I’m from Oregon, and like many of my brothers and sisters in this great state, I’m a beer snob. We like to support small, independent craft breweries. Also, as a Traveling Dad, I often seek out local beer as a part of my travel experience, wherever I roam. My motto is “live local through beer”.

Photo Courtesy: Craft Brewers Association

Also, many small independent craft brewers have become very successful. As a result, they’re getting bought up by big beer brands such as Coors, AB InBev (think Anheuser-Busch) and many others. So, as a result, as a beer tourist, sometimes it’s hard to know if a beer in a neighborhood pub is form a locally, independent brewery.

If you’re traveling to a city such as San Diego, Portland, Asheville, Denver, New York or Chicago that’s home to a high concentration of locally owned, craft breweries – how do you know if your beer is craft and independent? For example – I was recently in North San Diego county in late August and I ordered a St. Archer IPA. After some research online I found out that St. Archer is owned by Coors…which surprised me.

Craft Check App

Fear not beer travels, the Craft Brewers Association has released a new app for Android and iPhone called Craft Check. With the app, you simply scan the bar code or type in the name of the brewery on the package, and the app will let you know if what you’re looking up is craft or not. In the case that the beer is not craft, Craft Check will tell you what brand owns it.

For me, I like my money to go to locally owned craft beer makers, and now with Craft Check, I can be sure it does. 🙂