Visit Kansas City

When you think of the Kansas City, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe all you think about is the Kansas City Royals after their World Series Championship in 2015. Maybe Kansas City is just a stop on the map on your way from St. Louis to Denver? Maybe you think that there isn’t anything to do?

You couldn’t be more wrong.

No, Kansas City isn’t just in Kansas in fact, the larger city is in Missouri (make sure you don’t say you are in Kansas when you are in Missouri to a local) but it is an entire region that has so much to offer. Between major sports, championship winning, teams, theme parks, an incredible arts district, great shopping, a thriving night life scene, and of course barbecue.

Kansas City Royals - The Rookie Dad

1. Kansas City Royals

This seems like an obvious choice to be number 1 after 2015. This is a baseball team like you have never seen play. They are exciting and play baseball like it should be played, with energy and enthusiasm. Not only that but Kauffman Stadium has undergone an incredible renovation that makes it very family friendly. One could spend the entire game in the outfield experience. If baseball isn’t your thing, jump the state line into Kansas City, Kansas and check out Sporting KC, the MLS team representing the region. Sporting nearly sells out each game and is an event in and of itself that is worth seeing.

Worlds of Fun Kansas City

2. Theme Parks

Generic… sure, but when you start to think about how many theme parks their are to visit while you are in Kansas City, you will realize just how fun Kansas City can be for your inner kid. Worlds of Fun, Oceans of Fun (right next door), Schiltterbahn with the worlds largest water slide will appease your inner thrill seeker while Legoland, Sea Life, Union Station, and Science City will keep your kids happy for hours.

Nelson Atkins Museum of Art Kansas City

3. Arts

Kansas City, while known for its barbecue, is also has an incredible arts scene. If you happen you happen to come on the first Friday of the month, in the Crossroads you will find yourself exploring many of the galleries and listening to some of the great music that Kansas City has to offer. Take a trip just east of the Country Club and you’ll find some rather large shuttlecocks that Kansas City has become known for but you’ll also find the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art.

Country Club Plaza Kansas City

4. Shopping

It is a must when you travel anywhere, but one of Kansas Cities iconic shopping districts is the Country Club Plaza. Intermingled you will find local shops along with major chains. Don’t forget about Zona Rosa, an outdoor shopping district up on the north side of Kansas City by the airport if that is more in your area of the city. Staying down south on in Johnson County on the Kansas side? Visit Oak Park Mall for your shopping fix or Prairiefire if you want to get a two for one and visit a museum while you are shopping.

Arthur Bryant's Kansas City Barbecue

5. Barbecue

How could one come to Kansas City without eating barbecue? If you are on the Country Club Plaza, hit up Jack Stack where you will be treated a high class style of barbecue. Hop a few miles north on Main Street and you’ll come across Gates (my personal favorite). Down in Johnson County check out Joe’s Kansas City Barbecue or maybe the Sporting KC game just got out jump the street to Arthur Bryant’s. There is a barbecue place that will surely speak to your tastebuds.

By now you can tell there is so much to do in Kansas City that you could spend more than a vacation here.