Bob & Sandy Nesoff

Bob & Sandy Nesoff

Bob and Sandy Nesoff have been together, and reporting together, for more than 40 years. Bob is an award-winning journalist who has worked for two daily newspapers and was a New York magazine editor. He is a columnist for New York Resident Magazine and a travel writer for a number of outlets and publications in the Northeast. Bob served as the first national president of the North American Travel Journalists Association and is a member of the prestigious American Society of Journalists and Authors. His novel, Spyder Hole, has been highly rated on Amazon and has been treated especially kindly by the reviewers. Bob has been listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the Media and Communications since 1998. Sandy is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors and was a founding member of the North American Travel Journalists Association and a past national officer. She has coauthored a weekly travel column with Bob as they traveled the world from Africa to the South Pacific and throughout the U.S. and Europe. Their three daughters were their test subjects for travel. That job has now been taken over by a granddaughter and two grandsons.

Amarillo, the “Real Texas,” a Treat for Kids and Adults

    “Take the hat off,” demanded one half of an Eastern travel writing team on entering a restaurant in Amarillo, Texas. “No one wears a hat inside a restaurant.” A quick glance around the interior of the eatery, a local hangout with bare bones decoration, was immediate proof that she was WRONG! How often does that happen in any happy marriage? This was a moment to savor. Looking around at the men seated, many with both male and female companions was immediate confirmation. Virtually every male in the place, young and old, wore either a Stetson-style hat or...

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By Land or Sea, Disney Packs Appeal for All Ages

Visionaries usually become that way through trial and error.  Often it ends up as more error than trial. The Disney theme complex in Central Florida is the antithesis of that thought.  What began in Anaheim, California on July 17, 1955 as Disneyland has grown into a small nation of its own.  And is operated more efficiently, economically and peacefully than virtually any other country on earth. Just 16 years later, on Oct. 1, 1971, the beginnings of the vast complex called Walt Disney World opened to the public.  Record breaking crowds from around the world streamed into the park....

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At Walt Disney World The Magic Is Truly Everywhere

Not all that many years ago people joked that “Ma Bell,” the phone company was taking over the world.  That was a scary thought. Today the same might be said about the Disney theme parks.  The major difference is that the thoughts are all good.  The conglomerate that was spawned by a little floppy eared rodent and the imagination of Walt Disney has been thrilling generations of kids of all ages.  And there seems to be no end in sight. From its start in Anaheim, California to the major complex in Lake Buena Vista, Florida to parks in Europe...

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A Memo to the TSA

There was a time when traveling, especially flying, was fun, something to be looked forward to.  Then things changed. First came the terrorists from the PLO who took hijacking to a new level and then 9/11 elevating it to a degree never imagined. In between was the Arab-inspired oil crises that gave birth to skyrocketing oil prices that affected auto and air travel, increasing fuel prices at levels unimaginable only a few years ago.  Along with that was the squeezing of passengers into ever diminishing spaces in seats that would hardly accommodate an infant. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA)...

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Wyndham Just the Ticket in Yellowstone, Boston, San Francisco

Buffalo Bill may be long gone (he died in 1917) but his legacy lives on, especially in Cody, WY, named for the famed Indian scout and  Wild West show proprietor. Tourists heading for Cody enjoy the history of the Old West and the stories about Buffalo Bill, but the last thing they want to do is share the type of accommodations the buckskin clad legend stayed in.  They want comfort, convenience and affordability. The trick is to find a hotel/motel that fits the bill.  Wyndham Hotel’s subsidiary, Super 8, fits right in with a location convenient to most of...

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How Michigan Packs Appeal for Families

Anyone contemplating a trip with young family members, especially those who have done so before, knows there are certain “musts” that have to be taken into consideration: Are we planning for the kids; Will there be sufficient activities to keep them interested; Will there be activities that adults can enjoy as well; Will there be more “boots on the ground time” rather than traveling Too often a vacation destination for the family is taken without considering the varied ages of a family group.  Search out an unlikely destination and do some homework.  A recent visit to Michigan impressed us...

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Michigan: A Surprisingly Great Destination

When it comes to vacations people want several things.  They want to relax in a stress free environment; they want a change from their every day lives; they want activity within reason; they want exotic locales. That’s a tall order in one destination. Michigan’s Lower Peninsula fills the bill with plenty to spare. With Grand Rapids as a kick-off point all of the above comes into play with everything available as quickly or as leisurely as the schedule you yourself set.  While a good kick-off point is the city of Grand Rapids, a circle tour will take you through...

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Club Med in the Snow? You Bet.

Ahh, the joys of Club Med.  Sand and sea.  Beautiful beaches. Sexy girls for the guys.  Sexy men for the girls.  Snow capped peaks. Snow capped peaks? Hey, this ain’t your mom and dad’s Club Med.  Welcome to the 21st century. Known over the years for its inclusive resorts, Club Med has operated ski resorts since it opened its first one in Leysin, Switzerland in 1956.  That has grown by leaps and bounds to some 23 resorts in a most diverse set of options ranging from Europe to Japan and China.  Yes, China. With China opening up to the...

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JetBlue Knows What It’s Doing, And You Know It

Squish them. Squeeze them. Stack them one on top of the other for a greater payload. That might be the conversation in the board room of virtually any airline sin the world and especially U.S. flag carriers. Leg room has been shrunk. Seat padding has become thinner and the average American backside needs a lubricant to slide into an airline seat. There have been several stories in the news in the last couple of weeks about passenger rage, the equivalent of road rage whereby airline passengers have been confronting each other, throwing cups of soda in the face of others and forcing planes...

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Great Dad Escape: Dodge City, Kansas

  Dodge City! The name alone stirs the emotions of 12-­year­-old kids…and their fathers and grandfathers. Synonymous with the mystique of the old West and the famous lawmen and outlaws that populate books, movies, television covering both fact and fictions, Dodge City today revels in its history and culture. This is a dream vacation for any child that should be shared with a parent or grandparent. It is the Old West come to life. While much of the area is industrialized, the historic district and the original Boot Hill Cemetery draw people by the thousands. In its Dodge City Days, which ran from July 25 to...

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