Jeff Bogle

Jeff Bogle

Jeff Bogle is an at-home dad who writes about fatherhood, family travel, and All Things Childhood on his site Out With The Kids. His stories have also been featured on The Huffington Post, Esquire and PBS Kids, among other print and online outlets. He is married to an adorable redheaded gal with whom he has two remarkable tween daughters who provide countless hours of humorous in-home entertainment. He considers himself one of the luckiest guys in the world, although he needs to be reminded of this fact from time to time

Handling Disappointment While Traveling With Kids on the Flåm Railway

Historically speaking, I don’t ‘roll with it’ well. I’m a sulker who harbors regret and runs what-if scenarios long after the disappointing deed is done. Yosemite and The Missed Golden Light of Dusk kinda sounds like a trippy episode of Scooby-Doo but is actually a miserable scene from a past Bogle family vacation. That disappointing California National Park day at the end of an East-West cross country road trip stands out as peak asshole in my timeline of traveling with kids. The truth of the matter is that sometimes you are in a place just once, for a single...

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When Old Lovers Meet (What We Miss When We Travel)

Parents aside, baseball was my first love. Red Wings hockey quickly followed. Both relationships were nothing but positive, save for some long nights to stay in touch during west coast road trips. “I love you so much” “You go to sleep first” “No, you hang up” “No, you!” Throughout my childhood, while listening to the static silence of indistinguishable voices emanating from ballpark seats be cut by the crack of wooden bats on AM radio, I also developed a fondness for travel thanks to a dad whose small business flourished in Reagan’s 80s. I carry forward the sense of...

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Returning To The Best Airbnb in Ireland To Right A Wrong. We Found More Than A Pot of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow

I don’t remember what I said, only that I said it loud and with more rage than a pissed-off Hulk. My words and my tone scared my daughters who sat innocently in the backseat. Later that night, after tearful apologies to them, I feared my marriage may have unraveled on the winding country roads of County Clare. I offered to leave, to fly home early and alone so that my family could enjoy the remainder of the days on our U.K. trip. In short, our first visit to Ireland was a hotter mess than a plate of Irish potatoes....

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The Art of the (Carnival) Dream

There are a minimum of ~27 things you’d likely count as highlights of a Carnival cruise before you got to stairwell artwork — if you ever even got to stairwell artwork. There’s the abundance of food available around the clock — juicy pot roasts, tender chicken, fresh salad bars with buckets of hard boiled eggs (my god I love hard boiled eggs) and ALL. THAT. BACON. Not to mention the decadent ‘chocolate extravaganza’. There’s floating in the pool or chillaxing in a lounge chair and watching popular new movies under the stars. There’s the towel animal surprises in your...

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Forget the NFL – 6 Reasons Why I Love English Football And Why You Should Too

Forget the NFL We’ll have just left the port of New Orleans on the Carnival Dream on Super Bowl Sunday, slowly cruising down the Mississippi River before eventually emerging out into the Gulf of Mexico. But I’ll try to catch some of the ‘big game’ in the RedFrog Bar because my hometown team is in the Super Bowl. Generally speaking though, if the Philadelphia Eagles once again failed to make it this far, I wouldn’t care less about it, or any other, National Football League game. That football ship sailed years ago for me. I will, however, stay updated...

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Arjana and Ivan and the Can’t Miss Jazz On Carnival Cruises

*Quick update on Arjana and Ivan since we spent time with them in Alaska on the Carnival Legend. They are currently basking in the sunny sun on board the Carnival Pride. Follow them on Facebook and go see them while cruising because this is some real can’t miss jazz on Carnival Cruises! Live jazz music is not the reason one gets themselves to Seattle, pays the extra cash for a balcony room, and cruises up the Inside Passage to Alaska. Hell, not even the succulent filet mignon and creamy sauce béarnaise from the Carnival Legend’s stunning Nouveau Restaurant is...

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What A Trip To Turkey Taught Us About The World

We’re all out there trying to keep our smart phones charged. Each of us, at some point and to differing degrees, struggled with middle school algebra. Every single one of us wants to keep a sturdy roof above our loved ones and serve them healthy, well-balanced meals constantly. This is a story about going halfway around the world, 5100 miles as the crow flies, to a very foreign land, only to be reminded of how similar we all are, how we can be separated by thousands of miles and contrasting cultures but how there will always be more that...

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The Flying With Kids Master Plan — A Traveling Dad Expert’s Best Tips For Air Travel With Children

Despite what you have heard or seen depicted in movies, air travel with toddlers and other young children doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. I know because I’ve been flying around the world with my two daughters since the first born was 5-months old. She’s been to over 20 countries and more than 2/3 of the states now as a 13-year-old. Here is my Flying With Kids Master Plan and some other Traveling Dad expert travel tips that will not only keep you and your kids sane on the plane, but actually help you both enjoy the experience of...

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A Father Daughter Trip to Discover Hamilton

I took my Hamilton-obsessed tween daughter to Virginia this past September, to Richmond specifically, but also to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, because like the 3rd President of the United States, she “basically missed the late 80’s.” While we certainly had our fair share of Hamilton fun at Jefferson’s stately home in Charlottesville, walking the grounds, taking pictures, sharing a tasty craft root beer, looking at framed paintings of Marquis de Lafayette (boy, he sure looks different than the one we saw on stage in Chicago!), and imagining the famously flamboyant musical version of Jefferson (both portrayed remarkably by Daveed Diggs...

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Take A Trip Back In Time To Say Goodbye Christopher Robin

I’ve tiptoed around delicate arches and paddled kayaks into and out of sea caves, natural structures that have been carved over millions of years. Everything changes with time. To look upon Ashdown Forest, a wondrous ancient place you know well even if you’ve never been within a thousand miles of East Sussex England, is to discover a natural world seemingly untouched since a British playwright and his mop-haired son conspired, accidentally some 90 years ago, to forever change childhood; for the worse for young Christopher, for the better for every other young boy and girl in the world from...

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