Joe Cheung

Joe Cheung

As writer of the blog As The Joe Flies Joe Cheung is a self-described “average Joe trying to fly his family for less.” He specializes in helping families utilize their miles and points to travel at a great discount. He uses those same techniques to travel domestically and abroad with his wife and two children throughout the year. You can also find him podcasting at Saverocity and Tweeting at @asthejoeflies.

Four Things Walt Disney World Can Learn From Hershey Park

I love Disney World – it’s far and away my favorite theme park to visit. Still, That’s not to say the Mouse doesn’t have room for improvement – on the contrary, I feel the quality of the parks has been decreasing, but that’s for another post. But should we compare Hershey and Disney? I visited Hershey Park with my family over the summer and couldn’t help but notice a few things I thought Disney might consider learning from. I think it’s fair game to ask Disney to improve: theoretically they say they are always trying to! Some of these...

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5 Sites That Will Help You Find Cheap Flights

As your family gets bigger, the value of affordable plane tickets increases exponentially. That’s why a lot of people turn to “travel hacking” – figuring out how to get more with less. Fellow TDAD Richard Kerr and I have been doing this for years and it has really helped us with our travel budgets (read about his Travel Hacking Meetup here). If you’re interested in Travel Hacking, I’ve started writing a Family Travel Hacking Guide that will eventually cover all of the basics. If you don’t think you have the time, you can still save a lot of money...

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5 Tips for Minimizing TSA Wait Times

If you’ve been reading the news, you’ve seen pictures of insane TSA wait times and heard stories of people missing their flights. Vox has a nice article detailing some of the issues involved. With summer coming and air travel expected to be as high as it has ever been, here are five ideas for minimizing your wait times and making your time at the airport a little less stressful – especially if you’re traveling with your family and young kids! 1. Sign up for Global Entry or TSA Precheck Before 9/11, security was a lot less involved. You didn’t...

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Maximize Your Time with Young Kids at Disney Using FastPass+

When I visit Disney World, I like to maximize my time as much as possible. Although Disney has done a great job of adding interactive exhibits to the queues, when you have children under the age of 5 you still want to be minimizing the time waiting in line. You can use a service like Touring Plans (my impressions), but what I have found is with young kids you don’t even need to resort to that. Here are my suggestions for how to maximize your time with young kids at Disney, including suggestions for how to maximize FastPass+. For...

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First Flight With A Baby? Ask Yourself These Questions!

So you’re taking your baby on her first flight – great! I, for one, am a huge fan of getting infants and toddlers used to flying as early on in life as possible. But as everyone knows, flying can be stressful, and flying with babies even more so. After dozens of flights with our 3 year old and six or seven flights with the 9 month old, my wife and I have pretty much figured out what works for us. Every family is going to be different and I wouldn’t tell anyone what’s best for their child on the...

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If Your Kid Doesn’t Remember The Trip… So What?

My three year old daughter loves eating Italian food. When we were still at that stage where parents count the number of words their child knows, “pasta” was on the list. I’d love to say taking her to Italy was integral to cultivating her love for Italian cuisine, but that would be a bald-faced lie. She wasn’t even eating solid foods yet. There are tons of reasons I believe it is worthwhile to travel with young children, but the number one question I get for pushback is inevitably, “What’s the point of traveling if they aren’t going to remember...

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