10 Disney World Tips 2018 – Every Parent Needs To Know

We’ve been to Disney World with toddlers four times now, and these are our 10 best Disney World tips 2018 for parents. We wish we knew these Disney World tips the first time around. Honestly, there is so much to learn that we’re STILL figuring out the best Disney World hacks. But below are the Disney World tips 2018 you must know to have the BEST day with your kids. 10 Disney World Tips Every Parent Needs To Know If you’re bringing older kids to Disney World, you have much more flexibility. These Disney World tips are meant for...

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A Photographer’s Travel Bucket List: Quito Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

I’d happily stand on Las Ramblas in Barcelona and photograph the people there — natives and tourists alike — from dawn to dusk. I would return to Belize in a heartbeat to eat more breadfruit and capture a few more howler monkeys in the wild eating banana chunks out of my youngest daughter’s shaky hand. I’m also ready to fly back to Norway to frame the fist-sized snowflakes falling in front of the famed Bergen wharf one more time. But the destination that tops this photographer’s travel bucket list is the middle of the world, Quito, Ecuador and the...

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Discovering the Art of the Carousel at Sandusky’s Merry-Go-Round Museum

One of the joys of travel is discovering new facets of yourself. It could be a delicious food you’ve never heard of, or maybe that zip-lining over the forest is not really as fun as it looks. On occasion, something catches you by surprise. On a recent visit to Sandusky, Ohio’s Merry-Go-Round Museum an unexpected appreciation for carousels surfaced within me. Now, I’ve never been a fan of carousels. Clambering onto an uncomfortable horse to slowly spin and bounce along to the loud oompa-oompa of the pipe organ. Even at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, my favorite place on Earth, I’m...

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Snowmobile Rentals In Stowe Vermont: Adventure on Mount Mansfield

Vermont is a winter wonderland. Snowmobile rentals, snowshoeing, ice climbing? You’ll want to try it all but do you have the gear? When making your things to do in Vermont winter list add Stowe and Mount Mansfield to it. Snowmobile rentals with Snowmobile Vermont include gear and knowledgeable tour guides. Things to Do in Vermont? Everything winter! One of my more unusual quirks? Despite living in New England for the first 33 years of my life, I don’t ski or snowboard.  Furthermore I still claim winter as my favorite season.  Ice climbing in the mountains, snow shoeing, or most...

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What Can I See and Do in Austin, Texas if I Only Have a Few Hours?

If you’re like me, you’ve heard the buzz about Austin, Texas for years. And maybe like me you haven’t had the chance to actually see Austin.  Don’t get me wrong.  I mean, I’ve been to Austin. But only once and only for business – just long enough to enjoy the cool airport (complete with live music), and drive around after my meetings. Knowing what I know now, randomly driving around was a wasted opportunity. So, what should you see, do, and eat if you only have a few hours to spare? On a recent trip to Texas with my...

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Top 6 Things To Do In Puerto Plata Port of Call

Things to do in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic Puerto Plata is a popular port of call with Caribbean cruise lines. It’s the ninth largest city in the Dominican Republic, which doesn’t sound very big but exciting experiences await with activities for the entire family. There are so many fun things to do in Puerto Plata, we share with you the top 6. Arriving at the Puerto Plata cruise terminal Bypass the throngs of vendors trying to solicit you to do a tour – just keep walking past all of them and head straight for the taxi line. There you will...

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Complete Guide to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

Guide to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort We stayed at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, a Disney Vacation Club property, for Mother’s Day weekend. It worked out because not only did it give us something special to do for our family matriarch, but also an opportunity to learn more about Disney Vacation Club, something we’ve been on the fence about for the last several years. The trip helped shed light on the DVC, which is what the cool Disney members call it for short. Vero Beach, Getting There We visited Vero Beach in the past, a three hour drive from our home in Southwest Florida.  Vero...

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Plan a Fun-Filled Guys Weekend in Appleton, Wisconsin

Three fun-filled days was all it took for me to fall in love with the Fox Cities region in Eastern Wisconsin. In the Fox River Valley you’ll find a versatile mix of classic foods, sports, and nightlife to keep anyone entertained. While it’s often touted as a great place for shopping, I found more than enough to plan a fantastic guys weekend. Appleton, the heart of the region, is the perfect base to set up shop for a fun and affordable summer getaway.   What’s a Guy to do in Appleton? You can’t go wrong with a baseball game...

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“Goodbye, Ball”

I have a confession.  I love golf. Not just playing it – which I’ve done for more than 35 years – but also watching it on television. Which is not to say I haven’t fallen asleep on occasion watching golf on TV. I mean really, how could you not, with the way the announcers often lower their voices (In case you didn’t know, they do this because they’re following the players on the course). I don’t fall asleep during the majors, though. Too many good players on the course.  Where did this devotion – to what many people have...

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