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I’ve had a dream my whole life. Okay, I’ve had many, but in particular I’ve always wanted to scuba dive. I’ve had different opportunities throughout my life to do it, but something aways interfered. Little things like stupid cancer. But now that we’re planning this huge trip, Tigger announced he wanted to do scuba. I remembered the first time I snorkeled and how challenging it was to breathe with my face under water. This is my kiddo who has anxiety issues, so I was kind of nervous about this idea.  I did some research anyway and discovered you have...

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Road Warrior Rituals

I was sitting at a table in the middle of Times Square talking to my family on the phone. Having just gotten out of my last meeting for the day I wanted to check in before the kids went to bed. My son had done something wrong that day and I was scolding him about it. As I sat there surrounded by thousands of strangers, sky-high movie posters and blazing bright screens bigger than my house, I was disciplining my child. This was not something my father had ever had to do and it felt strange to me as...

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Father-Daughter Trip May Let You See Your Kid for the First Time

This summer I jumped at an opportunity to visit the San Diego Zoo, in part because I was invited to bring a child. Problem is I have three of them. After deciding my preschooler boy was not an ideal candidate I was faced with a Sophie’s Choice between his older sisters. The eldest, Libby, had been to the zoo when she was younger than three – one of my first mistakes as a traveling dad, because she would end up not remembering a thing. But technically Libby had gone before and plus, she already liked me. Not that my...

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