Best Disney World Resorts for Families

Disney World not only contains four theme parks, it has over 20 resort hotels to choose. From. Over the years, my family and I have stayed at several. Each has its own unique theme and layout. More importantly, there are different price levels and amenities to choose from for your particular vacation style. Will pools be an important part of your days, or maybe easy access to the parks is more important. Here are my picks for best Disney World hotels for families to help you decide. Disney World Pop Century Resort Pop Century has always been my pick...

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Minimize Wait Times By Maximizing Rider Switch at Walt Disney World

When I took my family of four to Walt Disney World for the first time, I vowed to make the best use of our time – and we did just that using techniques I outlined in a previous post. Part of my strategy was based on what my friend (and Traveling Mom) Leslie from Trips with Tykes spoke to me about the wonders of rider switch. She’s written THE definitive guide for rider switching at Disneyland. But did you know Walt Disney World rider switch just went digital? Here’s what you need to know about how to use rider switch...

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Is Disney Hollywood Studios Broken?

https://travelingdad.com/podcast-player/9404/disney-hollywood-studios-broken.mp3Download file | Play in new window | Duration: 32:11Picture This:  A Theme Park without a theme.  It’s sad, we know.  “Disney Hollywood Studios is BROKEN!”  claims Vader.  “I respectfully disagree, and you sir are a moron!”, retorts Mufasa.  “How Dare You!” shouts Vader as he slaps Mufasa with a white glove across his right cheek.  If you think that dialog like this is excellent, than don’t listen to the podcast, because none of that actually happened.  Kevin (Vader) does believe sincerely that Disney Hollywood Studios is currently broken.  There is hope with all of the changes and additions...

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Experience the New Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, Now!

Did you know you can experience the new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, now at Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Yes, you can see Galaxy’s Edge (the new Star Wars “land” being built at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida) in Star Tours! Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in Star Tours At the end of the Star Tours ride, guests “fly” into a CGI model of the new Galaxy’s Edge area being constructed at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge As the name implies, this area exists on the galaxy’s edge, as a hide out, safe haven, or dangerous endeavor, depending on...

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Don’t Ever Take a 3 Night Disney Cruise!

Don’t ever take a 3 night Disney Cruise! Now, we’ve taken our fair share of 3 night Disney Cruises. During the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration in February, we took our 22nd Disney Cruise, including many 3 night cruises. I was reminded on this latest Disney Cruise that 3 night cruises end way too fast! Never Take a 3 Night Disney Cruise You board the ship on day 1, have Nassau on day 2, Castaway Cay on day 3, packing to go home that night, and getting off the ship on day 4. It’s a whirlwind! Typically, we stay on the ship in Nassau. This gives us a day aboard with smaller crowds and more relaxation time. We call Nassau the “Tijuana of the Bahamas.” It’s a touristy stop for all the cruise ships. Once upon a time, Nassau offered great shopping and haggling with local craftspeople. Nowadays, it’s the same stuff you can buy, online or at home. Castaway Cay usually results in a full day off the ship. From the 5K first thing, to lounging on the beach, lunch at Cookie’s BBQ, followed by more lounging or snorkeling or water slides. Regardless of the agenda, you’re zonked by the time you get back to the ship. Then, you have to get everything packed! That’s right, it’s already time to get off the ship! Disney Cruise Agenda I...

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The Traveling Dad Video Guide to Toy Story Land With Daym Drops

The Traveling Dad Video Guide to Disney Toy Story Land is not the definitive guide to Toy Story Land but it’s certainly among the first — a Traveling Mom/Traveling Dad delegation was embedded at the worldwide media preview of the new land at Walt Disney World’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios the weekend of June 29 — and it will certainly be the only guide featuring Traveling Dad senior entertainment correspondent at large Daymon Patterson, known the world over as well as throughout the Dagobah System as Daym Drops. It’s not easy to get a gratuitous “Star Wars” reference into a...

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Disney Copper Creek Cabins First Look and Review!

Want to experience the best Disney Vacation Club accommodations offered? Then, take a look at the new Disney Copper Creek Cabins at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge! Disney Copper Creek Cabins The Copper Creek Cabins offer a stand-alone cabin at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. Dotting the shoreline of Bay Lake, the cabins provide a remote feel with views of the Magic Kingdom fireworks and the nightly Electrical Water Pageant. These two bedroom, two bath cabins can accommodate up to 8 guests. They feature a full size refrigerator and kitchen, as well as a two-sided fire place. The cabins also include a private...

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Happily Ever After Fireworks from the Grand 1 Yacht

Have you ever dreamed of seeing the Happily Ever After fireworks from the Grand 1 yacht? During the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, I had the opportunity to ride aboard the Grand 1 to watch the Happily Ever After fireworks. This was something we’ve always dreamed of doing, as a family. It was amazing! I will definitely be taking the family back for a ride aboard the Grand 1 yacht. Grand 1 Yacht The Grand 1 is a  52-foot Sea Ray® Sedan Bridge Yacht. With 3 bedrooms, a head (bathroom for you land lubbers), a small kitchen, and plenty of...

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Disney + Waterparks = Blizzard Beach Fun

https://travelingdad.com/podcast-player/9227/disney-waterparks-blizzard-beach-fun.mp3Download file | Play in new window | Duration: 30:29It’s almost summer!  Well…it’s almost summer when this article was first published, and in Florida, it’s a bit summery all year long, so let’s not quibble over small details.  What does this podcast have to offer you?  Thrilling stories of near-death experiences by not one, but BOTH podcast hosts.  And, it was the same would-be murderous Blizzard Beach waterslide for each host.  The story is a harrowing tale of wedgies, bruised egos, and recovery time spent in Cross Country Creek.  It’s a Disney tale as old as time, and it’s time to get...

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10 Disney World Tips 2018 – Every Parent Needs To Know

We’ve been to Disney World with toddlers four times now, and these are our 10 best Disney World tips 2018 for parents. We wish we knew these Disney World tips the first time around. Honestly, there is so much to learn that we’re STILL figuring out the best Disney World hacks. But below are the Disney World tips 2018 you must know to have the BEST day with your kids. 10 Disney World Tips Every Parent Needs To Know If you’re bringing older kids to Disney World, you have much more flexibility. These Disney World tips are meant for...

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