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Beating the Heat in America the Beautiful

                        It’s nearly 8:30 in the evening, the sun has long since set and the full moon turns the Sonoran desert landscape silver. It’s still 107 degrees in the shade, the night. There’s a brisk breeze from the west, and it feels as if a convection oven has been opened. It’s time to get outta Dodge, or Phoenix, as the case may be. One week from tonight, our 2014 road trip gets underway. America the Beautiful from Desert to Rain Forest will take the family far from the...

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At Luna Park in Coney Island, Good Grades Mean Free Rides in June

If you’re shepherding your kids to Luna Park in Coney Island this month, bring their report cards. During idle moments, say during the train ride to and from the park or during lunch, it’ll be fun to irritate your young ones by reviewing their grades and discussing how they can do better next time. And as fun as this activity sounds, it’s not even the main reason you’re bringing their report cards. This is: During all of June 2014, your students will receive free bonus credits for rides according to the following system: A (or equivalent grade): 5 credits B (or equivalent...

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game: Favorite U.S. Testicle Festivals

If you happened to be motoring through Central Missouri this past Saturday, you may have chanced upon the 21st Annual Olean Testicle Festival ($5 adults, free children 12 and younger). It promised to be a day of dancing and raffles and crafts, as well as the chance to “fill your plate with fried turkey testicles.” My apologies for the lack of notice. The Olean festival didn’t get onto the Traveling Dad editorial calendar until the other day, when Missouri TravelingMom Becky Davenport was motoring through Central Missouri and passed a sign for the event, at which point she immediately...

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America the Beautiful: So Much to See—So Little Time

Maps are spread across the countertop on the kitchen island. The computer screen is too small to see all the details. The first phase of the trip, from Sonoran Desert to Sierra Nevada is all set. The route locked in. The accommodations are falling into place. The question – then what happens? Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Jun 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Jul 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 There are two anchor dates on this trip. June 29, family plans require...

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America the Beautiful: From Desert to Rain Forest

The American West is different than “back East.” That’s the phrase Westerners use when referring to anything on the east side of the Rocky Mountains. The West is 11 states: western portions of three: Colorado, Montana and Wyoming and; the entirety of another eight states: Arizona, California, Idaho, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah. The Intermountain West and Pacific Rim are filled with places of amazing grace and beauty. The area has a multitude of geologic strata, active volcanos, and every climate zone except the Arctic. This summer, plans are in place to see American the Beautiful from Desert to...

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How About An All-Season Ski Resort?

For most ski areas throughout the country there are four seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer and Mud. As the snow begins to melt off the slopes and trickle down the mountainside, it pools at the base and soon rather large lakes, puddles and ponds are formed. In some cases the ski resorts go into hibernation until the following winter. Others work with the season and welcome guests almost throughout the year. As mentioned previously the advent of zip lines at a number of resorts has given them the opportunity to attract guests 12/12. Others have taken a different approach...

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Five Tips for Dads at Disney

One of the greatest dad experiences is taking the kids to a Disney Park for the first, second, third and more times. Disney World, outside of Orlando, Florida, expands the experience with five resort areas and parks. Heading to Disney World can be an overwhelming experience, and it’s not uncommon to see the kids bouncing off the walls or tired-to-tears. Check out other stories from Traveling Mom and Traveling Dad. Making Disney Affordable A visit to Disney Parks is an expensive trip. There is no other way to classify the total cost of bringing a family to the “happiest...

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When You Wish Up OnStar, Makes No Difference Where You Are

“Hello, Traveling Moms, welcome to OnStar. How can we help you?” Although you’d not be called by name were you the one making the OnStar call for directions—we were a special program—you’d get the same clear, professional assistance from the real person on the other end of the line. Our cool voice came through the audio system in the Chevrolet Camaro we were prodding through the streets of Kissimmee, Florida, under an leaden-overcast May afternoon. On the Road with OnStar – Disney World Our wheels were a slick red Camaro SS convertible, and had there been any hope the rain would hold off, the top would be down and Megan, Chris and I would have had hair blowing in the wind. Well, the women would have hair blowing in the wind; my blowing mane is long gone. I would probably have bug splats on my pate. This is Florida, after all. “There’s one Traveling Dad in here, too,” I protested. The only Traveling Dad tapped to write about innovation and technology, I was part of a collection of Traveling Moms, we were guests of Disney Parks, Chevrolet, OnStar and Panasonic for a wild weekend writing workshop. This Saturday afternoon, we were on a scavenger hunt with an hour, a list and OnStar. Traffic was not kind, and we mixed up the dropped Ripley’s Believe or Not museum with the...

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Confessions of a Dad in Louisville

My approach to parenting may not be for every man, especially those who believe that the path to child rearing begins and ends with discipline. And it certainly wouldn’t pass the sniff test of most mothers. That said, I’m pretty sure my daughters would testify on my behalf in the court of political correctness, although I probably would never call them to the stand in the first place since the younger two still seem to get a real kick out of the thump-thumping sound of the bus running over me after they’ve thrown me under it. But when the girls’spring break coincided with their mother’s invitation to test drive the new Chrysler 200 in Louisville, we packed up the minivan (fist pumps to the Toyota Sienna’s Barcalounger-like reclining back seats with foot rests) and road-tripped from Connecticut with a loose itinerary that included 36 hours or so of pure Dad supervision. Hell yeah. I’d been to Louisville only once before in the 1990’s, and then it was only for a few hours. I had no real impression of the city, and even if I had I’m sure it would not have been applicable to Louisville today. I loved that city this time, and I’ll give you eight reasons why. 1. Louisville is one of the most livable cities in America. Downtown has been revitalized. Art is everywhere, in the...

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How to Buy Souvenirs for Your Kids

If you’re about to go on your first trip since becoming a parent and are looking for an easy souvenir idea, here’s one: Nothing. Don’t get baby anything on that trip, or any other. Stop the habit before it starts and you’ll save yourself heaps of time, money, and aggravation. (Also, if you’re shoving Tooth Fairy money under your child’s pillow for the first time, leave something way south of five bucks. I left a fiver for my eldest daughter when she lost her first tooth, and what was meant as a one-time-only First Lost Tooth prize became the...

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