hint: Not well at all).

12:28  Shameless Visa plug, even though they’re not paying us.

14:09  Will being a Disney Vacation Club member help you on your trip to Disneyland Paris?

14:50  We’re talking about how your electronics will, or will not work when you get to Europe.  You need to be thinking ahead about a plug adapter, which just makes your plug type fit into the sockets in France.  You also need to keep in mind voltage.  We discuss all of this in detail in the podcast.

17:56  Are you ready to keep your kids entertained for your plane or train ride into Europe?   We might even mention an idea or two that you haven’t heard before.

20:13  We’re not really sure why Mufasa just mentioned food at the hospital….

Lodging Opinion at Disneyland Paris

20:39  There’s an adjective that both Kevin and I use to discuss the hotels we stayed at on property at Disneyland Paris.  It’s not a description you typically hear when talking about a luxury Disney property….

21:26  It never hurts to ask the hotel staff on check-in if an upgrade is available…It paid off for Mufasa!

22:12 Vader is discussing what he thought of the Newport Bay hotel they stayed at during their Disneyland Paris trip.

Traveling to Europe with kids is a big deal. Disney podcast hosts Vader and Mufasa talk about Disneyland Paris, and what you need to know in this episode.
The race participants are ready to go in front of the Newport Bay Hotel on the morning of the 5K

26:40 Mufasa gives you the low-down on the dining at the Hotel New York.

27:25 Why can’t Mufasa find prosciutto called prosciutto in England!

Fooooooood, Glorious Foooood

28:06 The secret to understanding the costs of Disney meals is EXPOSED.

29:15 What made Kevin and family want to eat at the nearby McDonalds instead of in the park?

30:00 A quick aside on how runDisney in Disneyland Paris forces early bookers to book a hotel and park tickets if they want a bib.

33:50 Mufasa’s family attended the Buffalo Bills Wild West show, and is discussing the show, and the cowboy-sized portions that are served to you.

34:22 Both Vader and Mufasa took their families to Chez Remy, and both LOVED the atmosphere, but had very different experience with their meals.

Traveling to Europe with kids is a big deal. Disney podcast hosts Vader and Mufasa talk about Disneyland Paris, and what you need to know in this episode.

38:00 Walt’s restaurant really blew Kevin away, and you neeeeeed to hear him recount his experience.

39:30 Vader got to experience snow at a Disney Park, and you should be as jealous as Mufasa is.


Attractions!  It’s Disneyland Paris after all, TALK ABOUT THE RIDES!

43:00 Every Disney castle in their parks is different.  What’s so special about the Disneyland Paris one?

45:38 Les mysteres du nautilus get discussed because Kevin is a U.S. Navy nerd.

47:16 Alice’s Labyrinth was a really pleasant surprise for both families, and you shouldn’t skip it.

Traveling to Europe with kids is a big deal. Disney podcast hosts Vader and Mufasa talk about Disneyland Paris, and what you need to know in this episode.

48:20 Three attractions changed during the 18 months between our visits.  Tune in to hear what’s changed, and if you should be excited.

54:15 Ratatouille was worth every minute of wait time, which for Mufasa’s family, was five minutes, because we all did single rider!

57:40 Is Disneyland Paris worth a standalone trip?  You’ve got to listen to hear the answer, and it may surprise you!

1:00:45   STUMP THE HOST


Stay in Touch with Vader & Mufasa

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Multi-Family Disney Vacation Planning Wed, 18 Oct 2017 13:50:56 +0000 John Vanda & Kevin Gillooly Disney,podcast,teens,tweens

Planning a Disneyland trip for two families

If you’re reading this post, you’re either thinking about going to Disney for the first time, or you can’t wait to go back and bring along your family and friends with you!  The more people we get to fall in love with Disney, the more reasons we’ve got to go back again and again!  In this podcast, we’re talking about family planning.  Not the kind of family planning discussed in middle school….the kind where you’re going to Disney, and so are your parents, or friends, but they live in another state, or country, or planet (admit it.  Los Angeles is like another planet…).  How do you plan lodging that works for everyone?  How will you overcome kids of different ages, who want to do different things?  All of this and more is covered by your favorite Disney podcast hosts whose names rhyme with Tader and Bluefasa!

Podcast Timeline

01:30  Kevin’s wife buys him an aloha shirt…but thinks that maybe she has a hidden agenda…

2:13 What special steps should you take when planning a Disney vacation for two families

4:30  Planning where to stay for both families is critical.  We talk about money, kids needs depending on their ages, and many other considerations you may not have considered

7:30   Expectation Setting is crucial!  Vader gives you some excellent advice on why you shouldn’t overlook this mantra.

