“Brewmaster”: Beer Is a Calling

Everybody has dreams. For the dudes in “Brewmaster,” those dreams happen to be about beer. Happen to be, because while the film does delve into the lives of guys for whom beer and its culture are a calling, you can close your eyes and easily imagine them talking about something other than beer when they say things like: “Everybody’s got a day job.” (which isn’t necessarily what you love). “We wanted to create our own jobs.” (to truly do that thing we love). “You can’t get tired doing what you love.” This is all pretty relatable stuff for dreamers,...

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Goodbye Christopher Robin: A Wake-Up Call for Dads

If you’re a writer there’s a good chance you’re a procrastinator. Case in point, I’m writing this post about “Goodbye Christopher Robin” a month after seeing the film at its New York premiere. Procrastination isn’t the same as laziness, which is not to say that procrastinators and writers can’t be lazy. Many are. Procrastinating writers might procrastinate from an absence of inspiration. Or an abundance of pressure, say from a loved one or editor who just wants you to, you know, write something. But you really don’t need or want me to explain a writer’s torment. For that, you...

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To keep up the Traveling Dad tradition, I’ll use my first post to introduce you to the blog & the family behind the newest TDAD member, Jet Set Daddy. I’m still a beginning blogger, let’s be honest, my wife helps me with my blog more often than not, but I’m a seasoned traveler with a background that practically requires a blog. Here Are The Facts Name: Luiz Perl Blog: Jet Set Daddy Years as a Dad: 7 Family: Saira (wife), Sofia & Elisa (daughters) Current Home: South Florida (near Fort Lauderdale) Current Location: Depends when you read this – by the end of next month I will have been to...

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Take A Trip Back In Time To Say Goodbye Christopher Robin

I’ve tiptoed around delicate arches and paddled kayaks into and out of sea caves, natural structures that have been carved over millions of years. Everything changes with time. To look upon Ashdown Forest, a wondrous ancient place you know well even if you’ve never been within a thousand miles of East Sussex England, is to discover a natural world seemingly untouched since a British playwright and his mop-haired son conspired, accidentally some 90 years ago, to forever change childhood; for the worse for young Christopher, for the better for every other young boy and girl in the world from...

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What Our Florida Dads Learned From Hurricane Irma

From August 30 to September 10, 2017, Irma was a low-pressure system that became a tropical storm that became a Category 5 hurricane. As Hurricane Irma’s strength grew and its path fluctuated, Floridians scrambled, and in doing so underscored something that’s going to sound insufferably glib, but it also happens to be true: Evacuation is travel. Traveling Dad strives to thoughtfully explore the intersection of travel and parenting, and as the four stories herein illustrate, when a hurricane is heading for that intersection, the rules change a little. What doesn’t change is our desire to share good information and...

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Win a Sweet Wheelie Bag! Sweepstakes Ends Soon!

During a sojourn to Walt Disney World with the Traveling Mom team I discovered the dark magic of Dole Whip, communed with winged creatures at Epcot, and discovered why it’s important to see the Tree of Life in Disney’s Animal Kingdom for yourself. I also received a nice piece of luggage, the Ricardo Beverly Hills 21″ 4-Wheel Spinner WheelAboard, which in layman’s parlance is a medium-sized carry-on wheelie bag that will fit comfortably in the overhead luggage compartments of most commercial airplanes. I got to keep the bag. In exchange I agreed to write the post that follows. But before we get to...

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Complete Quick Holiday Survey, Maybe Win A Bag

The other day I asked a colleague how his far-flung family picked the destination they’ll be flocking to for a reunion this winter. “We managed to find a mutually inconvenient place,” he said. His answer underscores a truth that is perhaps under-discussed, at least publicly: The holidays, which the Bureau of Transportation Statistics defines as that hot pocket spanning the day before Thanksgiving and the day after New Year’s, is the busiest travel period in the United States… but, do any of us really want to be traveling during the holidays? That’s one of the questions raised in the...

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A Dad and His Son at a Baseball Game

Baseball is America’s favorite past time and I grew up playing baseball. I love playing baseball and I love going to Arlington to catch a Texas Rangers baseball game. But living in Austin, Texas we have an awesome Triple A affiliate of the Texas Rangers just a few miles up the road in Round Rock, Texas.  The Round Rock Express call Round Rock, Texas home and play at the Dell Diamond. Minor League Baseball in Round Rock has a huge fan base and it is a great experience for families. Every season we like to catch a few games...

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5 Tips for Visiting The DoSeum

Last weekend family and I jumped into the truck and headed Southbound on IH 35 to visit The DoSeum. The DoSeum is located on 2800 Broadway San Antonio, Texas. The DoSeum is San Antonio’s museum for kids. It is a super fun, interactive place for kids.  Featured exhibits include a sensation studio so kids can interactive with sound and video.  A spy academy to help kids hone in on their spy skills. In addition, The DoSeum has a special place for the toddlers, named Little Town. Little Town is has buildings, roads, street furniture, stop signs—even miniature birds and squirrels in dioramas....

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Day Trip: Science Mill in Johnson City, Texas

While grandma was in town for the weekend we decided to take a little day trip out to Johnson City, Texas. Not only is Johnson City is the home of Lyndon B Johnson but it is also home to the Science Mill. The Science Mill is a family destination offering a fun, interactive learning environment for all ages. Johnson City, is located about 70 miles Southwest of Austin, Texas.  Just a short drive to an awesome interactive museum. Grandma, the kids, mom and dad, hopped in the truck and headed south to Johnson City. Museums can be boring for kids but...

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