Road Trips

A Dad and Daughter Weekend Getaway To Ottawa and The Importance of Traveling With Kids Individually

We were beat tired. Tired like the punchlines from her kid sister’s joke book. The two of us, dad and daughter. We’d completely run out of steam. After a long night and early morning of driving… After 75 minutes of hurling ourselves around a frozen curling court… After hours spent traipsing all over Canada’s cosmopolitan capital city on foot… We straight up ditched our plans to trek across Ottawa for a haute dinner of local fare. That’s what we’d usually do. We’d find a neighborhood joint, we’d assimilate. Like we did at the Indian place for a mid-day snack...

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P-Town, arguably the most welcoming place in the U.S.

A place where everyone is welcome Folks in the New York/New Jersey metro area are what card players used to call “sitting in the cat bird seat.” Simply translated, it means that you are in a position that can’t lose. Jumping in a car, bus, or train opens up myriad destinations for vacations, weekend getaways and terrific down time. While most such destinations are acutely aware that their livelihood comes from making guests feel comfortable and at home, there are a few others that take that to a science. Sitting on the northern tip of The Cape lies Provincetown,...

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True Love Travels on Gravel Road — Important Lessons Learned On A Cross Country Family Road Trip

The ride at least was impeccably smooth. Thanks to Kia and their supple Sedona for that. Everything else about and during our cross country family road trip? Well, that’s a wee bit more complicated. It took our two-week, one-way summertime drive from the Carnival Cruise port of Seattle to the driveway of our suburban Philly home to realize what we probably already knew, deep down, but didn’t want to admit: Long, sprawling, exhausting family road trips aren’t our thing anymore. This summer’s cross country trip proved an awfully expensive and nearly treacherous lesson. But isn’t that the way it...

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5 Tips for Visiting The DoSeum

Last weekend family and I jumped into the truck and headed Southbound on IH 35 to visit The DoSeum. The DoSeum is located on 2800 Broadway San Antonio, Texas. The DoSeum is San Antonio’s museum for kids. It is a super fun, interactive place for kids.  Featured exhibits include a sensation studio so kids can interactive with sound and video.  A spy academy to help kids hone in on their spy skills. In addition, The DoSeum has a special place for the toddlers, named Little Town. Little Town is has buildings, roads, street furniture, stop signs—even miniature birds and squirrels in dioramas....

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Must-See Activities in Salem, Oregon’s Capital City

Being an Oregon resident, I get fun reactions whenever I tell people I’m from the Beaver State. Most folks ask me if the themes and jokes from Portlandia are real (most of them are!) and gush about a trip either they or a friend took to Portland. They talk about the food, the coffee, the beer and the proximity to nature. Then, these same folks give me a blank look when I say I live in Salem, Oregon – just 45 miles south of Portland on I-5. Salem is Oregon’s capital and is the unofficial center of the Willamette...

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The Truth About Traveling With My Daughters

My daughters have never had to share a bed at home the way the Ingalls girls did on “Little House on the Prairie” but when our family travels the two often end up in the same bed. The other night I asked my girls to sum up that experience and they complied, recalling their recent travels with my wife to visit colleges. “There was that time,” my eldest daughter said, describing when she and her sister turned in at a roadside hotel,” when she just put her hand on my face. She did it in her sleep, and it...

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Giving Up Control: Can Self-Driving Cars and Dads Live in Harmony?

Self-parking cars, like the Ford Fusion I test drove in Florida, are the way of the future. But are they the right way for real men? We guys like to be in control. The feel of the gas pedal. Hands on the steering wheel. Showing off our parking prowess in that really tight parking spot. Living in New York City, where parking is always at a premium, learning to park is a critical coming-of-age skill. If the cars do it for us, what are dads supposed to teach their sons (and daughters)? On the other hand, after a long...

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Traveling Dad Driving Tips By Daym Drops

Last month the 2017 New York International Auto Show made car enthusiasts even more enthusiastic about cars. The event yielded a Girls Night Out sponsored by SheBuysCars and Traveling Mom. And, I had the opportunity to catch up with Daym Drops. Daym, aka Daymon Patterson, is a YouTube #FoodTitan and food correspondent for “The Rachael Ray Show.” He’s also a father of two. So shortly after testing the trunk capacity of the 2018 Toyota Camry, Daym and I evaluated the legroom of the 2018 Yaris, where I asked him what he feared most about his eldest daughter eventually hitting the road as a licensed driver. In his answer, Daym notes the...

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Colorful Wynwood Walls Will Wow You

Wynwood – Miami, Fla. Every big city has a neighborhood with a dotted past. A neighborhood that is going through a resurgence, typically led by artist, which eventually becomes gentrified and prices out those trendsetters. In Miami, one neighborhood that’s ultra chic and trendy is Wynwood. Wynwood, just north of Downtown Miami, near the Brickell area, is certainly not completely gentrified yet. There are many characteristics, and characters, to remind of that if you step a few streets out of the main drag in any direction. Homeless shelters and those in those who call the streets their home greet...

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The Lexus IS200t Is A Little Bit “Extra”

This past November, my family and I decided to head out of town for a bit of a Thanksgiving “staycation” in Orlando. Rather than spend the typically stress-filled weekend running around like a turkey with our head cut off, we’d instead be pampered, served, and introduced to the joys of footgolf. Along for the ride – actually, our ride itself – was a spicy-hot red Lexus IS200t courtesy of DriveShop USA. The littlest Lexus provided everything a family ready to spend hours on the road would expect; it possessed style, space, power, and comfort. The twice-removed blood ties to...

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