Where can Dad take a break at Disney World?

5 Places to Take a Break at Disney World

5 Places for Dad to Take a Break at Disney World

It’s 95 degrees outside, the humidity is approaching 200%, you’ve waited in 4 hour long lines, the kids are cranky, and you’re exhausted.

What can you do that will keep the kids and Mom happy that gives you a brief respite from the chaos?


Best Places to Take a Break at Disney World PeopleMover

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover is an all-time favorite to take a break at Disney World. This emissions-free transport vehicle takes guests on a 10 minute tour of Tomorrowland. For Dads, it’s a chance to kick back and relax! The kids love taking in the sights and sounds of Tomorrowland and maybe you catch a few z’s as you go in and out of dark tunnels featuring Space Mountain, Carousel of Progress, Monsters, Inc., and Stitch’s Great Escape. Here’s a recent vlog of the Peoplemover on a recent trip with our own family.

Carousel of Progress

Best Places to Take a Break at Disney World Carousel of Progress

Carousel of Progress takes guests on a time travel experience where you get to see how family life has changed through the ages. It’s a movie-style seating arrangement with the lights dimmed and everything. A great place for Dads to sit down and relax in air conditioned bliss! The show is cute, too, but if you’ve seen it once, you’ve seen it enough. Want to take a break at Disney World? Carousel of Progress is a great option!

Spaceship Earth

Take a Break at Disney World on Epcot Spaceship Earth

Ahh, Spaceship Earth. The icon of the EPCOT theme park. EPCOT was the very first Disney World theme park I visited as a kid and I couldn’t wait to see the “big ball” that is Spaceship Earth. Imagine my excitement when I learned that I could ride inside the “big ball!” Yes, the Spaceship Earth ride takes you inside the “big ball” and shows you a history of mankind and what our future might look like using examples of technology that we already know about, today.

The ride is dark and air conditioned, so it also provides an opportunity to take a break at Disney World, if you’ve seen it a few times, before. I still get excited and want to see the whole ride, but I do appreciate the extended sit time and air conditioned comfort. For a bonus break after the ride, let the kids play with all the games, gadgets, and gizmos at Spaceship Earth as you exit the ride. Dad can sit and relax while the kids play. Even better? Cell service doesn’t work real well in this area, so you won’t even get that annoying call from work to interrupt this break.

The Boneyard

Best Places to Take a Break at Disney World Boneyard

The Boneyard at Disney’s Animal Kingdom provides kids with hours of entertainment in the form of a playground and dig site. Our kids love this place, even as a young teenager and tween. Dads get to sit (not necessarily in comfort) while the kids play in an enclosed space (only one entrance/exit). It’s not air conditioned, but they do have misters to cool you off.

Opposite the playground, you will find the dig site where kids can dig in the sand and find ancient dinosaur bones. They love it! We generally follow the kids over the bridge and sit around the edge, just to keep an eye on them.

Great Movie Ride

Take a Break at Disney World on The Great Movie Ride at DisneyÕs Hollywood Studios

A Theatrical Journey Ð Walt Disney World Resort guests can take a ride through the most famous film sets in silver screen history at The Great Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Housed in a full-scale reproduction of Hollywood’s world-famous Chinese Theater, the ride-through attraction travels through a soundstage tour of such memorable movie scenes as the Casablanca airport farewell, the Yellow Brick Road to Emerald City from Wizard of Oz, the Raiders of the Lost Ark Well of Souls and many more. Disney’s Hollywood Studios is one of four theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (Scott Miller, photographer)

Although we’ve heard rumors that the Great Movie Ride may be departing forever, until those rumors come to fruition, this remains a top pick for Dads to take a break at Disney World.

Enjoy an air conditioned 22 minute journey through dark scenes on the Great Movie Ride. All great qualities in a relaxing ride at Disney World. You experience a history of film during the ride, inside a reproduction of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

Honorable Mention: B.A.S.S. Fishing

Fishing at Disney World

Recently, we had the opportunity to experience the B.A.S.S. Fishing Excursion at Disney World. What a great way to take a break at Disney World away from the parks! We really enjoyed this experience and had to give it an honorable mention. Sit back and enjoy the sounds of nature while you toss out a line.