10:01  Even if you have to stay at 3 hotels in three days, that doesn’t mean it’s not the best plan for everyone.  You’ve got to be smart with your resources.  We’re discussing ways to save money while arranging your hotels for your Disneyland visit

13:27  The topic meanders briefly to nearby L.A. and the Hollywood Walk of Fame

15:23  It’s time to talk about enjoying the parks with two families, with kids of varying ages, and all of the challenges that come along with that

18:35 Split-Up from time to time!  It’s OK, and Vader shares a great tip on how splitting up can save everyone time later for the Fantasmic show…

20:00  I know this sounds obvious, but when more than one family is involved in your Disney happiness equation, talk to each other a lot about what attractions you’d like to do the most.  Vader really wanted to ride Radiator Springs Racers since he missed it on his last visit, and gives his impressions.

24:20  Character lines can be a huge time-sink.  We’ve got some advice on how to avoid at least some of those lines by utilizing character dining.  Leslie Harvey also wrote a great post on this that you can check out here.

27:30  Characters in Disneyland throughout the park appear in much more spontaneous ways than in Walt Disney World.  We’ll be talking about what we prefer, and Vader shares some of his favorite moments, like seeing Belle and the Beast riding the carousel!

31:51  We said it before, and we’ll say it again.  If you’re at Disneyland with another family, don’t be afraid to split up!  Putting too much pressure on yourself, or the other family to be together constantly, doesn’t benefit anyone.


34:13   Will Mufasa break his losing streak?  He’s got a good one this week listeners!  It has to do with Big Thunder Mountain and Indiana Jones sharing something in common.


Stay in Touch with Vader & Mufasa

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What’s so unique about a Disney Magic Cruise? Wed, 09 Aug 2017 16:02:23 +0000 John Vanda & Kevin Gillooly Disney,podcast,teens,tweens The Disney Magic podcast fills you in on what's unique about this ship, that you can't experience anywhere else. From Carioca's to the Aquadunk and beyond!

Your intrepid podcast hosts have each taken a cruise on the Disney Magic, and we’re here to give you 50 minutes of podcast action.  You’ll need to click that play button at the top of the post to hear Kevin recreate the scream from the first time he experienced the Aquadunk, why the New York cruise he took was extra special, and how he doesn’t know how to pronounce the word inaugurated.  There’s more fun to be had when hearing how a variety act on the cruise reacted when a cross-dressing Snow White came into his show just a little late.  And of course, the fan favorite Stump The Host returns.  Give a listen and give us some feedback 🙂

Podcast Timeline Summary of Shenanigans…

0:22s This podcast is dedicated to spam e-mail….?  Why spam e-mail, tune in to find out!

3:12 We’re talking about the Disney Magic, and what’s unique on this Disney Cruise ship only

5:00 The Disney Magic has some itineraries that you can’t get on any other Disney ship.  What are they, and how much of your child’s college fund do you need to rob to be able to afford one?

6:30 Vader shares his experience in sailing from New York, his hometown, and how special it was to combine that with his love of Disney

8:22 Mufasa gives his take on the Baltic Cruise, and how completely different it was than New York.  Find out his take on four port-calls in a row, and whether it’s worth it.

The Disney Magic podcast fills you in on what's unique about this ship, that you can't experience anywhere else. From Carioca's to the Aquadunk and beyond!
The nature walk excursion in Helsinki offered some breathtaking views

11:30 Is the Disney Magic the right size ship for you?  Tune in to hear the pros and cons.

15:00 Vader and the family are headed on another Halloween Disney cruise!  He recaps his first one, and what spooky fun to expect if you head out for some Halloween excitement on the seven seas

16:50 Time to talk about food, glorious food!  If you want to know what food and restaurants you can only get on the Disney Magic, give us a listen!

17:17 Your rotational dining features Brazilian styling with Disney flair.  We’re talking about Carioca’s!

20:00 Shawarmas, on a Disney Cruise?!  Yes, one of both Vader and Mufasa’s favorite foods from the Middle East can only be found on the Disney Magic.  We’re talking toppings, sauces, what bread to make sure you ask for instead of taking the pita that they try to give you.

23:00 We’re still talking about the shawarmas.  Not kidding.

25:20 There’s some entertainment on the Disney Magic that you can only see on this ship.  Find out the highlights from our separate Disney Magic cruises.  The variety acts were great fun, and their improvisation was priceless.

27:30 Vader talks about the time where a Snow White crossdresser walks in late to one of the variety shows on his Disney Magic cruise.  The reaction from the act was tasteful, hilarious, and priceless.

