Kids Rock Climbing with Fun Walls

Kids rock climbing is becoming more prevalent, in part, due to retail stores installing them trying to lure back customers. In southwest Florida, the Miromar Outlets installed a rock climbing wall from Fun Walls. The walls kept our fearless – for the most part – kids entertained for almost an hour, which is the minimum time you can purchase. We paid $10 per hour for each kid. You really want to make sure that you kid is ready for it because if they get scared or bored after a few minutes, you’re out of 10 bucks! Our preschoolers are...

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The Great LEGO Race Ride Opens in LEGOLAND Florida

Get your motor running! The newest attraction The Great Lego Race now open at LEGOLAND® Florida Resort, just outside of Orlando, combines roller coaster excitement with virtual reality (VR) technology, putting guests in the center of an out-of-this-world thrill. LEGOLAND Florida Resort features more than 50 rides, and it’s newest ride The Great LEGO® Race invites guests into a virtual world where they’re the star of an exhilirating race against several LEGO minifigure competitors — all while taking an roller coaster ride! A LEGO pirate, surfer, wizard, pharaoh are ready to outpace the competition at every turn. Virtual Reality Wearing the optional, but...

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When Old Lovers Meet (What We Miss When We Travel)

Parents aside, baseball was my first love. Red Wings hockey quickly followed. Both relationships were nothing but positive, save for some long nights to stay in touch during west coast road trips. “I love you so much” “You go to sleep first” “No, you hang up” “No, you!” Throughout my childhood, while listening to the static silence of indistinguishable voices emanating from ballpark seats be cut by the crack of wooden bats on AM radio, I also developed a fondness for travel thanks to a dad whose small business flourished in Reagan’s 80s. I carry forward the sense of...

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Which Toy Story Land Rides Work Best for Little Ones? | TravelingDad

Toy Story Land Rides for the Entire Family The new Toy Story Land is officially open bringing 11 acres of nonstop fun to Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios! There are already two other Toy Story Lands in existence at Hong Kong Disneyland and Disneyland Paris, now Hollywood Studio’s in Orlando offers the latest in the 20-year franchise with Toy Story Land Rides for the entire family. The two brand new rides include the Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Saucers. The newest Toy Story Land also now houses the entrance to the previous interactive Toy Story Mania ride, a...

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The Art of the (Carnival) Dream

There are a minimum of ~27 things you’d likely count as highlights of a Carnival cruise before you got to stairwell artwork — if you ever even got to stairwell artwork. There’s the abundance of food available around the clock — juicy pot roasts, tender chicken, fresh salad bars with buckets of hard boiled eggs (my god I love hard boiled eggs) and ALL. THAT. BACON. Not to mention the decadent ‘chocolate extravaganza’. There’s floating in the pool or chillaxing in a lounge chair and watching popular new movies under the stars. There’s the towel animal surprises in your...

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Join Daym Drops 3/19 for a Foodie Twitter Party

THIS JUST IN… Food titan Daym Drops will join Traveling Dad and Traveling Mom to celebrate his new book “Eating Across America” at a March 19 Twitter party, during which we’ll share our favorite things to eat and drink across the USA and give away two copies of Daym’s book. Party details follow at the end of this post. Maybe you haven’t been living under a rock. Perhaps you have other stuff going on and haven’t heard the name Daymon Patterson or his also-known-as name, Daym Drops. If you haven’t heard of Daym, then you don’t know that while working...

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Ford Sheds Light on Why We Love and Hate Tech

A relationship thrives when there are strong reasons to be in one and I suppose my love-hate relationship with technology is so strong because the reasons to love and hate it are as boundless as they are compelling. And it seems I’m not alone. In a survey conducted for Ford, “47% of adults globally agree that there is a dark side to technology that’s making us dumber, while 63% claim it makes us less polite.” Perhaps, like me, you have a child who is smart but who has the capacity to be smarter. But as long as he has...

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Share Your Spring Break Planning Challenges in Our Survey!

When you hear “spring break” do you think, oxymoron? I do. Historically this period in April when our kids are off school either takes so much planning that my wife and I are completely strung out by the time this “break” rolls around and it’s really not much of a break at all (at least for us) or we do too little planning and our brood ends up muddling through what feels like the World’s Longest Staycation. Part of my problem with spring break and almost every school break, really, is that they’re times when a lot of other families are off...

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If I Can Kayak, So Can You

Two Novembers ago in Florida I had my first-ever stand-up paddleboarding experience and spaced out while the guides were giving a group of us instructions about what to do and what not to do on the water. But everything on the Choctawhatchee Bay turned out fine that day because my guide was kind and his confidence was infectious enough that I almost knew what I was doing after only an hour. And once I returned to dry land, I had what has to be a water sport operator’s primary benchmark of success after giving someone an inaugural lesson: I...

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Omni Amelia Island Magical TDAD Video Tour

In early November I was one of “five guys just sitting around talking, drinking, eating, seeing and doing stuff,” to quote myself in the video above, which in a shade under six and a half minutes gives you an exhausting if not exhaustive walk-through of the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort, where I was hosted for four days as part of a “man fam” trip, aka mancation. As you’ll hear if you choose to watch the video with sound, I share some useful travel information about the resort, off Florida’s Atlantic Coast and not far from Jacksonville, which you’ll...

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