Fjærland Norway Book Town sign

The sun and relative warmth proved a double edged sword as we made our way from Flåm to Ålesund on the sixth full day of our nine total spent adventuring in Norway as a family during Spring Break last month.

Had the weather been nastier, or even just not THAT picture perfect, the doors of the shacks, huts, homes and storefronts in Norway’s “Book Town” would’ve been swung open just for us — to photograph, peruse, and possibly purchase despite not being able to read a word of any of the tens of thousands of used books for sale in this quirky literary outpost on the edge of a fjord in Fjærland, in westernish-centrally Norway.

Fjærland Norway Book Town

Imagine if you will, rows of books lining those aquamarine shelves on the banks of the fjord in Norway’s Book Town.

But alas, the sun was beaming, the skies blue and the community organizers/operators of Norwegian Book Town were on the slopes, meaning the dusty tomes would remain shackled on this fine day.

Still, we had that sun and sky, and so we made the pit stop (it was maybe 3 minutes off course) and made our own fun in Fjærland — the vacationing version of B.J. Novak’s Book With No Pictures — we toured Norway’s Book Town with No Books.

Fjærland Norway Book Town

Here’s what our day in the small waterfront village of Fjærland looked like on Thursday, March 29 2018.

Fjærland Norway Book Town

Sisters sitting together on the pier in Fjærland, Norway’s charming Book Town.


Fjærland Norway Book Town church

Pretty church in Fjærland, Norway’s charming Book Town.


Fjærland Norway Book Town 2

There are books in there! But we cannot access them sadly, in Fjærland Norway’s Book Town.


Fjærland Norway Book Town

Fjærland Norway Book Town 2

Yes, that is a cow’s head on the side of this book barn.


Fjærland Norway Book Town wood

We didn’t find books in Book Town but we located a giant pile of timber! And paper comes from wood…so basically this is a massive pile of BOOKS!