30:25 Tangled, one of the featured shows on the Disney Magic, experienced some growing pains on both Vader’s cruise, and Mufasa’s!  Was it still worth it?

33:46 Don’t miss the Snuggly Duckling Takeover!  It’s on the same night as Tangled, and the Irish pub gets taken over by thugs from the show!

The Disney Magic podcast fills you in on what's unique about this ship, that you can't experience anywhere else. From Carioca's to the Aquadunk and beyond!
The thugs from Tangled have taken over O’Gills!

36:20 Keys, the piano bar on the Disney Magic, gives off an elegant vibe, where class is appreciated, and drinks cost more than anywhere else on the ship.  We’ll tell you why you should enjoy the space, but watch out for the high end liquors used in most drinks ordered there.

40:00 There are some excellent experiences for the kids (and Vader) on the Disney Magic, and you won’t want to miss them.  We’re talking about the Avengers Academy, becoming Ironman, and of course, the Aquadunk!

The Disney Magic podcast fills you in on what's unique about this ship, that you can't experience anywhere else. From Carioca's to the Aquadunk and beyond!
A photo with Spiderman was a must for Mufasa’s son

43:38 OK, This is where you need to tune in, because Vader goes full nerd, and talks about the time where he and his brother did the Star Trek Experience at Universal Studios back when they were much younger.

45:45 The Aquadunk.  Towering over the top of the Disney Magic ship, this cruise waterslide like no other is something you just can’t miss.  You have to hear Kevin recreating his scream from the first time he went on it.

49:41 Stump the Host!  This time, Mufasa will time Kevin because he’s so tired of losing, that he’ll make up any excuse for a win.

Stay in Touch with Vader & Mufasa

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Disney D23 Expo Recap! Minds = Blown Wed, 19 Jul 2017 11:57:44 +0000 John Vanda & Kevin Gillooly Disney,podcast,teens,tweens Star Wars AT-ATEpisode Summary

We’re sorry, but as hard as we tried, we could not keep this podcast under an hour.  There was just TOO MUCH NEWS!  The hype was well deserved, and many of the rumors from the past few months turned out to be true.  D23 Expo 2017 blew us away.  EPCOT is getting two new rides; Magic Kingdom is getting a new ride and a new theater; Toy Story Land got an opening date;  Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge got a flyover showing so many details;  D23, you sexy Expo, you did not disappoint!  Give us a listen, because we’re giving all the gouge and insights that you can’t get anywhere else (at least, not with as much snarkiness).

Podcast Timeline

01:40 Ride Farewells.  We say goodbye to a couple of attractions that are making room for some fresh Disney blood…

3:50  STAR WARS: Galaxy’s Edge HYPE!   Now with a trendy name, a flyover of the model, and an entire Hotel dedicated to Star Wars?!?

5:50  Did he just say that I get to pilot the Millennium Falcon? D23, you’re KILLIN ME!

6:40  What if I don’t want to be chased by a bounty hunter?

8:13 We’re discussing whether all of the other Star Wars attractions spread throughout Disney will be relocated to Galaxy’s Edge

9:36 Reverse STUMP THE HOST?!?  Vader tries to ambush Mufasa, and FAILS

12:30 Star Wars is getting its own hotel.  We heard a rumor about how much it will cost, and you’re not going to believe us.  Even we hope this rumor is wrong…

16:40 SKIP TO HERE IF YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT THE D23 STAR WARS ANNOUNCEMENTS (But seriously, don’t skip to here, you’ll miss so much wit, and saucy comebacks, and Reverse STUMP THE HOST!)

16:40 We’re talking about what’s replacing the closing Great Movie Ride.  Is this really the first time that Mickey has been featured in a ride?

21:20 Toy Story Land has an opening date!  We’re discussing the target audience for this park, and what we expect.

Toy Story Land Overview
Photo provided by Disney Parks Blog

24:04 D23 dropped some enormous news about EPCOT.  Tune in to find out more about Ratatouille coming to France, Guardians of the Galaxy replacing the closing of Ellen’s Energy Adventure, and groundbreaking digital camera technology that Disney is pioneering.

26:52 Ratatouille in EPCOT is more exciting than you might realize.  Vader tells you about his experience on the ride in Disneyland Paris that he rode.

29:05 We’ll tell you why you should care about Disney inventing new digital camera technology, and what it has to do with China in EPCOT

32:30 Mission Space Makeover: Reopening in August after a brief two month closure.  We’ll tell you whether we think this is worth a revisit or if we think this D23 announcement was a miss.

