Bob & Sandy Nesoff

Bob & Sandy Nesoff

Bob and Sandy Nesoff have been together, and reporting together, for more than 40 years. Bob is an award-winning journalist who has worked for two daily newspapers and was a New York magazine editor. He is a columnist for New York Resident Magazine and a travel writer for a number of outlets and publications in the Northeast. Bob served as the first national president of the North American Travel Journalists Association and is a member of the prestigious American Society of Journalists and Authors. His novel, Spyder Hole, has been highly rated on Amazon and has been treated especially kindly by the reviewers. Bob has been listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the Media and Communications since 1998. Sandy is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors and was a founding member of the North American Travel Journalists Association and a past national officer. She has coauthored a weekly travel column with Bob as they traveled the world from Africa to the South Pacific and throughout the U.S. and Europe. Their three daughters were their test subjects for travel. That job has now been taken over by a granddaughter and two grandsons.

Jersey Shore: TDAD Takes on Seaside Heights

  It seems that finding activities for a family getting together is becoming more and more difficult as well as expensive. A family unit of four or five can lay out the equivalent of a mortgage payment for a day’s outing. But there are options that can give you a quality day with the kids…or each other and still have some green left in your wallet. More and more New Yorkers. As well as folks from the Garden State, are finding the Jersey Shore (say it like a New Jersey native…”Down the shore…”) where there are white sand beaches and...

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How About An All-Season Ski Resort?

For most ski areas throughout the country there are four seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer and Mud. As the snow begins to melt off the slopes and trickle down the mountainside, it pools at the base and soon rather large lakes, puddles and ponds are formed. In some cases the ski resorts go into hibernation until the following winter. Others work with the season and welcome guests almost throughout the year. As mentioned previously the advent of zip lines at a number of resorts has given them the opportunity to attract guests 12/12. Others have taken a different approach...

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The Traveling Dad Guide to Zip Lining

What’s a ski resort to do when the snow is gone but the bills for maintenance are still coming in? Two Northeast ski resorts have solved the problem to the delight of thousands of youngsters and oldsters alike. They’ve built zip lines that even for the greatest daredevils will often take your breath away. Camelback Mountain in Tannersville, PA and Mountain Creek in Vernon, NJ have both installed amazing zip line adventures that are guaranteed to excite even the most staid adult and bored kid. Camelback’s location is an easy ride from most of Metropolitan New York, virtually all of New Jersey from the mid-section northward and from Pennsylvania. Throw in a bit of Connecticut too while you are at it. While other zip lines may be higher and faster, the Zoom Zip Line complex at Mountain Creek is unique in what it has to offer. Tops amongst that is the cadre of competent, friendly and courteous young guides who accompany each and every group of “flyers,” as zip liners are called. Group starting times are spaced well so that no group encroaches on the other. At the office you’ll be required to sign a waiver and then gear up in a harness that will later hook onto a “trolley” that will carry you along the zip cable. One thing unique to Zoom at Mountain Creek is the first...

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