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You don’t need to be a penguin to enjoy the cold weather months – winter is a great time for a visit to the zoo! When you think of a trip to the zoo probably a school year field trip or summer family outing is the first thing that comes to mind.  Most zoos are open throughout the entire year though and winter can be a great time for a visit.  While you might be in for a chilly time, some of my family’s best trips to the zoo have been during the winter time.

If you are like me and don’t care for being in crowds, a zoo during the winter months is a great place to be because they are fairly deserted places to stroll around.  While us humans don’t want to be out in the cold, this time of year is when many of the animals are the most active, even ones that you wouldn’t think would like being in the snow like lions from the African savanna and kangaroos from the Australian outback.   Some of our best close up views of wildlife running and playing in front of us have been during winter outings to the zoo. There have been plenty of times where it has felt like it was our family’s own private park to enjoy because we practically had the place to ourselves.  It is a nice time to linger and view all the informational displays when there aren’t a lot of other people getting in the way.  Plus while there may not be a lot of visitors, you’ll still often find plenty of knowledgeable animal keepers, docents, and volunteers who will be excited to share with someone their insights about the animals that live there during this time when things aren’t that busy.

Going stir crazy in your house? Maybe a winter road trip to a zoo is just the ticket to get out and about.  I’ve compiled a few tips from my family’s own personal experiences that will be useful when planning a trip to the zoo when it is cold outside.

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