37:08 Magic Kingdom is getting TRON?!!  If you haven’t heard of TRON, or didn’t like the movies, we’ll explain why that doesn’t matter, and why you should be excited for this futuristic addition to Tomorrowland.

Disney Parks TRON Lightcycle Attraction Concept Art
Photo Provided by Disney Parks Blog

40:43 The Magic Kingdom is getting a new theater, inspired by Willis Theatre from 1920s Kansas City.  Where is this going to go, and why should you care?  We’ve got some theories…

45:30 We enter the speed round portion of the show, with many announcements, but not many details.

DVC Riviera Resort Concept Art

Skyliner Concept Art

Pixar Pier Concept Art






Corrections, Additions, Etc….

  • During the recording of the podcast, we didn’t know the date of the Star Wars Hotel.  It was announced the next day that it is expected to open in 2019!
  • Mufasa stated during the podcast that he didn’t see a date announced for the Tron ride.  We’ve found out that the Tron ride is planned to be opening in time for the 50th anniversary in 2021!
  • The name of the attraction that Kevin couldn’t remember, housed at the Town Square Theatre, is: The Walt Disney Story Featuring Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln
  • The Minnie Van service costs $20 per vehicle.
  • We keep forgetting to mention the Name That Tune answer, and we’re sorry.  Next podcast, we promise!

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Disney Springs – Top 5 Dad Approved Stops and Shops Sat, 08 Jul 2017 13:16:53 +0000 John Vanda & Kevin Gillooly Disney,podcast,teens,tweens Disney Springs Fountain

Summary of General Nonsense

Disney Springs, formerly Downtown Disney, and before that, formerly Disney Village Marketplace, and before that, was originally named Walt Disney World Village.  PHEW!  This place has more name changes than Prince, or John Cougar Mellencamp, or John Mellencamp, or John Cougar.  Who can keep track?!  What used to be a small gem (or tourist trap as Vader once called it) has turned into a major shopping and dining area befitting of Disney’s standards.  This podcast will feature the usual shenanigans, and 30 plus minutes of some of our favorite gems, that are really easy to miss when walking around this stunningly designed part of southeast Disney World.  Feel free to check out the timeline below for a sneak peek on our Disney Springs thoughts, or click that play button at the top of this post and enjoy 45 minutes of occasional wit, bold opinions, and a hint of liquorice.



Podcast Timeline

1:20 Changes to Disney Springs over the recent years

4:10 Raglan Road is worth the hype!

5:00 Come to Disney and get a cigar? Yes, you can do that at Disney Springs

6:25 The Polite Pig?  Glorious pork-filled restaurant, added WHAT?!? Yes sir, we will try your bourbon flights!

9:20 A View to a Thrill?  We briefly discuss Characters in Flight, the tethered hot air balloon, and how Mufasa tried to surprise his wife with a hot air balloon ride for their anniversary…You gotta listen to the podcast to see what happened!

12:35 CANDY, CANDY, CANDY.  Now that I got your attention, we’ll be talking about vegetables….Just kidding.  Vader gives his impressions of Disney’s Candy Cauldron

14:57 The Art of Shaving.  Mufasa explains why Disney Springs is a great place to get an old time shave.

18:25 Vader talks about his favorite shop, Twenty Eight & Main, “created especially for distinguished gentlemen who love Disney Parks”

25:13 Vader and Flamingos have more in common than you may think.  Listen to find out the story of one of Vader’s favorite Disney characters.

26:38  Cirque Du Soleil’s La Nouba show is leaving, and Mufasa gets a bit sentimental about it, and shares his story about this moving show.

29:13 Disney Photo Pass Studio.  A professional studio, inside Disney, with no sitting fee, and no reservations required?!?!  Yes, really.

35:05  Shopping overload at the WORLD’S LARGEST DISNEY STORE.  Almost anything you can imagine is in this store, possibly including JFK and Elvis.  It’s that large.

39:46  Only at Disney Springs would you want to get spit on by a Disney character

43:23  STUMP THE HOST!!!  Vader is on a losing streak.  Tune in to find out if he breaks the streak!

Post-Recording Notes, Errors, Omissions, etc…

  • I swore I said “abe froman” during the broadcast when we referenced Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in a quote, but I did not.  My apologies.
  • The Disney Photo Pass Service Studio can and does link to your My Disney Experience, and will qualify for unlimited digital downloads if you purchased Memory Maker.  So, get some family pictures done at a professional studio for no additional fee.  Go!  Now!  Why are you still reading this?

