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5 Surprising Things About Exuma Bahamas

If you love beaches, boating, nature and sea life, Exuma Bahamas has to go on your bucket list. These are the top 5 surprising things we found while visiting Exuma Bahamas last year. After a few days at the Atlantis Bahamas Resort we took a short flight to Great Exuma, the largest of 365 islands that make up Exuma. Here’s what you need to know about Exuma. Things To Do In Exuma Bahamas If you think of the Bahamas as an exotic honeymoon destination, Exuma does not disappoint with hotels like Sandals Emerald Bay. Ours was not that kind of trip. With...

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A Photographer’s Travel Bucket List: Quito Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

I’d happily stand on Las Ramblas in Barcelona and photograph the people there — natives and tourists alike — from dawn to dusk. I would return to Belize in a heartbeat to eat more breadfruit and capture a few more howler monkeys in the wild eating banana chunks out of my youngest daughter’s shaky hand. I’m also ready to fly back to Norway to frame the fist-sized snowflakes falling in front of the famed Bergen wharf one more time. But the destination that tops this photographer’s travel bucket list is the middle of the world, Quito, Ecuador and the...

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Top 6 Things To Do In Puerto Plata Port of Call

Things to do in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic Puerto Plata is a popular port of call with Caribbean cruise lines. It’s the ninth largest city in the Dominican Republic, which doesn’t sound very big but exciting experiences await with activities for the entire family. There are so many fun things to do in Puerto Plata, we share with you the top 6. Arriving at the Puerto Plata cruise terminal Bypass the throngs of vendors trying to solicit you to do a tour – just keep walking past all of them and head straight for the taxi line. There you will...

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Tokyo Robot Restaurant – Fun For The Whole Family

When you mention that you are planning a trip to Tokyo, one of the first questions you often get is “Are you going to the Robot Restaurant?”. We heard this so often after booking our spring break trip that we decided we should look into tickets. While we were able to find some information online and book our tickets in advance, nothing really prepared us for the craziness that would ensue when we arrived for the show. Below, I’m going to go through a bit of information that will help you plan a visit to the Robot Restaurant. You...

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On The Island of Ischia Italy, My Family Found An Even Bigger Diamond In The Bay of Naples During Our Carnival Horizon Cruise

Procida, the pastel-hued Italian island, the most Italian Italian island, the tiny island gem in the Bay of Naples, has now got some tough as nails competition in the ‘what’s the most idyllic place we’ve ever been’ game show that is most certainly not airing on any television network. Not even TLC and I think they’d show anything. While the Carnival Horizon spent the day chillaxing in Naples, my family hopped on a Medmar commuter car ferry (the sloooooow, cheap one) to Ischia (pronounced, we learned while on the sloooooow ferry, as ‘Iskia’). Ischia is the biggest island of...

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An Off-Season Tour of Norway’s “Book Town”

The sun and relative warmth proved a double edged sword as we made our way from Flåm to Ålesund on the sixth full day of our nine total spent adventuring in Norway as a family during Spring Break last month. Had the weather been nastier, or even just not THAT picture perfect, the doors of the shacks, huts, homes and storefronts in Norway’s “Book Town” would’ve been swung open just for us — to photograph, peruse, and possibly purchase despite not being able to read a word of any of the tens of thousands of used books for sale...

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24 Hours In Hong Kong With Kids | TravelingDAD

Since my wife is a teacher and both of our kids are in school, one of our big chances for family travel comes at spring break. Everyone in the family gets a say in where we want to go and then I search for flights to try to make it happen. This year, our family decided to visit friends who had moved Tokyo last June. Since I was planning to use miles to pay for the flights and Asia is quite far away, we wanted to fly in business class. After doing a bit of searching, it became clear that Cathay...

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Handling Disappointment While Traveling With Kids on the Flåm Railway

Historically speaking, I don’t ‘roll with it’ well. I’m a sulker who harbors regret and runs what-if scenarios long after the disappointing deed is done. Yosemite and The Missed Golden Light of Dusk kinda sounds like a trippy episode of Scooby-Doo but is actually a miserable scene from a past Bogle family vacation. That disappointing California National Park day at the end of an East-West cross country road trip stands out as peak asshole in my timeline of traveling with kids. The truth of the matter is that sometimes you are in a place just once, for a single...

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Returning To The Best Airbnb in Ireland To Right A Wrong. We Found More Than A Pot of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow

I don’t remember what I said, only that I said it loud and with more rage than a pissed-off Hulk. My words and my tone scared my daughters who sat innocently in the backseat. Later that night, after tearful apologies to them, I feared my marriage may have unraveled on the winding country roads of County Clare. I offered to leave, to fly home early and alone so that my family could enjoy the remainder of the days on our U.K. trip. In short, our first visit to Ireland was a hotter mess than a plate of Irish potatoes....

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