Luiz Perl


  • Name: Luiz Perl
  • Blog: Jet Set Daddy
  • Years as a Dad: 7
  • Family: Saira (wife), Sofia & Elisa (daughters)
  • Current Home: South Florida (near Fort Lauderdale)
  • Current Location: Depends when you read this – by the end of next month I will have been to 10 countries (Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Chile, Trinidad & Miami USA)
  • Travel Type: Business traveler during the week, family travel on weekend
  • Favorite Trips: Anywhere new doing something active
  • Most Exotic Trip: Road trip through Oman
  • Countries Visited: 63
  • Countries Lived In: 8
  • Languages Spoke: 5

5 Surprising Things About Exuma Bahamas

If you love beaches, boating, nature and sea life, Exuma Bahamas has to go on your bucket list. These are the top 5 surprising things we found while visiting Exuma Bahamas last year. After a few days at the Atlantis Bahamas Resort we took a short flight to Great Exuma, the largest of 365 islands that make up Exuma. Here’s what you need to know about Exuma. Things To Do In Exuma Bahamas If you think of the Bahamas as an exotic honeymoon destination, Exuma does not disappoint with hotels like Sandals Emerald Bay. Ours was not that kind of trip. With...

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10 Disney World Tips 2018 – Every Parent Needs To Know

We’ve been to Disney World with toddlers four times now, and these are our 10 best Disney World tips 2018 for parents. We wish we knew these Disney World tips the first time around. Honestly, there is so much to learn that we’re STILL figuring out the best Disney World hacks. But below are the Disney World tips 2018 you must know to have the BEST day with your kids. 10 Disney World Tips Every Parent Needs To Know If you’re bringing older kids to Disney World, you have much more flexibility. These Disney World tips are meant for...

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6 Beaches Near Fort Lauderdale

If you’re in South Florida, there are countless beaches in & around Fort Lauderdale that are worth visiting. The Florida coast has no shortage of prime beachfront property, each offering their own adventure, entertainment and experience. Four years ago we moved to South Florida and began making the rounds to the nearby beaches. Here are our top six favorite beaches near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Top Beaches Near Fort Lauderdale Florida draws thousands of tourists every day with it’s beautiful, clean beaches and subtropical climate. Lined with palm trees, white sand and blue ocean shores, these beaches near Fort Lauderdale...

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Kennedy Space Center Day Trip With Kids

On a recent vacation to Orlando we took a day trip to the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral. It’s less than 1 hour from Orlando & definitely worth spending a day with the kids. There is a TON to see & do, and the visitor’s center has a number of massive buildings housing rockets, shuttles & space gear that will impress kids of all ages. Here are the highlights of our day trip to the Kennedy Space Center. Kennedy Space Center Day Trip With Kids Our kids are small, so we didn’t know what to expect, but they’ve done...

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12 Unforgettable Trips (Without The Kids)

Greetings from Patagonia, the inspiration for this review of our unforgettable trips! As parents of 6 & 3 year olds, sometimes we just need a break. A break from kids & daily life. A break from work & household chores. A break to spend time together as a couple instead of just being mom & dad. This is our 3rd post-kids break without the kids, and as long as we have grandparents willing to look after the kids, we will keep taking them. Pre-kids my wife & I spent years racking up the miles running off to exciting destinations....

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Disneyland Paris Day Trip

Before moving to South Florida we lived in Paris, France for 2.5 years and made sure we fit in a Disneyland Paris day trip. It’s easy enough to get to Disneyland from Paris for a day trip as long as you plan ahead. Because we had a car, we drove, but another (and possibly better) option is to go by train. There are plenty of regular services from Paris to Disneyland, which are likely to be more reliable than traffic in & around Paris. Disneyland Paris Day Trip We went on our Disneyland Paris day trip to celebrate our...

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JW Marriott Mexico City Sante Fe

Last week I spent 3 days at the JW Marriott Mexico City – a normal business trip & easy flight from where I live in South Florida. The only difference was that it happened during my daughter’s 3rd birthday! These are the tradeoffs business travelers have to make & luckily I have a very understanding family. Thankfully there is WhatsApp nowadays, so I could with her “Happy Birthday” in the morning & talk with her about her day at bedtime. But this post isn’t about virtual parenting, it’s about the great hotel I stayed in – the JW Marriott Mexico City Sante Fe. JW...

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To keep up the Traveling Dad tradition, I’ll use my first post to introduce you to the blog & the family behind the newest TDAD member, Jet Set Daddy. I’m still a beginning blogger, let’s be honest, my wife helps me with my blog more often than not, but I’m a seasoned traveler with a background that practically requires a blog. Here Are The Facts Name: Luiz Perl Blog: Jet Set Daddy Years as a Dad: 7 Family: Saira (wife), Sofia & Elisa (daughters) Current Home: South Florida (near Fort Lauderdale) Current Location: Depends when you read this – by the end of next month I will have been to...

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