Outbound Links, Inspirations, and great reads and watches…

A Taste of Nostalgia at Disney Springs

You need to check out this bourbon flight list from The Polite Pig.  Disney Springs’ official website hasn’t update their menu to show the bourbon flights yet.  This is true as of July 8, 2017.  If you’re reading this after that point, all bets are off 😉
Polite Pig Bourbon Flights

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Disney’s EPCOT Park: More Than Just Great Rides Fri, 23 Jun 2017 13:40:06 +0000 John Vanda & Kevin Gillooly Disney,Epcot,food,Vacation EPCOT monorail over water

What are we rambling about this week?

You are in for a treat this week our faithful listeners.  You can find a truckload of content out there about EPCOT Center at Walt Disney World, but none quite like this.  Listen to the podcast this week to find out why Vader’s wife needed to find him special shampoo; why Mufasa needs to research better for his podcast preparation; what’s going on in the Disney parks current events; and most importantly, we’ll actually talk about EPCOT.

We’ll talk your ears off about EPCOT in fact, and we’re not even mentioning the rides!  What’s that you say?  This isn’t about the rides?  Correct.  Please don’t leave!  We promise, it’s worth your time 🙂  The rides at EPCOT will be an entire podcast on its own, but Vader’s favorite park in the world has so much more to offer!  You’ll find nuggets of information about hidden gems in the World Showcase, like Circlevision films, and what the Kidcot stations are, and how they’ll keep your kids entertained while you have another margarita.

If you’d like a sneak peek on some of the content, check out the timeline below.  Otherwise, dive right in and give it a listen by clicking that play button at the top of the article.  You won’t regret it.

EPCOT Podcast Timeline, Summary, and Shenanigans

0:00:27s  What do Mr. Clean and Vader have in common?

3:37 Current Events

3:40 We’re talking Cars 3, and hopefully less Tow Mater (less than Cars 2….please…)

5:30 In case you missed it, there’s a Guardians of the Galaxy ride at Disney California Adventure

6:24 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales / Salazar’s Revenge

7:55 A new photo moment was added to an old ride.  Is Memory Maker worth the $169/199?

10:50 Disneyland is finally phasing out paper fast passes.

11:00 Cheap Photo Pass moments at Disneyland?  Yes, it’s true!

11:42 Vader is heading to Disneyland in September, and Mufasa hates him

12:03 Fantasmic, Rivers of America, and Disneyland Railroad Classics are returning to Disneyland

15:19 D23 Expo is coming to Anaheim!  If you need a fix for your Disney Drug Addiction, this is for you

18:42 Mufasa says something ridiculous (Commercial Break)

19:05 Feature Segment!  We’re talking EPCOT

22:16 Vader gives a shout out to Aunt Cele for his love of museums….awwwwwwww

24:40 We give our Top 3 Non-Rides (only top 2 for Mufasa, because he can’t count)

37:19 John comes up with 3 mnemonics for remembering the World Showcase, 1 of which works, and the other two do not…

40:52 User Questions! Drinking at EPCOT; Activities for your kids at EPCOT; Unique dining experiences at EPCOT

51:40 NEW SEGMENT!!  It’s time for Name That Tune!

53:18 Stump the Host!  One of our listeners challenges Vader!?!  Who will come out on top with their Disney knowledge

55:42 Remembering the USS Fitzgerald Tragedy


Post-Recording Notes, Errors, Omissions, etc…

This section written entirely by Mufasa.  Vader absolves himself of any blame for anything written in this section…

Of the three mnemonics I came up with to remember EPCOT World Showcase countries, one still works!  The first one I did, I did not screw up, for the record.  I did still screw up the other 2 however, which puts my success rate at an embarrassingly low 33ish%  I’d say it won’t happen again, but…mistakes happen people!

Fellow TDAD Shawn McAskill wrote a great story that I used for some inspiration when researching this podcast.  Check it out for some inebriated insight on drinking at EPCOT.

I definitely stole some information from TDAD Raphael Ocampo‘s article on EPCOT with a pre-schooler.  It’s a great read!


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Disney’s Pandora – Flying, Gawking, Eating, Banshees, and more! Thu, 08 Jun 2017 11:42:39 +0000 John Vanda & Kevin Gillooly Animal Kingdom,Disney,Pandora: The World of Avatar Mufasa shoplifts, Vader needs to join AA, and one of the Disney castmembers in Pandora may have been on recreational drugs!  It’s time for another jam-packed podcast filled with all the details from our recent trip to Walt Disney World to experience the dedication of Pandora – The World of Avatar.  Or, as I like to call it, Pandora – Can You Tell Which Plants are the Fake Ones?  You’re getting a full hour this episode, at least 12 minutes of it containing useful information!  Lucky You!  Check out the timeline below for all of the highlights and enjoy the podcast!

