Top 5 Winter Activities in Duluth Minnesota

What do you do in Duluth, Minnesota in the winter? It’s cold, covered in snow. Did I mention that it’s cold? We’re Floridians! We weren’t sure what to do during our white Christmas vacation in Duluth, Minnesota, so we had to find out. We couldn’t just sit in the cabin by the fire the whole time! Well, maybe we could… Our daughter, Hunter, wanted to see snow for her December birthday and to have a white Christmas. Dad grew up in Northern Minnesota and still had family up there, so he knew how he could provide both for his...

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New York City pizza tour review

While my daughter and I were in New York City a few months ago, we decided to take a New York City pizza tour.  Our family loves pizza (who doesn’t!) and one of our favorite family traditions is homemade pizza every week.  After doing a bit of research, we decided on Scott’s Pizza Tours, a company based in Manhattan that runs a variety of different pizza tours.  Our tickets were $40 and take you to 3 different pizzerias in New York.  1 child 4 years old or younger can come for free per paying adult (As long as you...

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The BEST Holiday Lights (and Suitcase Giveaway!)

My young son takes the shamash or helper candle and begins lighting the row of eight candles in our menorah. The candles drip too much wax and arbitrarily flame way too high, as Hanukkah candles often do, and I count the seconds until one of his older sisters utters that phrase oft heard in Jewish households during the Festival of Lights, watch your sleeve, idiot. This is what I think of when I think of holiday lights. But of course, holiday lights are a thing that transcends Hanukkah as well as Christmas and perhaps all religion, rhyme, or reason. The...

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Fresh Eggs and Ancient Farms in Southwest Colorado

County Road G is a rural road southwest of Cortez, but it’s the heart of an adventure deep in the land of the ancients and the beautiful scenery that makes up southwestern Colorado. Canyon of the Ancients Guest Ranch Her long dark hair drifting over her shoulder, petite Ming Adams strokes the feathers on a plump quietly clucking hen with one hand and reaches under with the other withdrawing a brown egg. Gently placing it the basket resting on the fresh sawdust floor, she nestles the basket into the crook of one arms, smiles and holds up one of...

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Wichita: Your Transportation Museum Hub

It’s known as the Air Capital of the World. While the aviation industry might seem that it is on the decline regarding building aircraft, centrally located Wichita, Kansas is still a hotbed for the industry. Hosting Textron Aviation (formally Beechcraft and Cessna), Learjet, Airbus, and Spirit AeroSystems still operate facilities in Wichita. It all began back in 1917 when Clyde Cessna built the Cessna Comet, the first aircraft built in Wichita. Then in the 1920’s saw the take off of both Beechcraft and Stearman Aircraft and quickly their after the Aeronautical Chamber Of Commerce dubbed Wichita the Air Capital...

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Real Men Eat Tea Sandwiches: Red Carnation Hotels Worth a Look

In a day when gas prices are plummeting just as other travel costs are escalating, you can combine the two for some exceptional savings. But at the same time, you may as well treat yourself to some of the better things in life as you travel. Red Carnation Hotels, a group of boutique hotels, is one of the better choices. At least that’s the opinion of readers of Travel & Leisure. In an annual survey of readers, the magazine has announced that five of Red Carnation’s hotels have been awarded the “2016 World’s Best Hotels.” Adding sugar to the...

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Manly Trips for Dads

As much as any father loves traveling and spending time with their family, once in a while every dad deserves to skip town for a little time alone or with just their friends. With Father’s Day on the horizon, now is the time to start dropping hints about what you would like for a gift. To make your choice a little easier, here are three of the manliest destinations in the country that most dads would love to be sent to. Disclosure: This post includes sponsored links, but the opinions expressed are solely that of the author. 1. The...

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Residence Inn Offers Space You Need for Traveling with Teens

Space is the key to a successful week of college tours. My teen son, his godmother, his buddy, and I had all the space we needed while staying at Residence Inns during our college tour of Southern California. Residence Inns are extended stay hotels, so they cater to business people on long-term assignment. But the same features that make a Residence Inn a comfortable place for a business person to stay for several weeks make the hotel chain a perfect place to stay when traveling with teens: extra space, a fully equipped kitchen, and plenty of high quality, free...

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