What is the best Disney Cruise ship? That’s kind of like trying to pick your favorite child, but we’re going to give it a shot!

best disney cruise ship

Our family loves to cruise! One of our favorite cruise lines is Disney Cruise Line. We have been on over 20 Disney Cruises, so we do cruise on Disney a lot. We are always asked, “which is our favorite Disney Cruise ship?” I hope this helps you plan your next Disney Cruise vacation.

Best Disney Cruise Ship

As I mentioned, it’s hard to pick just one Disney Cruise ship; they’re all amazing! I took a look at amenities on board each ship and took into account some less tangible criteria, such as how the ship “feels.” I’m going to list them from “worst” to best, if there is such a thing. How about from good to better to best. Yeah, I like that better.

No. 4: Disney Fantasy

The Disney Fantasy is the newest Disney Cruise ship. It is huge with a possibility of over 4,000 guests. It is an amazing ship, but can often feel a little too big. There is still lots to love about the Disney Fantasy. Here are some of my favorites on board the Disney Fantasy.


The Aqua Duck water roller coaster is amazing! The entire family just loves this water roller coaster. It is clear, so you can peek over the edge of the ship or down into the pool area. This water slide is even more fun during the Pirate Night festivities. You find the AquaDuck on the Disney Fantasy and the Disney Dream ships.

Large Atrium

best disney cruise ship disney fantasy atrium

Disney Fantasy Atrium ©Disney used with permission

The are a lot of characters and shows in the atrium area. The Disney Fantasy is nice, because it is a much larger atrium. It is not quite as crowded during events and character meet and greets. The Disney Dream also has a similar large atrium.

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique/Pirates League

best disney cruise ship pirates league disney fantasy

All of the Disney Cruise Ships have the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. During the days, you can turn into a Prince or Princess. On Pirate Night, you can turn into a Pirate or even a mermaid.

The Disney Fantasy does have a lot of amazing amenities. However, the other Disney Cruise ships have been through magical enhancements that make them a little more exciting. Although the Fantasy also went through magical enhancements in May of 2017, nothing was added that I feel competes with the enhancements on the other ships (a Tiffany store, removing hot tubs for family splash areas, some re-shuffling of stores, etc.). With that in mind, I rank the Disney Fantasy in the #4 spot.

No. 3: Disney Magic

For years following the Magic’s “re-imagining,” it was, by far, my favorite Disney Cruise ship. The Oceaneer’s Lab and Club are amazing (since over-shadowed by the Wonder and the Dream’s own enhancements), the AquaDunk is so much fun, and I really prefer the smaller ships.

This older cruise ship accommodates around 2,400 guests. The smaller size really makes it easier to get around and not feel as crowded. Here are some additional details about why I love the Disney Magic.

Tangled the Musical and the Snuggly Duckling

The Disney Magic has a newer Broadway style show called Tangled the Musical. This show is incredible for Tangled Fans, young and old. After the show, the Tangled fun continues with the Snuggly Duckling bar with games, music, food, and fun from some funny characters. Then, it continues with a special themed dinner. It is a lot of fun!


best disney cruise ship aquadunk

AquaDunk ©Disney used with permission

The Disney Magic is the only Disney Cruise ship with the Aqua Dunk. Get ready for a big thrill! You stand with your arms and legs crossed, while the floor comes out from under you. Then, you are whisked away in a clear waterslide zooming around the ship. This is one of my favorite rides on the Disney Cruise ships.

No. 2: Disney Wonder

Our 2nd favorite Disney Cruise ship is the Disney Wonder. The Disney Wonder recently went through a magical enhancement and is amazing. There is so much to love on this ship!

Tiana’s Place

best disney cruise ship tianas place disney wonder

During the re-imagining, Disney Cruise added Tiana’s Place to the regular dining rotation; named after the same venue in The Princess and the Frog. You’ll feel like you just stepped into Mardi Gras and enjoy the treats of New Orleans when you visit this unique dining location on the Disney Wonder.

Frozen Adventures in Children’s Programming

During the dry dock, the Disney Wonder got a new addition in the Oceaneer Club (Children Programming.) They now have a section called Frozen Adventures. This fun area is themed after Frozen and even includes a few friends.

Frozen, A Musical Spectacular

best disney cruise ship frozen musical

To continue the Frozen theming, the Disney Wonder has a new show called Frozen, A Musical Spectacular. This show truly is spectacular. One of my favorite parts of the show is when it snows in the theater…yes, actual show in the islands!

With these newer additions and the smaller size of the Disney Wonder, I rank this ship as our 2nd favorite among the Disney Cruise fleet.

No. 1: Disney Dream!

Our favorite Disney Cruise Ship is the Disney Dream. This cruise ship is a sister ship to Disney Fantasy, but it has had a few more magical enhancements that make it even more amazing! Some of our favorite things on the Disney Dream include:

Vanellope’s Sweets & Treats

best disney cruise ship vanellopes disney dream

Do you like Wreck it Ralph? You will love this sweet shop. You can enjoy sweet treats, candy, ice cream, and gelato. This is such a fun addition to the Disney Dream. There is a small fee for these items, so keep that in mind during your cruise.


Star Wars Millennium Falcon

disney cruise ship millennium falcon

The kids love the Millennium Falcon in the Oceaneer’s Club, but Tim and I do, too. Throughout the Disney Cruise vacation, they offer Open Houses. This is the opportunity for the whole family to explore the Oceaneer Lab and Club. I love sitting in Han Solo’s seat and driving the Millennium Falcon!

Beauty & the Beast Show

Disney recently hosted the opening of the Beauty and the Beast Show. This show is simply amazing! The technology and set design alone is just spectacular. I am a huge fan of the original Beauty and the Beast movie. I am glad this new show is just as amazing!

Our entire family agrees that the Disney Dream is the #1 ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet. There are more ships to come in 2021. Who is excited about more Disney Cruise ships?

Coincidentally, many members of the TDAD team will be traveling aboard the Disney Dream the last week of February! Be sure to stay tuned to TravelingDad.com and the hashtags #TDAD and #DisneySMMC to keep up with all the fun aboard the Disney Dream.