Mufasa shoplifts, Vader needs to join AA, and one of the Disney castmembers in Pandora may have been on recreational drugs! Check out the podcast for more!


The Timeline You’ve Been Waiting For

2:30 Copper Creek Sneak Peek!! – What is a hardhat tour?

6:03 Mufasa signs over his third born child? Worth it!

9:30 Pandora –  The World of Avatar!

10:50 Does Mufasa have a shoplifting issue? Vader thinks so…

14:08 Shout Out to Danielle, Tom, Adrienne, and Jackie, our hosts

16:43 Pandora – The World of Avatar.  I promise, we’ll actually start talking about Pandora now…

18:45 Vader met imagineer Joe Rohde, and fanboyed out, but only a little

22:11 An intervention for Vader.  Does he need to join AA?  Aloha shirt fans want to know!

24:04 Back on Topic. Pandora – The World of Avatar! For real this time…

27:32 Vader adopts a banshee, and names it…?

30:25 Mufasa travels to another planet.  Pandora at Night blew him away

31:17 Merchandising at Pandora?  Who’d have thought?  Should you check out the shop?

34:41 Adopting a banshee.  Will you need your social security card or Passport to adopt?

37:28 Food and Beverage review time! Pongu Pongu and Satu’li Canteen provide unique food options.

40:57 Na’vi River Journey review.  Is this attraction worth the wait, or just a nice place to catch some air conditioning?

46:00 Flight of Passage:  Could this really be the best ride you’ve ever been on in your life?  REALLY!?!

48:31 Is Flight of Passage Safe for Kids?  It’s THAT immersive.

52:00 Can all adults “fit” on the Flight of Passage?  Nope, and that’s unfortunate

57:45 Is Flight of Passage actually worth the 4.5 hour wait?


1:04:01 Enjoy some insight into the mind of Vader.  How does Kevin’s brain work?!?  Even Mufasa doesn’t know.  Tim Jones, a fellow TDAD knows now! You don’t know the power of the darkside.

As promised in the show, for a more visual look at the food of Pandora, check out fellow TDAD Daym Drops review.  Bring a damp cloth, because you’ll want to lick your screen after watching this video.


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Disney Dining Dirt Tue, 16 May 2017 23:19:29 +0000 John Vanda & Kevin Gillooly Animal Kingdom,Disney,Pandora: The World of Avatar Disney Dining Dirt

We here at Don’t Make Me Pull This Flying Elephant Over, felt that, there wasn’t enough information out there on Disney Dining.  A Google Search reveals “About 4,400,000 results”.  Clearly, more data is needed.  Vader and Mufasa give you only the most important statistics that our paid interns could find (I pay my kids in caramels.  Don’t judge me!).  We’ll give you a couple of personal stories on truly unique dining experiences down at Walt Disney World, as well as another episode of Stump the Host, where Mufasa tries, yet again, to stump Vader.  HOW OBSCURE DO I NEED TO GET TO WIN?  Jump to the 31 minute mark in the program to find out!  The timeline below tells you everything you need, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on twitter on how we’re doing, and what features you’d love to hear about.  Thanks for listening!

  • 0:13s  This podcast is dedicated to…
  • 3:10 Current Events / Guardians of the Galaxy
  • 5:33 Disneyland Paris Dance-Off!
  • 6:18 Pandora Opens Soooooon!
  • 7:19 Time Travel….?
  • 7:44 Feature Segment! (Disney Dining)
  • 8:10 Vader’s take on the Disney Dining Plan (DDP)
  • 9:42 Mufasa Breaks Down the DDP Details
  • 12:35 How can I use signature dining without the Deluxe plan?
  • 14:02 Where are the most unique dining experiences?
  • 26:36 No, we’re not rich!
  • 29:06 Reservations!?!  You betcha!
  • 30:42 How does Disney handle Gluten-Free allergies?
  • 31:32 STUMP THE HOST!

During the podcast, Mufasa mentions a place to look at all of the WDW restaurants, and what type they are (Quick Service, Table Service, etc…).  Here’s the link, as promised:


  • In addition to playing at Traveling Dad, these podcasts are available at iTunes and Google Play. How magical is that?
  • Follow us on Twitter:
    The podcast: @vadermufasa
    Kevin: @KevinGillooly
    John: @vtvanda
  • Feel free to email the show with any comments and, especially, any Walt Disney World questions you’d like us to answer during future podcasts, at
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Disney Vacation Club Tue, 02 May 2017 19:15:28 +0000 John Vanda & Kevin Gillooly Disney travel Disney Vacation Club

