Rich Christensen

Rich Christensen

Richard Christensen was born with an insatiable curiosity about the world and degrees in History and Library Science have only fueled that fire. He's often seeking new adventures, whether that be spinning in a teacup with his daughter at Disney World or heading off the beaten path to visit a lost piece of roadside Americana. You can read about this Michigan dad and his travels on the Wagon Pilot blog or brush up on your Disney World expertise over atPixie Dust Daily.

Exploring Detroit’s Food Culture

Originally settled by the French, British and Americans colonists quickly erased any hopes of fancy fare from the menus; leaving only place names on the odd street sign. Detroit stands out in the Midwest for its later influx of immigrants. While cities like Chicago and St. Louis grew quickly with westward expansion and trade, Michigan was left behind in the rush to expand in the 1800s. The World knows Detroit as The Motor City for good reason. In the early decades of the twentieth century immigrants were drawn to the city by the promise of good wages and shorter...

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Why Every Dad Needs to Travel with Their Kids

Family travel can often be pigeonholed into two categories. The first being the whole family, sometimes even pets, packing up for a week long destination like Myrtle Beach or Disney World. The second vacation mode leaves the kids at grandma’s house while the parents jet off for a few days lounging on some tropical beach. Sure, there are many variations on this theme, but it still boils down to the whole family going somewhere. There’s something missing. Not enough parents realize how important, and ultimately enjoyable, it is to travel one on one with their children. This is especially...

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Air Travel Can be Enjoyable from Local Airports

Air travel is a convenience that quickly loses its appeal when we think of the airport. Being whisked to far off destinations in mere hours loses its luster when coupled with arrival at the airport hours early, wading through the TSA security lines, and trying to find a halfway decent place to sit near your gate to wait. Even parking is a hassle. We pay through the nose just to park at a lot down the street and take a shuttle, which eats up more time. The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way. Airline travel...

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Jekyll Island is the Perfect Stress-Free Family Beach Getaway

Looking for a family beach vacation without all the clutter of popular resort towns? On Jekyll Island you’ll find pristine beaches and plenty of activities in a more laid back setting. Located on Georgia’s Atlantic coast, this lesser known piece of the Golden Isles is within easy reach of the I-95 corridor. The peaceful natural setting and variety of activities have made this one of my favorite destinations. In the late 1800s, Jekyll Island was an exclusive resort for the wealthy. Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, and Morgans built large homes, mere ‘cottages’ to them, in addition to the Jekyll Island Club...

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