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TDAD Test Drive: 2018 Chrysler Pacifica

Perhaps like no other experience, a family car trip will inspire your children to open up to you. Take this back-and-forth between me and my eldest daughter while we were in a car. She was in the passenger seat and I wondered if she was comfortable. Me: How are you finding it? Libby: Good. Me: Care to expand on that? Libby: Very good. The car in which this breakthrough exchange took place was a 2018 Chrysler Pacifica, loaned to me by Event Solutions International for a N.Y.C. to N.J. round-trip jaunt to visit my in-laws. Among the things we...

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Guide to LEGOLAND Florida LEGO Star Wars Days

Walt Disney World is NOT the only theme park where you can meet Star Wars characters and celebrate the dark side. LEGOLAND Florida each year has LEGO Star Wars Days events that are not to be missed. So, if you have little ones that love LEGO bricks and Star Wars, they are in for a magical weekend. This exclusive LEGOLAND event begins May 5 and runs for three consecutive weekends (May 5-6, 12-13 & 19-20, 2018). It’s a fun annual park event that families look forward to attending each year. All activities are included with park admission. No extra...

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6 reasons new dads should take paternity leave

I’m blessed with the ability to take a lot of time off for paternity leave in my current work. Because of this, after the birth of each of my children I took full advantage of the family friendly policy. I took three months off each for my first two children and am currently in the midst of a five month paternity leave for our third child. While this last paternity leave comes with a small financial burden, taking almost a year off of work total (across the three kids) is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. There...

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2018 Mazda6: Refinement and Luxury for Traveling Dads

        I’ve always liked the Mazda brand. My first introduction to Mazda was in the late 1970s, when one of my college friends bought a new RX-7. The rotary powered RX-7 was introduced to take some of the shine off of the red-hot Datsun Z-Car, which was one of two cars, the other being the Toyota Corolla, to put then fledgling Japanese car brands on the American consumer’s retail map.   Over the years, the Mazda brand has had some hits and misses. Misses include hanging on to rotary engine technology found in the RX lineup...

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Safety and Common Sense Tips for Traveling Dads

Safety and Common Sense Tips for Traveling Dads   I’ve traveled extensively during my lifetime. I’ve been to 71 countries, 35 states and even a territory or two.   Throughout my travel career, one thread always resonated with me: How do I get to where I’m going safely, efficiently and enjoyably.   Well, as a former U.S. Government employee who completed diplomatic missions for the Agency for International Development, Voice of America and Department of State, I can honestly say that safely, efficiently and enjoyably were often thrown out of the window given the political and in-country dynamics at...

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Detroit with Dad – Brothers Bond Over Brats and Baseball

I’m a middle child – four years separate me on both sides from my nearest siblings. Plus, for nearly all my adult life, I’ve lived far away from the rest of my family, and to be honest, I don’t have a lot in common with the people who grew up in the same house I did. So, when my older brother suggested that the four boys and our dad get together in Detroit for a few days of “guy time,” I wasn’t sure what to expect. But – the one thing we all DO have in common is being...

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Kids Rock Climbing with Fun Walls

Kids rock climbing is becoming more prevalent, in part, due to retail stores installing them trying to lure back customers. In southwest Florida, the Miromar Outlets installed a rock climbing wall from Fun Walls. The walls kept our fearless – for the most part – kids entertained for almost an hour, which is the minimum time you can purchase. We paid $10 per hour for each kid. You really want to make sure that you kid is ready for it because if they get scared or bored after a few minutes, you’re out of 10 bucks! Our preschoolers are...

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San Antonio Surprises – Traveling with Teens Over Spring Break

There’s something magical about spending a few days in a 300-year old city that isn’t (a) in Europe or (b) on the East Coast of the United States.  San Antonio – the seventh largest city in the U.S. and the second largest in Texas (after Houston) – turns 300 this year and is looking very good for its age. This year for Spring Break – rather than head to a beach where the weather still might be iffy in early April – we decided for something less traditional. None of us had been to San Antonio before (although it’s...

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Springtime Car Maintenance Checklist!

Alright Traveling Dads: You’ve been eyeing a family trip, and finances dictate that hitting the road instead of flying may be the most economical way to travel. When the weather begins to change from winter’s gloom to the glory of spring, many begin using our cars more. Well, a cheap road trip can turn into a major financial hardship if your trusty steed is not ready for the task. So what’s a concerned dad to do? Before getting into the full swing of warm weather, take time out to give your car a maintenance checkup. The following tips should...

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