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Where to travel with a Tween?

A Dad with a Tween Daughter Travel Guide… San Francisco Tweens are a special age group.  Finding an activity that will be both fun for you as a parent and long enough to capture their attention is a tough job. They are too old for Chuck E. Cheese and get too bored to sit through a football game. My daughters’ 10th birthday was coming up, so I decided to take a chance and plan a travel ‘Play Date’ with another family in San Francisco. Our weekend trip to San Francisco was the perfect combination of Father/Daughter time and kid...

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Shut Down the Helicopter!

We all know them. Some of us are them! The incredible, omnipresent parent. They are ready to swoop in at a moment’s notice to rescue their child. Although if they’re really skilled, they are proactive enough to exceed all expectations and create a nice bubble world in which their child is safely protected from ever making a mistake or error. We love our kids, and we want what’s best for them, but so often our panicky desire to shield them from all life’s woes is actually crippling them.“. . . Let me do it, and I learn.”~Prue Leith Letting...

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Couchsurfing with Children

If the first word in the title has you confused, please visit this site. Basically, it’s an awesome concept. People host their couch, floor, spare bedroom, backyard for camping, etc., for free for travellers to come stay for a period of time. I’ve been very intrigued about this concept during our world travels most especially. Not only does it have the chance of saving us money, but even more importantly it gives us the opportunity to stay with a local and experience the culture in a uniqueway. Imagine being able to live in a typical home, have a chance to...

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You Say You Missed Me, But How?

So I was back in New York after ten days in Australia, the longest and farthest I’ve ever been away from my family, and after getting Maya at school the next day I asked her, “You said this morning you missed me, but how did you miss me?” She shrugged without breaking stride and wouldn’t elaborate. Maya can be pretty hardcore. Next I put the question to Maya’s little brother Felix, who had crawled into bed with me that morning and said “I’m glad you’re home, daddy.” He said that he missed playing Xbox with me, which I already...

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4 Words That May Change Your Child’s Life

Many things a parent does & says affects their children, often in ways that don’t manifest until much later in their life. Most of us are familiar with the “clean your plate” addage, and what about the even better one: “There are starving children in Africa!” I never did understand the connection.  We know words have power. My son and other kids I’ve helped raise have all heard me say that words can hurt worse than fists. Because of this I never say a question or an action is stupid. Instead it’s silly or a poor choice. All kids...

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Travel with the Sensory-Challenged Child

Parenting a child with sensory issues has its own challenges. Children who are sensory-seeking can attract unwanted attention. Working with schools to accommodate your child’s needs can be difficult enough, but now you’re thinking of taking your child on a trip involving a train and/or airplane? Going to foreign countries adds an extreme amount of stress. Visiting a bustling, congested city when you live in suburbia or rural environments may send them, and consequently you, over the edge. You can overcome, or at least survive, the potentially overwhelming possibilities by using these simple strategies.Let’s begin by discussing sensory issues....

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Spending Time

I know parents who can’t stand to be away from their children for more than a couple of hours. Well, how do I put this? My favorite time of the day is my son’s bedtime. Click...

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How to Bring a Baby to the Beach

Before I lost my freedom to family life, I was a fairly adventuresome traveler. To me, a vacation was hiking the deserts and canyons of the Southwest for two weeks, or canoeing with the alligators in the Everglades. With a baby, you may be able to do an abridged version of the former, but I would recommend skipping the latter.In any case, my son was born in October in Philadelphia, and we were blessed with sunny and seventy degree weather for the rest of that month. Just leaving the interior of our house and the three of us sitting...

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Daddy’s Little Travel Helpers

Even though we are embarking on an indefinite round-the-world trip, spring break is coming up.  I already put in for vacation, and, frankly, I could still use the break.  With the reality that this is quite likely our last trip in the US, I’m looking at all the options.  I absolutely adore New Orleans. It’s one of my favorite cities in America, but even though I lived just over 2 hours away from the Grand Canyon, I’m almost ashamed to admit I’ve never been there. Since we live in Colorado, we’re half of a day’s drive from there, so we’re...

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