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Put Your Phone in a Drawer

When I meet couples about to become parents for the first time I typically give them the same (usually unsolicited) advice: Both of you take the longest, hottest shower of your lives {separately is what I’m suggesting, but whatever suits you} right before the baby is born. During the first few months of your baby’s life you will think back fondly on being that clean and undisturbed… That bit of wisdom still holds up. But as the years have gone by and our kids have morphed from babies into toddlers and beyond, there’s another piece of advice I wish...

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Survey Says: Dads Do Bulk of Vacation Planning. We Say: So What?

Great Wolf Lodge recently commissioned a survey of a thousand working dads, 61 percent of whom said they “handle all or most of the family vacation planning.” The freakishly-long infographic at right highlights the survey findings and ends by asking “Is Dad in charge of planning YOUR family vacation? Or does he just think he is?” This impish question is no doubt meant to provoke good-natured debate between the sexes about who REALLY plans the trip, but I already think I have the answer: So what? See, I equate trip planning with making a Thanksgiving turkey: Seems hard, isn’t. But...

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How to Pass Down a Love of Baseball

I have always been a big baseball fan. I played it in high school, and while I might not have been the best player, it didn’t keep me from loving the game. My dad was also a baseball fan. His love of the game was what he passed down to me. I always enjoyed going to the ball park with him while he taught me the different idiosyncrasies of the game. When I learned that I was having a son, I knew that I wanted to pass down to him the love of baseball that my dad passed on...

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Making a Connection (and Pasta) with Your Kids

On our way down to Chelsea Market to take a pasta-making class at Giovanni Rana Pastificio & Cucina, I suggested to my kids that the quality of the class would depend entirely on the instructor or as I elegantly put it, “If the teacher sucks, the class will suck.” As my children have been students for most of their lives, this was not breaking news to them. Well, the teacher didn’t suck, and raising the bar yet higher, Antonella Rana knows how to captivate her students. During the hour-long class, as we made dough from scratch and later cut...

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How to Take a Year Off to See the World

Author Adam Shepard (yellow shirt, red cape) gets his matador on in Nicaragua. “I want the wife, I want the babies, I want the business success, and I understand the work that is required ’til the wee hours to get them. But I didn’t want to leave any experience unlived before that happened.” That’s the gauntlet Adam Shepard threw down for himself, mulling over a dream he had had since high school to travel the world. And from late 2011 to late 2012, he did, visiting seventeen countries on four continents, where his pursuits included mustering cattle, volunteering with...

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I Think You Grew

“I think you grew last night.” I don’t know what made me say it. Hundreds of weekday mornings had passed without my saying anything at all. If you’re a parent who routinely gets your children up and out for school, you’ll recognize the sameness, how all the mornings that have come before all but bleed together into a mass of unpleasantness, of yelling to get up, eat breakfast, get dressed, stop dawdling and find your own shoes for a change, a miserably breathless swell of activity entirely contained in a witching hour between 7 and 8am, the worst hour...

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A Dad’s Take on Breastfeeding

I drank my wife’s breast milk in Italy, cleaned breast pumps in 11 different states, and helped my wife breast feed our son in 17 different countries around the world during our son’s first year of life. Our family travels a lot. In fact almost 40% of the year we are away from home either for business or pleasure. Our first day away from home with a newborn was spent in Milwaukee, WisconsinBefore our son was born, travel was easy and actually enjoyable. I really appreciated flying and long road trips and even looked forward to them. This all...

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End of Summer Dad Travel

There is still plenty of time to enjoy Summer family activities and travel to San Diego. SingleDad is going to show you our Top 4 Summer Activities that every Dad wants to do before the end of summer… Manta: Ride the Ray, Feel the Rush! Sea World is not just about Shamu and Dolphin shows anymore; it’s has accumulated a pretty good line up of thrill rides and activities that Dad ‘s and tweens can enjoy. {youtube}NtoG_Ea2dAM{/youtube} The latest attraction is called, Manta. Manta is part rollercoaster and Sea Life exhibit, where kids and parents can touch a variety...

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An Arts and Crafts Family Reunion

Lots of moms like to travel with their grown-up kids and kids-in-law, taking their annual family reunion on the road, so to speak. It’s important to get some quality time with family, and on a reunion trip, people get a chance to catch up with one another in a context that’s completely new and different. This year Agnes Maserjian of Juno Beach, Florida, planned a truly new and different reunion for her eight kids and kids-in-law: a three-day weekend exploring arts and crafts at Snow Farm in Williamsburg, Massachusetts. Everybody took a class — welding, stained glass, glass-blowing, woodturning...

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Family Games for the Tent

Ahh, it’s a camping trip with Dad. Sunny skies, warm days, a couple of clouds. A couple more clouds. A lot more clouds. A flash, a bang and suddenly it’s pouring rain on the campsite. A few soaked minutes battening down the hatches and everyone’s in the tent. Now what? If you’re camping out west, you might be under the fabric for an hour or so as the monsoon passes; or not. If you’re lucky, someone brought Scrabble, Monopoly, a deck of cards and remembered to put them into the tent. Perhaps they’re still in the car, just a...

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