Jeff Brownson

Jeff Brownson

Miles and points have taken Jeff, his wife Chrissy, and their two sons, Ryan and Cole, to over 35 countries. They have been seen flying first class, business class, and even in coach on low cost carriers. Whether he’s staying in a hostel dorm, or in a luxury suite at a 5 star resort, Jeff is constantly looking for the best deal to make travel as close to free as possible. A background in math and science provides the analytical basis necessary to manage more than 80 loyalty accounts for his family. Jeff is a co-founder of The Points Consultants, and has been a featured speaker at the Chicago Seminars and Family Travel for Real Life Conferences.

Ollantaytambo…The Perfect Base for Exploring the Sacred Valley

Machu Picchu has long been one of the top tourist sites in South America and certainly the top in Peru. In recent years, the annual visitor count has risen to over one million people. Those visitors who have a bit more time for their trip are starting to explore more and more of the ruins and towns of the Sacred Valley, which extends from Cusco to Machu Picchu. We had a total of 10 days in Peru, so we decided to spend a few nights in Ollantaytambo before heading to see Machu Picchu. What a great decision that turned...

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Oh No! Our Vacation to Machu Picchu Is All Planned, But Mom Can’t Go

For the past several years, our family has been a family of travelers. We travel whenever we can. We travel during the summer, during holiday breaks, on long weekends, and any other time we can fit a trip in. Usually we have trips planned anywhere from 3 weeks to 12 months in the future, and sometimes even farther in advance. This is great when we use miles and points, because planning ahead is one of the best ways to make sure you can find available award flights and hotel nights. Sometimes, however, things come up that throw a wrench...

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Reefs, Wrecks, and a Wicked Good Time – SCUBA Diving in Coron (Video)

The Challenge of Planning When I first booked my trip on the United Island Hopper, I was super excited to experience this one of a kind flight. Once I started planning the details of the trip, however, the opportunity to go SCUBA diving in the Philippines became my number one priority. My flights took me into Manila, and with over 7000 islands in the country, choosing where exactly to go was a bit of a challenge. With the help of friends on twitter, I eventually narrowed it down to Boracay or Palawan, and flight timing and pricing helped make...

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UA 154, The Island Hopper – Have You Hopped?

The Background Several years ago, I heard about an intriguing flight. United 154, better known as The Island Hopper. I read an account of someone flying UA154, got excited, showed it to my wife, and she immediately said there was no way she was ever taking that flight. Before you judge her too harshly though, you need to understand exactly what The Island Hopper entails. You see, although The Island Hopper has just one flight number, it is actually a series of multiple flights between Honolulu and Guam. A direct flight between these two cities takes around 7 1/2...

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Hamilton the Musical in Chicago – Thanks Amex!

Hamilton is by far the most talked about Broadway show right now, and with good reason. The music is amazing! If you have heard all of the hype and tried to buy tickets, you probably found the same thing I did. They are only available through resellers and they cost an arm and a leg. So when you read the title of this post, I’m sure that some of you were thinking, “Wait, you saw Hamilton? How much did you pay for tickets?” Disclosure: Traveling Dad may receive a commission for approvals received through links on this page. The...

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Meet Jeff the Wanderer – The Newest Traveling Dad

For my first post here on Traveling Dad, I thought I should take some time to introduce you to myself and my family. Those of you who have been around the miles and points world for a while may recognize me from my former blogging days or from the few times I have spoken at conferences. To the rest of you, I am probably a new face. You may be wondering why I am showing up as a writer. The Facts To start, lets get the basic statistics out of the way. Name: Jeffrey Brownson Nickname: Jeff The Wanderer...

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