Jason Harris

Jason Harris

Jason Harris is a writer, community manager and happy father of three. Jason's passion is enabling people to have better lives and better experiences through technology. In between family road trips and ventures in the Northwest and beyond, Jason is also the tech correspondent for , the most listened to travel radio show in the US.

Alaska Air Entertains With Alaska Beyond

We all know entertaining ourselves on flights can sometimes be a chore. You can’t exactly use Netflix over airplane WiFi because it just isn’t fast enough. Downloading movies via a service like iTunes ahead of time is the way to go, but it’s often hard to remember to do this ahead of time. On Alaska Airlines two days ago, I came across Alaska Beyond and I was instantly amazed – and entertained. On the same screen where you typically go to pay for your GoGo inflight wifi, there’s a button that says “Free movies and entertainment”. You can use...

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Three must-do Maui activities for families

Editor’s note: this article is the second in a two-part series on Maui travel for families. Be sure to check out the first post about the outstanding Napili Kai Beach Resort. It’s hard to find a vacation spot that has a wide variety of activities to satisfy every family members’ tastes and needs. Whether you want to surf, see nature or experience amazing food, finding a place that has all these facets is tough. That is, until you find Maui. The island of Maui has the ocean, amazing cuisine, fantastic vistas of desert landscapes, high mountain adventures and of course...

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Why Maui Is the Perfect Destination for Young Families

Editor’s note: this article is the first in a two-part series on Maui family travel. Please also see my article on Maui experiences for families. As winter sets in, are you looking for the ideal family destination? If so, Maui should be at the top of your list. As a dad who likes to have a wide variety of options for our clan when we venture out, Maui certainly fits the bill. We’ve visited Maui with our oldest daughter before, but she was only 8 weeks old and slept the entire time. This time, we took our two daughters...

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Slow hotel Wi-Fi? Next time, pack this.

As a techie dad who travels with my daughters and their tablets, having reliable Wi-Fi is essential to pass the time when we’re getting ready in the morning. If they can’t access Netflix or play Cut The Rope, then no one is happy. We’ve all been there. You go away on vacation or a business trip and upon checking into the hotel of your choice, you find the Wi-Fi speeds to be terrible or worse, it’s an unsecured network. There are many reasons for that so-so bandwidth in your hotel room. It might be that your corner hotel room...

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