Just how much do you love Disney?  You know that we love it. but do we love it enough to buy a timeshare?  Vader and Mufasa discuss the nitty gritty of the Disney Vacation Club, Disney’s timeshare offering.  We tell you important details, such as whether you’ll need to sell one of your kids to afford it, and, if you become a member, how much are the cult dues?  Check out the time summary below for highlights, or just listen to the entire thing, because honestly, we’re quite entertaining for at least 2 of the 37 minutes…


  • 2:27 Kevin talks Run Disney
  • 4:15 Current Events
  • 4:40ish Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales extended preview at Disneyland
  • 7:50 Fireworks!!!!  Disney is debuting the “Happily Ever After” fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom
  • 10:00 May the Fourth be with you!  Star Wars Day approaches!
  • 12:56 Night Vision Goggles? Dads, you need this!
  • 13:21 Feature Segment:  Disney Vacation Club, Disney’s take on a timeshare.
  • 14:42 I am NOT here to sell you a timeshare!
  • 16:56 Get a coffee or a red bull, because we’re talking financials!
  • 20:34 What’s the value in being a DVC member anyway?
  • 23:47 Member perks, besides the timeshare itself
  • 26:05 What if I don’t go to Disney for a few years in a row, is my money lost?
  • 31:10 If I’m not a huge Disney fan, is this for me?
  • 33:50 Stump the Host!


  • In addition to playing at Traveling Dad, these podcasts will be available (eventually) at iTunes and Google Play. How magical is that?
  • Follow us on Twitter:
    The podcast: @vadermufasa
    Kevin: @KevinGillooly
    John: @vtvanda
  • Feel free to email the show with any comments and, especially, any Walt Disney World questions you’d like us to answer during future podcasts, at
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Disney Cruise Lines Tue, 11 Apr 2017 21:44:10 +0000 John Vanda & Kevin Gillooly disney cruise

One Hour!  That’s right listeners.  John and Kevin won’t shut up in their longest podcast yet!  What on earth has these two so excited that you get double the podcast for the same price?  Disney Cruise Lines!  Honestly, neither of us expect you to listen to the entire hour, which is why, below this tidy little paragraph, you’ll find a timeline of our shenanigans.  Jump to the parts that sound interesting, or, listen to the entire podcast on your morning commute!  We look forward to hearing your thoughts, tweets, emails, instachats, snapgrams, and however else you want to chime in.  Thanks for listening!!

00:00:14s What the heck is Goofy?
2:38 Ninja Stump the Host
3:50 Current Events
4:50 Beauty and the Beast disappoints at the box office, and it’s all Kevin’s fault
5:40 John and Kevin discuss the Rivers of Light show, new to the Animal Kingdom
9:08 The Irish pub, Raglan Road, receives acclaim from Open Table
12:39 We finally start talking about the cruise ships
14:58 Kevin has already been on all four ships, and John hates him for it.
18:58 Did Disney bribe the Coast Guard?!?
23:00 Kevin reminds John that he got seasick, and ruined their dinner at the adults only restaurant Palo, and somehow, Disney manages to turn this into a plus, and saves the day
27:45 The best time to shop on a Disney Cruise ship, is during high seas
30:40 How dinner on a Disney Cruise ship with the kids exceeds all of your expectations
33:04 Your kids are chauffeured to the kids club after dinner, so you can continue to enjoy?  This can’t be true.
34:07 Gambling on a Disney Cruise?  Welcome to BiNGO!  Where John discovers, there’s no “H” in BINGO!  Somehow, Disney manages to make BINGO fun
36:46 Are Disney Cruises expensive?
38:51 Cruising multiple times on Disney, vs Royal Caribbean.  Who’s is better?
42:08 FOOD!  It’s what’s for dinner!  Is it really that good?
46:30 Not ALL the food is good…
46:55 Rides?  On a Cruise Ship?!?  Kevin gets the floor pulled out from under him on the Aqua Dunk, and screams bloody murder.
49:04 What if I love Disney, but don’t want the shows, and don’t care about the character greetings?  Is a Disney Cruise still for me?
53:30 Stump the Host!
55:50 Listener Questions!


  • In addition to playing at Traveling Dad, these podcasts will be available (eventually) at iTunes and Google Play. How magical is that?
  • Follow us on Twitter:
    The podcast: @vadermufasa
    Kevin: @KevinGillooly
    John: @vtvanda
  • Feel free to email the show with any comments and, especially, any Walt Disney World questions you’d like us to answer during future podcasts, at
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Disney California Adventure: Disney’s Great Redemption Sun, 26 Mar 2017 21:01:58 +0000 John Vanda & Kevin Gillooly california adventure,disneyland Disneyland MaxPass: California Adventure Mickeys Fun Wheel
Photo credit: Leslie Harvey / Frequent Flyer TravelingMom

Disney California Adventure: Disney’s Great Redemption

Come along on a 30 minute ride with Kevin and John, as they discuss the once maligned, but now superbly successful and delightful Disney California Adventure.  The park has quite the history, and much of it was not good.

