John Vanda

John Vanda

John Vanda was born in Michigan, and lived there just long enough to be a lifelong Detroit sports fan, including the Lions, despite his father's urging to never like the Lions, because they'll always let you down.  When he was 10 years old, the family moved to Virginia, and he lived there until after college.  During the college years, he married Jessica Vanda, and shortly after, became a military spouse when Jessica joined the Navy.  Two wonderful kids, 7 moves and 16 years later, John is still a military spouse, now living in the United Kingdom.  Somewhere along the way, he met fellow Traveling Dad, Kevin Gillooly, and they both soon realized that they had quite a lot in common, including their love of all things Disney.  He's been on two Disney Cruises (with a third one booked for May 2017), has been to Disney Tokyo by the Sea, as well as Disney World and Disney Land, and is also a Disney shareholder.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyards

I’m not sure how things work in your family, but when it comes to my 12 and 10 year old, three words inspire fear (of death-by-boredom) and/or hesitation. They are, in no particular order, “Museum”, “Historic”, and “Brussel Sprouts”. As was expected, when my wife and I announced to them that we were taking them to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyards, you can imagine their initial reaction. Visits to the dentist inspire more excitement than we received on that day, mainly because at least when you’re finished with the dentist, you get a toy. We tried to explain to them...

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The Loaner Car Adventure

     What do you do for a living? Me, I’m a part-time unpaid chauffeur. It’s not glamorous, but as a stay-at-home-dad, it’s an essential part of what I do. With gymnastics and horseback riding and musical theater youth company on various days of the week, having two cars is pretty important to us. And those are just the things I do! Once you throw in my kid’s activities, it’s even more hectic. A couple of weeks back, I get a call from my wife.  Many of you many of you no doubt have gotten a similar call. It...

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