Disney D23 Expo Recap! Minds = Blown

https://travelingdad.com/podcast-player/5889/disney-d23-expo-recap-roundup.mp3Download file | Play in new window | Duration: 1:04:46Episode Summary We’re sorry, but as hard as we tried, we could not keep this podcast under an hour.  There was just TOO MUCH NEWS!  The hype was well deserved, and many of the rumors from the past few months turned out to be true.  D23 Expo 2017 blew us away.  EPCOT is getting two new rides; Magic Kingdom is getting a new ride and a new theater; Toy Story Land got an opening date;  Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge got a flyover showing so many details;  D23, you sexy Expo,...

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Disney Springs – Top 5 Dad Approved Stops and Shops

https://travelingdad.com/podcast-player/5871/disney-springs-top-5-dad-approved-stops-shops.mp3Download file | Play in new window | Duration: 47:11 Summary of General Nonsense Disney Springs, formerly Downtown Disney, and before that, formerly Disney Village Marketplace, and before that, was originally named Walt Disney World Village.  PHEW!  This place has more name changes than Prince, or John Cougar Mellencamp, or John Mellencamp, or John Cougar.  Who can keep track?!  What used to be a small gem (or tourist trap as Vader once called it) has turned into a major shopping and dining area befitting of Disney’s standards.  This podcast will feature the usual shenanigans, and 30 plus minutes of...

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Disney’s EPCOT Park: More Than Just Great Rides

https://travelingdad.com/podcast-player/5794/disney-epcot-park-podcast.mp3Download file | Play in new window | Duration: 59:07 What are we rambling about this week? You are in for a treat this week our faithful listeners.  You can find a truckload of content out there about EPCOT Center at Walt Disney World, but none quite like this.  Listen to the podcast this week to find out why Vader’s wife needed to find him special shampoo; why Mufasa needs to research better for his podcast preparation; what’s going on in the Disney parks current events; and most importantly, we’ll actually talk about EPCOT. We’ll talk your ears off...

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Disney’s Pandora – Flying, Gawking, Eating, Banshees, and more!

https://travelingdad.com/podcast-player/5721/disneys-pandora-podcast.mp3Download file | Play in new window | Duration: 1:08:05Mufasa shoplifts, Vader needs to join AA, and one of the Disney castmembers in Pandora may have been on recreational drugs!  It’s time for another jam-packed podcast filled with all the details from our recent trip to Walt Disney World to experience the dedication of Pandora – The World of Avatar.  Or, as I like to call it, Pandora – Can You Tell Which Plants are the Fake Ones?  You’re getting a full hour this episode, at least 12 minutes of it containing useful information!  Lucky You!  Check out the...

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Disney Dining Dirt

Disney Dining Dirt https://travelingdad.com/podcast-player/5539/disney-dining-dirt.mp3 Episode Summary We here at Don’t Make Me Pull This Flying Elephant Over, felt that, there wasn’t enough information out there on Disney dining.  A Google Search reveals “About 4,400,000 results”.  Clearly, more data is needed.  Vader and Mufasa give you only the most important statistics that our paid interns could find (I pay my kids in caramels.  Don’t judge me!).  We’ll give you a couple of personal stories on truly unique dining experiences down at Walt Disney World, as well as another episode of Stump the Host, where Mufasa tries, yet again, to stump...

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Disney Vacation Club

Disney Vacation Club https://travelingdad.com/podcast-player/5429/disney-vacation-club.mp3   Episode Teaser and Timeline Just how much do you love Disney?  You know that we love it. but do we love it enough to buy a timeshare?  Vader and Mufasa discuss the nitty gritty of the Disney Vacation Club, Disney’s timeshare offering.  We tell you important details, such as whether you’ll need to sell one of your kids to afford it, and, if you become a member, how much are the cult dues?  Check out the time summary below for highlights, or just listen to the entire thing, because honestly, we’re quite entertaining for...

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Disney Cruise Line

One Hour!  That’s right listeners.  John and Kevin won’t shut up in their longest podcast yet!  What on earth has these two so excited that you get double the podcast for the same price?  Disney Cruise Lines!  Honestly, neither of us expect you to listen to the entire hour, which is why, below this tidy little paragraph, you’ll find a timeline of our shenanigans.  Jump to the parts that sound interesting, or, listen to the entire podcast on your morning commute!  We look forward to hearing your thoughts, tweets, emails, instachats, snapgrams, and however else you want to chime...

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Disney California Adventure: Disney’s Great Redemption

Disney California Adventure: Disney’s Great Redemption Come along on a 30 minute ride with Kevin and John, as they discuss the once maligned, but now superbly successful and delightful Disney California Adventure.  The park has quite the history, and much of it was not good. Click here to listen to the episode! Intro:  What ridiculous thing is this podcast dedicated to? 2:02 Current Events 2:40  What exactly is a topiary, and what does it have to do with Disney? 9:42 Commercial (Bippity Boppity Second Mortgage) 10:20 Feature segment:  Disney California Adventure 13:40 Grand Californian benefits 17:35 Is change always...

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Magic Kingdom: Gimme a Break!

Join John Vanda and Kevin Gillooly on their ongoing podcasting adventure as they give a dad’s perspective on how to handle a day at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. You’ll get a chance to learn why John can’t ever seem to get a full bowl of cereal, what makes Kevin a true Disney sherpa, and all of the great attractions where a dad can catch a break during a typical hectic day. Click here to listen to the episode! Don’t miss this episode, where we introduce recurring segments like “Stump the Host,” and “John Knows Something Kevin...

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Don’t Make Me Pull This Flying Elephant Over!

    Dads chatting about their Disney trips isn’t all that rare an occurrence. Dads dispensing a ton of tips about how to save time and money and minimize aggravation while visiting Walt Disney World, well, that is rare. So we’re thrilled to share with you something that is quite rare and, we don’t mind telling you, free. Traveling Dad is delighted to host the recurring podcast, “Don’t Make Me Pull This Flying Elephant Over!” a fantasia, if you will, of Walt Disney World tips, hosted by Kevin Gillooly and John Vanda.   Don’t Make Me Pull This Flying Elephant Over!...

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