  • Intro:  What ridiculous thing is this podcast dedicated to?
  • 2:02 Current Events
  • 2:40  What exactly is a topiary, and what does it have to do with Disney?
  • 9:42 Commercial (Bippity Boppity Second Mortgage)
  • 10:20 Feature segment:  Disney California Adventure
  • 13:40 Grand Californian benefits
  • 17:35 Is change always good?  Comparing Star Tours to Soarin’
  • 24:20 So long Tower of Terror in DCA, hello Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission Breakout!
  • 26:45 Will repeat attractions cause you to skip a different Disney park?
  • 31:05 Final Thoughts


  • In addition to playing at Traveling Dad, these podcasts will be available (eventually) at iTunes and Google Play. How magical is that?
  • Follow us on Twitter:
    The podcast: @vadermufasa
    Kevin: @KevinGillooly
    John: @vtvanda
  • Feel free to email the show with any comments and, especially, any Walt Disney World questions you’d like us to answer during future podcasts, at
  • Photo credit: Leslie Harvey / Frequent Flyer TravelingMom
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Magic Kingdom: Gimme a Break! Fri, 03 Mar 2017 19:55:33 +0000 John Vanda & Kevin Gillooly Walt Disney World Join John Vanda and Kevin Gillooly on their ongoing podcasting adventure as they give a dad’s perspective on how to handle a day at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.

You’ll get a chance to learn why John can’t ever seem to get a full bowl of cereal, what makes Kevin a true Disney sherpa, and all of the great attractions where a dad can catch a break during a typical hectic day.

Don’t miss this episode, where we introduce recurring segments like “Stump the Host,” and “John Knows Something Kevin Doesn’t Know!”

1:20 Disney Current Events
7:33 Why can’t John get a full bowl of cereal?
8:05 Kevin is a sherpa, and shows off his Magic Kingdom knowledge
14:00 Can you spend an entire day at Magic Kingdom with a 10-12 year old?
17:00 Where can a dad catch a breather!?
28:13 John knows something Kevin doesn’t know (more rare than a unicorn sighting)
30:39 Stump the Host


  • In addition to playing at Traveling Dad, these podcasts will be available (eventually) at iTunes and Google Play. How magical is that?
  • Follow us on Twitter:
    The podcast: @vadermufasa
    Kevin: @KevinGillooly
    John: @vtvanda
  • Feel free to email the show with any comments and, especially, any Walt Disney World questions you’d like us to answer during future podcasts, at
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Don’t Make Me Pull This Flying Elephant Over! Sat, 28 Jan 2017 22:45:52 +0000 John Vanda & Kevin Gillooly Disney tips,travel tips,Walt Disney World



Dads chatting about their Disney trips isn’t all that rare an occurrence.

Dads dispensing a ton of tips about how to save time and money and minimize aggravation while visiting Walt Disney World, well, that is rare.

So we’re thrilled to share with you something that is quite rare and, we don’t mind telling you, free.

Traveling Dad is delighted to host the recurring podcast, “Don’t Make Me Pull This Flying Elephant Over!” a Fantasia, if you will, of Walt Disney parks tips, hosted by Kevin Gillooly and John Vanda.

We’ll let the podcast speak for itself… click the play button above the enormous turkey leg to get started. And… since Kevin and John took the time to write this nice synopsis, below, we’ll hand it off to them and let them speak for themselves, too…

We’re your hosts, Kevin (Vader), and John (Mufasa)! Who the heck are we, and why on earth should you listen to this podcast about Disney? Those are excellent questions, at least one of which will be answered when you listen to our podcast.

We’re not going to tell you which question we answer, you’ll just have to listen.

Some handy timestamps below to highlight when we’re talking about certain topics:

  • 0:00 Who are we anyway?
  • 3:30 Current Events
  • 8:01 Musical Interlude
  • 8:20 Traveling to Disney (Planes, Trains, or Automobiles)
  • 10:35 Kevin’s reasoning for why you want your own car at Disney, and is the parking fee worth it
  • 14:20 Why you should, or shouldn’t, stay at a Disney Resort
  • 18:ish MagicBands
  • 22:35 John actually contributes to the discussion
  • 24:11 Maintaining calm, in the face of your grand plan crashing and burning


Stay in Touch with Vader & Mufasa

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