Joe Cheung

Joe Cheung

As writer of the blog As The Joe Flies Joe Cheung is a self-described “average Joe trying to fly his family for less.” He specializes in helping families utilize their miles and points to travel at a great discount. He uses those same techniques to travel domestically and abroad with his wife and two children throughout the year. You can also find him podcasting at Saverocity and Tweeting at @asthejoeflies.

How and why to take the Airport Express from Hong Kong Airport

If you’re visiting Hong Kong with your family, you’ll probably stay somewhere in the city. (Check out fellow TDAD Sheeraj’s experience with his family). While you can accomplish this in a variety of ways, I highly recommend you take the Airport Express from Hong Kong Airport. My last trip to Hong Kong, flights thankfully paid for with American Airlines miles, confirmed my opinion that it supercedes all other options into the city. Disclosure: Traveling Dad may receive a commission for approvals received through links on this page. The editorial content on this page is not provided by any bank,...

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Why you should consider taking an infant to Europe

Being East Coast based, my wife and I love visiting Europe. Before we had kids, thanks to miles and points earned through credit card rewards, we managed to hit up Europe two or three times a year. Once we had kids, we still earned plenty of miles and points and thus had the means to still visit Europe. But we had to ask: should we consider taking an infant to Europe? Well we ended up answering that question with a resounding yes! I’d say we’ve taken three infant trips to Europe between our two kids (really, the classification of...

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Use Bonwi for easy hotel rebates

For traveling dads, sometimes convenience wins the day. Unless you travel regularly for business, it can be tough to stay loyal to a single hotel chain. Or maybe you don’t want to jump through the hoops necessary. Or even if you have loyalty, there may be that city where you have no options to your preferred loyalty chain. A few weekends ago my wife and I took a weekend trip to New York City without the kids. I booked the trip using Bonwi, a new website that offers easy to use rebates for hotel stays. I’ve tried in...

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7 survival tips for flying alone with young kids

A few weeks ago, I made my first solo dad travel with my 4 year and 18 month old. My wife attended a conference in Charleston and I took the kids down to meet with her on a direct two hour flight from Boston. You can read about my trials and travails when flying alone with young kids here. I’ve by no means mastered solo dad travel with my kids but learned a lot from my experience. If you’re a dad (or mom) flying alone with young kids, let me share some tips for how to survive it! Though, as any...

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Enjoying the newly refurbished Disney Wonder in eight pictures

A couple of us from Traveling Dad had the privilege of attending #DisneySMMC this past month. This year the Social Media Moms Celebration added a special component – a sea portion of the conference! We had the chance to embark on a three day cruise (why every child should take a cruise) on the newly refurbished Disney Wonder. How did my 4 year old daughter and I enjoy the cruise? A TON! Here are eight pictures to give you a taste of what Disney Cruise Line and the Disney Wonder have to offer. Have a blast at the Sail...

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Earn easy miles and points shopping online!

Although sign up bonuses are  the fastest way to earn credit card miles and points, they are far from the only way. Did you know that you can earn miles and points for almost every online purchase you make? If not, this post will teach you the basics of how to do that. Earning miles and points shopping online usually occurs through shopping portals. Basically, you go through a shopping portal, earn a couple miles based on the amount of money you spend, and go about your day. While the numbers may not be significant, they add up! This...

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Infant plane ticket: to buy or not to buy?

In the good old days, you used to be able to buy a discounted infant plane ticket. But nowadays airlines that offer such tickets are few and far between: you can get one on Southwest but you can’t do it online. Even then it might not be worth the phone call. The question every traveling dad has before there child turns two: should I buy an infant plane ticket? I’ve found very strong opinions on the subject – needless to say people can be fiercely defensive of their position. I’m not here to wade into that argument today, instead, I...

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Saving Money on Disney Park Tickets

Everyone knows that Disney costs a lot of money. Part of the Disney magic is that your wallet gets magically lighter by the end of a trip! Still, there are ways to save money if you are willing to do some legwork. One of the toughest things to save money on are Disney park tickets. Unless you’re planning on actively avoiding the parks, you are going to be out a couple hundred of dollars. Here are some of the ways you can save money on park tickets – and some ways you can stretch your Disney park tickets further! Open...

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Why London is great with young kids

When my wife and I think of cities in other countries we love, London always nears the top of the list. We enjoyed visiting the city a great deal before we had kids. Of course, after we had kids, the question was, can we handle taking them overseas? For parents considering testing the waters with traveling overseas with young children (or even parents who travel overseas with their kids all the time!), London remains an excellent option. Here are some of the reasons I think London is great for kids – with some caveats. Travel options make London convenient...

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Family Friendly Frequent Flyer Program Policies

Even the savviest travelers need to make adjustments once they become traveling dads! Traveling with kids often means learning a whole new set of rules. At the very least, it means higher costs and added stress at the airport. For traveling dads, not all frequent flyer programs are created equal. Here are some of the more family friendly airline policies out there. Free Checked Stroller or Car Seat (or both!) – All airlines Checked bag fees are all the rage these days. Still, airlines try to be family friendly when it comes to items like strollers and car seats....

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