Shreeraj Sutaria

Shreeraj Sutaria

Shreeraj is the proud owner of events site for locals and travelers Trekommend and even prouder father of two small kids. Despite an extreme love of the sun, Shreeraj has found himself progressively moving up the West Coast, starting in LA and currently residing in Seattle.

Cathay Pacific – Our worst flight experience as a family

In December, my family and I were taking our first trip together to India, where my grandmother was turning 100 (another story). We had booked our outbound flight on Cathay Pacific, excited given we had heard so many good things about them. Our experience with them couldn’t have gone worse. Our flight was SEA – SFO on Alaska Airlines then SFO – HKG on Cathay Pacific and lastly HKG – BLR. We had a perfectly normal flight from Seattle when everything fell apart. In SFO, around 9pm and despite having a paper ticket in hand from American Airlines (we...

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Best Airlines for Families (and What’s So Great About Them)

As we get into the holiday travel season with its endless excitement of long lines, overbooked flights, bad weather and having to see your family, it pays to know how best to get to wherever it is you’re going with your family. Having traveled with my family across the US and the globe on a variety of different airlines, I aim to break down which ones are the best for the traveling family. (Traveling Dad Tip: Don’t just book your flights with cash, save money by earning miles with these airline credit cards and booking trips with them! Traveling...

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How to go on a golf trip with buddies (aka how to convince your wife to watch the kids)

This month I set out on a golf trip for a friend’s birthday. While a group of us was going to be living it up in Bandon, OR for a few days golfing and drinking, my wife was going to take care of two kids under the age of 5 and working full-time. Here’s how you can pull that off too (let’s the moms aren’t reading this!). By the way, if my wife is reading this, I love you!  🙂   Tip #1 – Offer your wife a girls’ trip or something similar I told my wife she can...

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Summer in Seattle: Part 2 – Where the locals go

In part 1, I outlined the best touristy places to go to in Seattle (some are well known, others slightly less so). Now, I want to highlight the areas that locals love and you will too! Ballard, Capitol Hill and West Seattle top the list of trendy neighborhoods that combine great food, fun nightlife and lots of people watching. Conveniently enough, the neighborhoods are north, east, and south of downtown (don’t go west, you’ll fall into the water). Here are some of the top choices for each neighborhood: Ballard Ballard Avenue is the major street for bars and restaurants...

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Summer in Seattle, Part 1: The Tourist Traps (Worth Getting Trapped)

Folks in Seattle get very excited about summer (IT’S TODAY!!!). For one thing, it’s the only time of year we get away from the rain. For another, it’s the only time of year we get away from the rain. So yes, locals are very much looking forward to it. And tourists flock to Seattle in the summer as well and wonder why we cry (literally) about the rain. How do you think everything got, and stayed, so green in the summer??!! Excuse me. With that out of the way, Seattle truly is stunning in the summer and to all...

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How did our kids with allergies do at Disney World?

Traveling with kids with allergies poses a unique challenge in that it can often define where you travel to and how much luggage you need to take. Still, allergies don’t prevent us from traveling, but we do plan much more in advance than we would otherwise. For our trip to Disney World (our first), we actually assumed there would be plenty of food for the kids to enjoy, even if it wasn’t necessarily healthy (read: greasy food every day). So we brought some food from home, but really didn’t pack much and basically winged it except for pre-booking 1...

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Road trip to the Oregon Coast – Cannon Beach

One of the benefits of traveling (or moving cities) is you get to experience the feeling of discovery: new places to explore, new restaurants, new people. When we moved to Seattle a few years ago, we undertook this same journey. We hadn’t spent much time in the Pacific Northwest (PNW to the locals) before moving and when we came, we marveled in the beauty of the area and its many outdoor activities. One of the best things to do, we had heard from friends and coworkers, was to visit the Oregon coast. We decided to go in September and...

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6 Things We Consider For Travel with Our 2 Small Kids

It may seem strange, but after having our 2 kids, we seem to travel more than we did when we were childless. Part of the reason is we visit grandparents more and we realized we travel a lot differently when we visit them versus going on vacation elsewhere. I thought it would be interesting to talk about the 6 things we consider when traveling, and how they differ depending on where we’re going. Some of this will only be relevant for younger kids (ours are 4 and 1) so we’ll see how they evolve over time.   1. Do...

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Traveling to Hong Kong…great place…great with kids?

We were planning a trip with 2 young kids (4 and 1) and because this was our first international trip with the baby, we wanted to go somewhere reasonably unadventurous and where English was spoken. We chose Hong Kong for a few reasons – 1) we hadn’t been there; 2) it looked beautiful; 3) we didn’t think we’d feel bad if we couldn’t visit every little thing there; and 4) English is readily spoken. The one challenge we realized after booking was that coming from the West Coast, the flight to Hong Kong is about 14 1/2 hours. Either...

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Traveling With A Food-Allergic Kid to Salzburg

In my first post I talked about the challenges of dealing with my son’s food allergies, both during my family’s long-haul flight to Munich and once we reached the city. Turns out the train ride from Munich to Salzburg would prove to be an even bigger challenge. Why? Traveling short distances is in some ways more challenging with food-allergic kids. On our long-haul flight to Munich we were able to check  our bags, so we were relieved of that burden. But on the train to Salzburg we had to carry all our baggage (in addition to keeping track of our son). Aside from...

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